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Season 3 Episode
To The Death
Season 3, Episode 14
To The Death
Air date May 16, 2016
Written by Lily Sparks
Directed by Michael McGowan
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Strange Bedfellows


Safe Passage
"No one life is more valuable than France."
Lord Narcisse


Mary Must Defend Her Throne
Mary realizes her need to return to Scotland is becoming increasingly imminent and that along with the help of Bash, she must raise her own army to save her throne. Elizabeth enlists Lola's help to find out information about her mother, which backfires when Lola gets caught.


Queen Elizabeth stands helplessly and watches as her mother, Anne Boleyn, is beheaded. Lola overhears her waking up from her nightmare.

Catherine has summoned General Gaghan to apprise him of a threat to the realm called the Red Knights. Gaghan tells her that although he would lay his life on the line for free to protect her, his soldiers will not until they are paid in full. When she and Charles learn that a Greek prince is coming to France in two weeks to raise an army with gold in hand, they know their soldiers will desert them, so they agree to pay the soldiers at a feast in their honour.

The Vatican and Rome refuse to help Catherine raise the money she needs to fight the Red Knights, but they offer money to Mary to raise an army so that she can take back Scotland. Catherine sends her to Bash for help raising her army.

Bash tells Mary of a small private army that is deadly, brave, and looking for work. She would like to ride out to meet them as soon as possible. Although she has the gold, she also needs Greer's help. Catherine and Charles turn to Narcisse for help raising the money necessary to pay their soldiers.

Mary pays Greer an unexpected visit at her tavern where she discovers that Greer is pregnant. Greer shares her concern over her child not growing up in a good family and Mary offers to help her by trying to have Lord Castleroy released from prison with Catherine's help. When Charles and Catherine ride out into the village and are accosted by an angry mob of peasants, they deduce that Narcisse must have tithed them.

English court is preparing for their annual Jubilee to celebrate 50 years since Henry VIII's Coronation. Elizabeth tells Lola the story of her mother's death and the lengths to which her father went to have her executed. When Robert Dudley enters court, Lola is asked to stay so that everything between Dudley and Elizabeth remains above board. They make a promise that one day they will be together again. When he leaves, Elizabeth asks for Lola's help getting revenge on the woman whose testimony led to Anne Boleyn's death.

Catherine and Charles find out that the money they need hasn't been raised yet. She storms out to think and Charles tells Narcisse to prepare for a trip. He's going to find the money himself.

Mary meets with the General of the mercenary army. He wants all of the money she has raised. She counters that before she'll agree to pay that amount, he and his army need to break Lord Castleroy out of prison. The general agrees and sets off with his men.

Elizabeth and Lola walk through the steps of their plan; Elizabeth does not have much mercy left for Lady Somerset. Bash and Mary reminisce about the time they two of them tried to run away in order to avoid the prophecy about Francis' death coming true.

Charles and Narcisse visit a casino and he places the deeds to the royal vineyards up for collateral. The army returns with Lord Castleroy and Mary demands they get him to a physician at once. Lola and Elizabeth await the perfect moment at the Jubilee to enact their revenge plan. When Lola tries to put the pearls in Lady Somerset's bag, the strand rips leading to the both of them being arrested.

In the dungeon, Lola tells Lady Somerset that she was paid by a man at the Jubilee to put the pearls in the bag. Lady Beatrice Somerset confesses to her lie while inside the dungeon and the chambermaid who originally told the tale is brought before the queen. The night maid tells Elizabeth it wasn't a lie; Anne Boleyn planned to sleep with her brother George Boleyn in hopes of conceiving a son. However, Anne called it off so no incest was committed. Unfortunately, someone else saw George walking out of Anne's chambers, which was enough evidence to convict Anne.

Charles tries his luck at the casinos and when they reach half what they need, Narcisse suggests they bag their winnings and walk away for the time being. Charles decides to bet it all. He loses everything. They learn there's a fight in the basement and Narcisse enters hoping to win four times the amount they just lost. Narcisse is injured in the fight, but they win.

Elizabeth meets with Lola following their failed revenge plot. Lola learns Elizabeth has forgiven Lady Somerset. Elizabeth vows to rule England like her father but her heart like her mother. Talk turns to Robert Dudley and Elizabeth's relationship and Lola suggests perhaps there is another great love in Elizabeth's future. Elizabeth shows her thanks by allowing Lola a moment with John.

Catherine and Narcisse discuss his trip to the casino and Catherine asks Narcisse to be her lord chancellor. He agrees. Bash and Mary reunite Greer and Aloysius. She asks for his help, for him to be the father to her child. He refuses. Mary tells him to look inside his heart for the embers of his love for Greer. He changes his mind and agrees to leave with her.

Bash decides to go to Scotland with Mary. Catherine and Charles pay their generals and she's informed a tribute has been delivered to her chambers. She goes to her room to find a note and a box containing the Red Knight's mask. Returning to the dinner she finds all the generals dead and Charles standing over them. - TVFanatic


King Charles: Why didn't you tell him those anarchists are the Red Knights?
Queen Catherine: And remind him we killed the last group of soldiers we couldn't pay?

Queen Catherine: How do I look?
Queen Mary: Like a queen men would die for.

Queen Mary: My life is once again the sum of my choices, not someone else's crimes.

Queen Catherine: A king must always deliver good news in person. Bad news should be sent via messenger, or let them find out on their own.

Lord Narcisse: No one life is more valuable than France.

Greer Castleroy: What odd turns our lives have taken. Mary, I can't believe this is goodbye.


Death Toll [3][4]
- General Gaghan
- 12 French Generals


Historical Notes[]

  • George Boleyn was convicted of incest with Anne Boleyn, and plotting with his sister to kill King Henry VIII. They were both executed as a result. However no substantial evidence for either crime was ever found.
  • Anne Boleyn was charged with adultery, incest, and plotting to kill her husband.
  • Charges of witchcraft agents Anne Boleyn is widely debated, as it wasn't include in the indictment records.
  • King Henry VIII's coronation was on 24 June 1509, making it 52 years ago as it is June 1561.
  • The Swiss Alps aka The Alpine region of Switzerland is more than a night's ride by carriage.
  • Catherine de' Medici never had an uncle named Alfonso, but she did have an aunt Alfonsina, who died in 1520.
  • This is no record of a Beatrice Somerset testifying against Anne Boleyn.
  • This is no record of a Chambermaid or Night Nurse testifying against Anne Boleyn.
  • General Gaghan did not exist.



Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Rachel Skarsten Queen Elizabeth
Torrance Coombs Sebastian
Celina Sinden Greer Castleroy
Anna Popplewell Lady Lola
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Charlie Carrick Robert Dudley
Guest Staring
Michael Therriault Lord Castleroy
Siobhan Murphy Countess Van Court
Juan Chioran Archbishop Ridolfi
Sarah Mennell Beatrice Somerset
Spencer MacPherson King Charles
Patrick Galligan General Gaghan
Mary Kelly Matronly Servant
Krystin Pellerin Anne Boleyn
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut