Place: French Village
Civilians : The Darkness


Affiliations: The Blood Wood


First Appearance: Slaughter Of Innocence

Visaguard is the Pagan village that Pascal was taken to by The Darkness. It is located deep within the mountains, and has since been burned to the ground.

Season OneEdit

Sebastian and Kenna first hear about the village from an orphaned boy names Pascal. Claiming that, that is where he was taken to, by [The Darkness (Character)|The Darkness]].

Sebastian and Nostradamus go out looking for the village of Visaguard. When they finally do find it, they see it was been burned to the ground, and now covered in snow. The surrounding areas have all been flooded for at least a year, but Visaguard it's self was on higher ground.

The two soon enter one of the houses and fns dead bodies all around. Nostradamus brings attention to the drawings on the wall. The pictures appearing to be natural disasters that have already occurred. The last drawing they are are off fallen stares, beside a pagan symbol. It appeared that that was the only disaster not to have happened already.

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