The Burgundy House
Burgundy House
Location: Paris, France
Name: The Burgundy House
Owner: Maurice Bicett
First Appearance: Royal Blood

The Burgundy House is located in Paris, France and is a gambling establishment that also sells alcohol and prostitutes and is run by Maurice Bicett.

Season oneEdit

A young noble man named Fredrick Fleming is in The Burgundy House and after getting caught cheating at cards, has talked his way out of getting his hands smashed by promising to pay off his debt with interest.

Soon the beautiful Lady Lola arrived to pays off her brother's debt, but Maurice informs her of her brother's cheating and the price for that is much higher. He insinuates that a night with her would clear her brother of what was left over.

"I admire the passion you share for your brother. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing
such passion with me.
Maurice Bicett

Multiple offers fly if from other wealthy men in the establishment for the lady, but all are denied. Until one blonde attractive noble offers to pay four times the amount of the debt, for one cut of the cards. They play, but he looses. The man then tries to double his original wager, making it 8 times the original sum, but Maurice Bicett drives the price up to 16 times the original debt and draws a Queen. However, the younger man draws a King.

They both quickly retired to the mans chambers until noon the next day. Maurice Bicett informs them that The Medici Queen will be beheaded within the week and gives the woman a coin to toss at her dead body. He also promises a small fortune in-house money if she bring it back with the Queen's blood.

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