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The Darkness
The Darkness (Character).png
Biographical Information
Title: The Darkness
Dies: Winter of 1558
Religion: Pagan
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 5'11
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Dirty Laundry
Portrayed by: Unknown

The Darkness sacrifices people, supposedly to stop a greater evil.


A pagan man known as The Darkness was driven by his own belief that what he was doing, murdering people and animals was all to stop a larger evil from taking over.

Early Life[]

Nothing is known about The Darkness for sure. However it seems to be a position that is passed on.

Season 1[]

The Darkness was keeping a blonde woman alive, and feeding off her blood. She escaped a couple months after she had been captured and was eventually found and taken back to the Kingdom of France by the former pagan Sebastian.

The darkness choose a pagan family who had helped the blonde woman escape. He marked their door with blood.

That night he came to choose a sacrifice. He took the small goat that had been offered to him and took note of the man tied up, laid out before him. However when the young woman looked up at him, he took her instead. He dragged her away screaming.

A couple days​ later, when it was realized the former pagan had retrieved reinforcements from the castle, he left a piece of the young woman's thumb to deter them from following further.

The Darkness slaughtered a pagan boy's family, but left the young boy, Pascal alive to be the solo survivor. 

The Darkness came back for Pascal a few weeks later. Wishing to sacrifice the young woman who helped him, and take the boy to eventually follow in his footsteps. He tried to bargain with the boy, but to no avail. After the two had barricaded themselves in a room, The Darkness hid away, biding his time. When the same man from months earlier arrived, a fight broke out. Sebastian eventually won the duel, a stuck an axe though The Darkness's head.



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