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Events Season 3
The Phantom Brigade
The Phantom Brigade 9
Date: Early 1560s
Location: French Court
Individuals: King Charles

Felix Jean-Dubois
Thierry Huguenot

Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Episode: Clans
Description: King Charles' secret spy network

The Phantom Brigade was King Charles' newly created spy network, an exclusive group. He chose Felix Jean-Dubois, Thierry Huguenot and Daniel, not just because of their years of friendship, but because they come from France's most influential families. Through their connections, Charles hoped to root out this nation's most insidious enemy, The Red Knights.

Season 3[]

Felix Jean-Dubois told King Charles how he went to his father's office and snuck a look through the shipping logs, there he noticed crates of weapons being moved through the port, then on to Orsay, leading himself and The Phantom Brigade to think that was The Red Knights headquartered. [1]

Later that night Felix, and Charles rendezvous with Leith Bayard and travel with him to Orsay. Once there, they along with Thierry Huguenot watched as Charles lit an arrow, sending it into the tower to explode the weapons. However they had already been moved, and now the town's grain was burning. The town quickly turned on them and Leith and the King's Guard got them out. In the commotion and smoke, Thierry Huguenot lead Charle away into the forest. Trapping him with the The Red Knights. [1]

Thierry Huguenot believed that betraying the king of France was for the greater good. And that soon, France would become a country they can all be proud of again. A country free of the tyranny of Catherine de Medici, believing it was the start of a revolution. Believing The Red Knights wanted Catherine for all she's done to this country and after they killed the regent, the monarchy will fall, and Charles would live the rest of his life in exile. However Charles insisted "The only way to end the monarchy is to kill my entire family." [2]

Later his father refused to be apart of killing King Charles, stating the King was barely a man, and they didn't even know what kind of king he'd be. He refused to murder him for the sins of his mother. So The Red Knights killed him. After, Thierry realized Charles was right and they escape together. [2]

Thierry and Charles were separated, but The Red Knights caught him. He was strung up - like a pig on a spit. He could see, hear, and smell his flesh burn. He screamed for hours but never gave up Charles' location. He sacrificed himself so Charles would live. [3]