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Winter Frost Fair
The Winter Frost Festival 2
Location: Viennese, France
Date: Winter of 1558
In Attendance: Mary, Queen of Scotland

Sebastian de Poitiers
Prince Charles
Prince Henri
Lady Kenna
Greer Norwood

Episode: Royal Blood
Description: Celebrate winter in a masqueraded event in the village

The Winter Frost Fair is an annual event that takes place every winter in which children put on masks and run around, making friends and having fun. Mary wanted to take the young princes Charles and Henri to the fair, but they missed it, so Sebastian brought it to them in the winter of 1558.

About the Event[]

The Frost Fair was originally put on in a town a couple miles away from French Court and was going to be attended by the two young Princes of France, the new Dauphin of France, Sebastian and Queen Mary of Scotland. However, while on their way they were attacked by an angry mob that hated the Medicis.

A few days later, the festival was relocated to the French Court grounds so it could be attend by the two French Princes.