Male Actor Norway
Thor Knai
Thor Knai VVII
Biographical Information
Real Name: Torbjørn Knai
Born: 22 June 1984
Age: 30
Height: 6'
Originally From: Tromsø, Norway
Family: Mother & Father
Twitter: @thorknai
Personal Information
First appearance: The Darkness
Portrays: Count Philipe Nardin

Thor Knai (22 June 1984) is a Norwegian actor. He portrays Count Philipe Nardin on Reign.

Life & CareerEdit

Thor Knai was born Torbjorn Knai 22nd of June 1984 in Tromso;, Norway. His dad was in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and his mom an entrepreneur. When he was 15, his mother found a casting call for a mini-series (Ansur, 1999). Thor landed a supporting part and this became his first encounter with acting. He later played lead in a high school cabaret which was awarded "Best high school cabaret of the year". Thor graduated from his High School with an International Baccalaureate Diploma spring 2003, with the highest amount of extra curricular activity hours, mostly from acting related endeavor.

Once Thor finished High school he joined the Royal Norwegian Army for a mandatory year. He became Squad Leader in a Storm platoon (mechanized infantry unit) and during this year he signed up to take part in the NATO, ISAF-7 (international security assistance force) peacekeeping mission to Kabul, Afghanistan

After completing his tour in Afghanistan he decided to do what he loved and was soon admitted to the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in Los Angeles for a one year acting conservatory program for September of 2005. During his brief stay in Norway before leaving for LA, Thor got a part in a big Norwegian reality show called "Filmstjerne" (Moviestar) after out-performing thousands of other actors Thor was eventually voted off the show by the judges just in time to make his planned departure to Hollywood. He graduated the program in the spring of 2006. He has since gained his greencard and now lives and works as an actor.


  • Worked as at a Shell gas station, in telemarketing, and as a nail-designer in his teens, stating that there are worse things a teen can do than get paid to hold hands with women.
  • Wrote for "Girls", a popular teen magazine published monthly in Norway and Denmark, answering questions about boys and love between 2007-2009.
  • Served 7 months in Afghanistan as part of the Norwegian NATO forces in Kabul, 2005.
  • Has been to Hong Kong China, London England, Los Angeles USA, Toronto Canada, and Oslo Norway.

Reign Episode GuideEdit

Season One
The Darkness


  • Excluding TV movie, & TV Mini-Series
Year Title Role Notes
2007 28 Slices Later Austyn Movie
2008 How to Lose Friends & Alienate People Sharp's Party Celebrity Movie
2009 Bones Delta Unit Commander 1 episode
2009 Deadliest Warrior Viking Warrior 2 episodes
2009 The Lair Dennis 4 episodes
2009 The Intruders Todd Movie
2011 Sebastian Justin Movie
2013 Ultimate Soldier Challenge FSK Green Berets vs Norwegians
2013 The Perfect Boyfriend Aiden TV Movie
2013 Reign Count Philipe Nardin 1 episode
2014 The Bay Matthew Johnson 9 episodess
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