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The Tower of London
The Tower of London
Location: London, England
Residents: Stéphane Narcisse

Lady Lola
Beatrice Somerset
Bertraud Renaude
Gideon Blackburn
Lord Robert Dudley
Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Lady Jane Grey
Queen Anne Boleyn

Description: Where nobles are held before their trials or execution

The Tower of London is where people are locked up at the discretion
of The Royal Family.


Historical NotesEdit

  • From 1547 onwards, The Tower of London was only used as a royal residence when its political and historic symbolism was considered useful, for instance Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I briefly stayed at the Tower before their coronations.
  • Lady Jane Grey's husband, Lord Guildford Dudley scribed 'Jane' into his jail room before his beheading. It's unknown if it was written for her, or his mother who was also named Jane.
  • Elizabeth Tudor was locked up for 2 months. Queen Mary I imprisoned her sister, in the Tower under suspicion of causing rebellion as Sir Thomas Wyatt had led a revolt against Mary in Elizabeth's name.
  • Lady Jane Grey was locked inside for a few months.
  • Robert Dudley was locked away for about a year.

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