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The War of the Rough Wooing was a war between The Kingdom of Scotland and The Kingdom of England between December 1543 – March 1551.

Rough Wooing was a war between Scotland and England. Following England's break with Rome, they decided to attack Scotland, partly to destroy the Auld Alliance, and prevent Scotland being used as a springboard for future invasion by France, partly to weaken Scotland, and partly to force Scotland to agree to a marriage alliance between its child Queen, Mary, Queen of Scots and King Henry VIII's son and heir, Prince Edward.

An invasion of France was also contemplated. War was declared by King Henry VIII in an attempt to force the Scots to agree to a marriage between Prince Edward and the infant Queen, thereby creating a new alliance between Scotland and England. Prince Edward, crowned King in 1547 at the age of nine, continued the war for a time under the direction of the Duke of Somerset before Somerset's removal from power in 1549 and replacement by the Duke of Northumberland, who wished for a less costly foreign policy than his predecessor.

It was the last major conflict between Scotland and England before the Union of the Crowns in 1603, after the crowing on King James VI and I. Son of Mary, Queen of Scots and King Darnley.

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