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William Cecil
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Biographical Information
IRL: History's William Cecil
Real Name: William Cecil
Title: 1st Baron Burghley

The Lord Burghley
Lord William Cecil

Born: 13 September 1520
Age: 38
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Lincolnshire, England
Current Location: London, England
Affiliations: Kingdom of England
Queen Elizabeth
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 6' 2
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Betrothed
Portrayed by: Tom Everett Scott

William Cecil, is the trusted advisor to Queen Elizabeth. He gives her advice and guidance for both her personal, and political life. He believes she needs to marry and have an heir to ensure her family line.

Season 3

Three Queens, Two Tigers
William Cecil insisted Queen Elizabeth find a husband of more noble birth then Robert Dudley. As she was the daughter of a King. Insisting legitimate or illegitimate, royal blood flowed in her veins and it was time she found herself a husband.

Later, Elizabeth is talking with him again. He notes she been tense ever since Mary's half brother, James, refused to push for her abdication, ruining their plan.

William Cecil informed Queen Elizabeth, Mary of Scots' closest friend, her lady Lola, had agreed to be her hostage in exchange for her family's release, and she was on a boat headed for England's shores.

Bruises That Lie
Queen Elizabeth tells William Cecil that her inability to be with the one she loves doesn't mean no one else cannot be. She sends Agatha to her father, Gideon Blackburn in France and releases Lola's family.

  • It is revealed that he loves Queen Elizabeth, and he killed her Unborn Child with Lord Dudley.


  • Is revealed to have been in love with Queen Elizabeth, and secretly forced her abortion using poison.[1] [2]

Historical Notes


Season Three
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