Season 1
The Bean Queen
The Bean Queen
Location: French Court
Date: Winter of 1558
In Attendance: King Henry

Queen Catherine
Queen Mary
Prince Francis
Lady Lola
Lady Kenna
Lord Castleroy
Lord Julien
Greer Norwood
Sebastian de Poitiers
Leith Bayard

Episode: Monsters
Description: A servant get the chance to become Queen for a day

" I wanted to thank you Catherine, for teaching me to think
long term.

Season OneEdit

'The Bean Queen' also know as 'Queen for a Day' is an annual event held at French Court by King Henry. All the woman at court and female servants or staff are eligible to attend the event, where they are given a piece of cake in the throne room. If that cake has a bean in it, they will get to become the temporary Queen for a full day. Though they are not given real power, they do get to order other servants around, wear the Queen's own clothing and jewellery (at the Queen's discretion), have a gorgeous meal, and sometimes, thought not always, if the woman is young and attractive, they will have sexual relations with the king at the end of the night.

In 1558, the winner of the game is a young kitchen servant named Penelope. She is taken away on a couch carried by four very attractive men. Later Queen Catherine gives her her own crown to wear, and some of her clothing and jewels for the day. She enlists Penelope to help her with the King, however, Penelope turns against her and began seducing King Henry for her own gain.

Penelope actually keeps the Queen's crown and stays as 'Queen' for a couple weeks while having a relationship with Henry, before Catherine gets rid of her.[1][2]She held no real power throughout, only when the King was around, and her words were never considered over the real Queen of France.


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