Winter’s Ease Feast
Winter’s Ease Feast
Location: Viennese, France
Date: End of Winter
In Attendance: King Francis

King Antoine
Queen Mary
Princess Claude
Prince Condé
Lady Kenna
Lady Lola

Episode: Sins of the Past
Description: Celebrating the First Bloom

Winter’s Ease Feast is also know as First Bloom takes place at the end of winter, once the first flower has been found. However find the flower receives a reward, and a celebration is held.


Winter’s Ease Feast is a large celebration held at French Court to celebrate the arriving of Spring.

During the celebrations, King Francis and Queen Mary were seen dancing together, and later on so was Prince Condé, and Lady Lola.

King Antoine was seen several times talking with his brother, Prince Condé before drinking too much and singing from onto on a carriage. Sebastian showed up to urge him down, before going to find his wife, Lady Kenna.

At one point Princess Claude was seen with Narcisse who is not longer a Lord. But the two soon left each other's side.


  •  Is not a real celebration historically, but French Court in real life did look towards spring as new comings.
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