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The Michaelmas Banquette
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Location: Viennese, France
Date: September of 1557
In Honour of: Archangel Michael
In Attendance: King Henry

Queen Catherine
Queen Mary
Prince Francis
Lord Simon Westbrook
Lord Tomás of Pamela
Lady Aylee
Lady Lola
Lady Kenna
Greer Norwood
Sebastian de Poitiers
Leith Bayard

Episode: Hearts and Minds
Description: A feast for Saint Michael the Archangel

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"Saint Michael. He slew Lucifer, who's sold vanity, pride and shame. Which, is why we wear these masks. So on this one day, no one is better than anyone else. We're all the same."
Leith Bayard on the history of The Michaelmas Banquette

The Michaelmas Banquette takes place in Christianity, for celebrating the Archangel Michael, who is the greatest of all the Archangels and is honoured for defeating Lucifer in the war in heaven.


  • The Michaelmas Banquette is an annual celebration.
  • Bash drew a Warrior Angel for Michaelmas earlier that week. Lola after seeing it, went as an Archangel, presumably to impress him.

For the Michaelmas Ball:

  • Queen Mary went as the Greek goddess Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon.
  • Prince Francis went as Saint Michael.
  • Lola went as an Angel warrior, presumably an Archangel.
  • Kenna was a woodland sprite.

Historical Notes

  • Michaelmas is the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, that was held annually, specifically France.

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