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The Convent
The Convent.png
Location: North Scotland
Place: Nun Convent
Royals: Mary Stuart
Civilians : Mother Superior
Affiliations: Scotland
First Appearance: Pilot

The Convent is where Mary Stuart was raised after leaving for France when she was still a little girl. She stayed at The Convent until another attempt of her life was made by the English, and she was quickly sent back to France.

Season One[]

Mother Superior called Mary Stuart in for dinner from playing in the field. Sister Abbess was already served her food while Mary waited for hers. As she talked with those around her, a scream was heard from the young girl, Rose who watched blood and foam coming out of Sister Abbess' mouth and ears. The latter fell dead at the table as Mother Superior immediately rushed the young Queen away. She told Mary that this has been an attempt on her life from the English, and she would now be taken to the Kingdom of France for protection.

"Mary! You are the Queen of Scotland. You will wed young Francis, for your faith, for your people, for Scotland. He will love you."
Mother Superior
Almost murdered

Mother Superior was waiting for Mary to send her off. Mary was dressed in more court appropriate clothing as her carriage awaited. Mother Superior reminds Mary that she will be happy at French Court and informs her that four of her childhood friends will be waiting to greet her. Rose gives her rosemary beads and warns Mary to be careful of the ghosts at Court. Mary reminds Rose that she's already lived in France and that there are no ghosts, but Rose tells her that just because Mary hasn't seen any, doesn't mean they haven't been watching her. Mary slowly gets into her carriage and takes one last longing look at Scotland.

Simon Westbrook asked Mary Stuart how life had been treating her since leaving The Convent. He also made a remark about the assassination attempt that had been made on her life. All but admitting it had been orchestrated by Queen Mary of England

Queen Catherine remarked how much Mary had changed since leaving The Convent.


  • The nuns taught Mary how to make a fire, & sheer a sheep.