An official Timeline for the events of Reign.
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Season OneEdit

Summer 1557Edit

  • The Boating Party celebrations take place near the end of the summer.
  • Mary Stuart accepts an angagment to Tomás of Portugal, breaking her agreement with France.
  • Simon Westbrook of England, is taken into custody by the French for espionage and the attack on the King's son, and sentenced to death.
  • Weeks later, the annual Michaelmas Banquette takes place in September.
    • Tomás of Portugal dies from an attack while out hunting.
    • Simon Westbrook is cleared of his changes and sent to The Kingdom of Portugal.

Fall 1557Edit

  • Queen Mary is chosen as a Pagan sacrifice. As a result, the two pagans responsible are burned as heretics.
  • Queen Mary and Sebastian are brought back to court under orders of King Henry.
  • Queen Mary refuses to marry Prince Francis, and demands to have Sebastian legitimized.
  • King Henry begins arrangements for legitimizing Sebastian, including divorcing his wife Queen Catherine.
  • An assassination attempt is made on Sebastian's life, while citizens riot in the streets.
  • Queen Catherine is accused of adultery. Richard Delacroix is convicted.
  • A second assassination attempt is made by Queen Catherine on Queen Mary, in an attempted murder-suicide.

Winter 1557Edit

Winter 1558Edit

Spring 1558Edit

  • One month later, Prince Francis is on the front lines. He is saved by Leith Bayard.
  • Queen Catherine is taken.
  • A couple days later, Cortenza de' Medici is murdered, and Queen Catherine is released.
  • Weeks after meeting, Francis, Lieth and a handful of French men successfully clear the way to Calais to be taken.
    • Lieth Bayard is severely injured during the attack.
  • Two months after leaving, Prince Francis returns to Court.
  • Queen Mary of England is confirmed dead.
  • After moving away from court, Lola discovered, Lord Julien is an imposter of the real Lord Julien, who's real name is Remy.
  • An attempted to murder of King Henry is stopped.
  • Lady Lola goes into labour after the death of her husband.
  • A ship of the heroes of Calais explodes.
  • King Henry is injured in a jousting tournament, and later dies of his wounds.

Season TwoEdit

Spring 1558Edit


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