Wet Nurse, Jeanne
Wet Nurse Jean
Biographical Information
Title: Wet Nurse
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Kingdom of France
Parents: Agnes (Mother)
Family: Unnamed Nephew
Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'3
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Sacrifice
Portrayed by: Jeanie Calleja

Character Flag - France Female Married
"Yes, don't worry your secret is safe with me."
Wet Nurse, Jeanne

Jeanne is a wet nurse, who works as a staff member in the French court.


Jeanne is soft spoken, possibly sky but knows how to keep her head down and get to work.

Early LifeEdit

Jeanne lives with her mother, and nephew in the country-side of France.

Season 1Edit

Sacrifice - Baby Derant W wet Nurse I

Jeanne holding Baby Derant

Queen Mary and Acting King Sebastian met Jeanne late one night, with a young Pagan baby girl. They both had her sworn to secrecy she would tell no one about this, and keep the baby hidden from sight until a more permanent solution could be found for her upbringing. She promised she would, and would keep her with the other Noble baby's she looked after.

Inquisition - Wet Nurse, Jean II

Keeping secrets

Jeanne met with Queen Mary a few days later and showed her the health baby girl. While at the barn they were spotted by Queen Catherine who soon came over. The Queen knew something wasn't right, and had Jeanne followed.

Later she came face-to-face with Catherine de' Medici who demanded to know who the parents of the baby where, and what Queen Mary, and Sebastian involvement was. Jeanne was soon taked to the dungeon and tortured by Francesca de' Medici that she, and Catherine may learn to whom the baby belonged, and where she had been hidden. She soon gave up her mother's house where they lived along with her brother.


Season One
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