The New World has never been seen on screen but has been referenced by King Francis. The New World is made up on the continent of North America, and mainly referees to Canada, or America.

Season TwoEdit

King Francis in a fit of rage banished his mother, Queen Catherine from French Court. He ordered her back to her home country of Italy or told her to go to the The New World, that were slowly being discovered.

Season FourEdit

John Hawkins has been commissioned by Queen Elizabeth to discover lands on behalf of the Kingdom of England and claim them in her name.


  • In 1524, King Francis' grandfather, king Francis I assisted the citizens of Lyon in financing the expedition to North America. On this expedition, they visited the present day New York City, naming it New Angoulême, and claimed Canada's Newfoundland for the French crown.
    • Newfoundland is now made up of English-speaking Irish descendants.
  • Captain John Hawkins and his crew were some of the first travelers from Europe to observe tobacco use in the Americas during their voyages in 1562
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