The Prophecy
Novel, #2
The Prophecy
Release date September 23, 2014
Written by Lily Blake
Publisher Little, Brown Books
Publication Order
Preceded by
Darkness Rises
Followed by
The Haunting

Death has come to court
As the plague rages outside the palace walls, tormented screams and pleas for help go unanswered by the members of the French court sheltered within the castle. Mary Queen of Scots feels safe-but she doesn't know that someone using the secret tunnels may bring the threat inside. Mary worries that those she loves--her husband Francis, and friends Lola, Bash, and Kenna--remain stranded beyond the gates, among the sick and dying. The infection doesn't distinguish between royals and commoners. Can they survive? And when Nostradamus receives a disturbing vision that portends Mary's own death, she wonders--how long will she reign?

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