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The Throne Room
Kingdom of France - Throne Room
Location: French Court
Primary Users: King Francis
Queen Mary
Episode: Pilot
Description: Where all public discussions and decisions are made.

The Throne Room is where all public discussions and decisions are made by the King and Queen of France.

In Reign[]

Season 1[]

Mary Stuart seemed the audience of King Henry and Queen Catherine in the after math of the attempted rape of Colin MacPhail.

Snakes in the Garden
King Henry and Queen Catherine informed their second son, Prince Charles that he was going to be engaged to Lady Madeleine and he was meeting her that day.

Nostradamus predicted the futures of Queen Mary and her Ladies-in-Waiting at the request of King Henry over a public dinner. Later, Mary and Prince Francis discussed a plan relating to defending Scotland.

Hearts and Minds
Queen Mary agreed to put her name behind that of a prostitute to give it more credit, in exchange for breaking her marriage agreement with France.

Later, Simon Westbrook was chained up on death row during The Michaelmas Banquette on charges of the attempted murder of the King's son. He was later set free and given hours and left for Portugal.

Queen Catherine and Queen Mary called all the Court's staff to sake if they knew anything about the dead deer found of Mary's room. Catherine then threatened to burn all their houses down if no one came forward by midnight.

Afterward, Prince Francis warned his brother Sebastian to stay away from Mary, and that Mary could be with whomever she wanted until they wed, except his brother.

Left Behind
Count Vincent was being entertained by King Henry's family while he was away. However he soon informed them that his men had taken the castle.

King Henry informed his son that the English Queen was dying, so he and Queen Mary would be married that night.