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The Minister
The Minister
Biographical Information
Real Name: Unknown
Title: The Minister
Age: 29
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: France
Family: Severin(Father)
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'7
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Blood for Blood
Portrayed by: Douglas Nyback

The Minister was first seen have church service in a barn during the day. He later came to court, seeking justice against the Catholics.

Early LifeEdit

He was raised on a farm with his father, until he decided to leave to become a minister for people of the Protestant faith in France.


Very little is know about The Minister except he believes everyone should be free to practise their own faith, and worship God how they feel is right.

Season 2Edit

The Minister was in a barn that was being used for worship, and conducting a sermon with other Protestants. Not long into the service were the doors to the barn opened and a group of Catholic extremist came in, demanding to know what was happening. They began to take Emile Condé away, aggressively out the front barn doors. Before he left, one of the newer members Castleroy tried to stop them, but was assaulted. Soon the whole place was burning, but everyone see got out safely.

Later The Minister and a few other Protestants brought the young Emile's body to French court, seeking justice from the King and Queen for what the Catholics did.

The Minister was brough before King Francis and Queen Mary with the help of the Protestant Louis Condé. He and his men had tricked Condé under false pretences. He was not there to request a school for Protestant children like originally thought, but to threaten the crown into giving the what they wanted. He informed their Royal Highnesses that an explosive was located somewhere within the caslte, or close by. If their demands were not met, they would blow it up. The Minister was immedietly sent to the Dungeon for questioning.

After hours of torturing, King Francis himself met with The Minister in The Tower. There he asked him where the explosive was. The Minister eventurally told him, and they set off to find it.

However it was revealed to be a trick. king Francis was down in the torture room demanding questions. They were intrupted by Queen Mary who had figured out, The Minister was part of a ploy. They had sacrifised him, in the hopes the Royals would kill him, and then The Minister would be the face of their rebelion. But it was too late. His arms had already been dislocated.

While on-route to a physician, they were all attacked. The Minister was killed by his fellow Protestant and later hung up in the village, as if the Royals had ordered it. The Protestant had gotten their way, and he became the face of their rebellion.

Season Two
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