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The Flying Squad
Date: Early 1550'S
Location: Kingdom of France
Individuals: Lady Charlotte

Lady Gabrielle
Lady Marie
Lady Patrice
Penelope (In-Training)

Affiliations: Queen Catherine
Episode: Inquisition

The Flying Squad is a group of young and beautiful women that are trained and polished by Queen Catherine herself. They are then sent to sleep with important noblemen and report back to their mistress about information. This includes, but is not limited to; secret meetings, changing written contracts, changing personal opinions, agreement, political interests, and knowing what is going on in France at all times.

Known Members are;

Historical NotesEdit

  • Catherine de' Medici maintained about eighty alluring ladies-in-waiting at court, whom she allegedly used as tools to seduce courtiers for political ends.
  • In 1577 Catherine threw a banquet at which the food was served by topless women.
  • Charlotte de Sauve, one of the most notorious members of the flying squadron, first seduced and then became a mistress of King Henry IV of the Bourbon line on Catherine's orders.
  • Louis Condé allegedly fathered a son by his mistress Isabelle de Limeuil, who served as Maid of Honour to Catherine de' Medici and was a member The Flying Squadron.

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