The Vatican †
The Catholic Church
Real Name: The Vatican
Pope: Pope Paul IV

Pope Clement VII

Cardinal: Cardinal Tesson

Cardinal Morosini

Nuns: Sister Delphine

Sister Abbess †

Servants of God: Mother Superior

Father Renesi
Father LeDukes †
Father Lucien

Location: St. Peter's Basilica,
Vatican City
Affiliations: Kingdom of Italy Flag - Italy

Kingdom of Scotland Flag - Scotland
Kingdom of France Flag - France
Kingdom of Spain Flag - Spain
Kingdom of Portugal Flag - Portugal
Kingdom of Hungary Flag - Hungary

The Vatican is where The Catholic Church is stationed from in Vatican City, in Rome Italy.

Season OneEdit

Mother Superior watched over the well being and raising of Queen Marry, but sent her to France after the death of Sister Abbess.

Pope Clement VII, the previous Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, saved Catherine de' Medici when she was held prisioner in Italy as a young girl. He also arranged her marriage to the future King Henry.

Queen Catherine is informed that Diane de Poitiers is trying to change the line of succession, by having her son Sebastian legitimized by the Vatican with the help of Cardinal Tesson. He also brings news the the alleged death of Mary Tudor.

Mary Stuart annonces she will marry Sebastian over Prince Francis and only then will she agree to take England. Caterine tells King Henry of his mistress' secret about going to the Pope to legitimize Bash. However, for Bash to be legitimized, the Pope would have to annul their marriage, leaving their own children illegitimate.

King Henry imprisons Queen Catherine in The Tower while he goes to Rome to try and legitimizing Sebastian.

Unable to get an annulment from the Pope, thanks to the House of Medici King Henry tries to discredit Catherine on the fake suspicion of adultery.

Catherine gives Mary a fake letter from the Vatican with news about Bash's legitimization.

Father LeDukes was a patiaent under Nostradamus, and when he returned to him for more medicine, he found a sleeping Olivia D'Amencourt who was having nightmares. When he tried to cast the demons from her sleep, she awoke, and still delirious, she stabbed him with his crucifix.

Cardinal Morosini arrived to discuss negotiations with King Henry of France.

Mary finds out her mother, Marie de Guise and Catherine put a secret clause into her marriage contract that would give Scotland to France if she died without children. To get out of it, Mary threatening to tell the Vatican about King Henry's madness, leaving France vulnerable and ready to attack.

Season TwoEdit

Father Lucien gave Queen Mary valuable information about Eduard Narcisse and his father. This led to the release of Nostradamus.

Sister Delphine is a nun with special healing abilities, sent from God. However, it comes with a price.

Representatives from the Vatican are spreading terror in the villages; after Francis signs an edict forcing all to publicly declare their faith. Later Francis is threatened by a Protestant leader to either expel the Vatican which is spreading terror in France to the Protestants due to the edict; or else die along with many Catholics from hidden gunpowder which will be ignited unless the King complies. However Francis is reluctant since the Vatican gives him and Mary their power as King and Queen, and without the Vatican's blessing their rule would cease.

Season ThreeEdit

The Catholic Church assassinated a dozen people to keep Mary Stuart's affair with Louis Condé a secret.

Mary Stuart returned from The Vatican with money and reinforcements. They later revealed they only greed to help if she accepted Queen Elizabeth's offer as her successor.

After finding out about her would-be assignation Queen Elizabeth resented her offer from Queen Mary.


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