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Season 2 Episode
Terror of the Faithful
Season 2, Episode 8
Terror of the Faithful
Air date November 20, 2014
Written by Adele Lim
Melody Fox
Directed by Charles Binamé
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The Prince of the Blood


Acts of War
"You did this to us. To France. For all that you claim you are trying to protect us, I have lost all faith in you. And the man I thought you were."
Queen Mary


Rising Tensions Leads to Bloodshed
Tensions escalate between Mary and Francis when The Vatican inquisitors perform barbaric acts on anyone suspected of being a Protestant. After a brave proclamation, Lord Condé is abducted, resulting in a precarious situation with a surprising group of assailants. Catherine experiences an annoying setback when she plays matchmaker on behalf of a reluctant Claude (Rose Williams), while Narcisse offers a stranded Lola an innocent horse ride back to the castle, where a dark secret involving Francis is revealed.


The Vatican has sent men to France to interrogate subjects they believe are Protestant. That is, a Cardinal Vasari and his men are going around, punishing those who are Protestant and cutting off the lips of those who lie about being Catholic.

Mary condemns Cardinal Vasari's inquisition and blames Francis for signing the edict. If she plans on second-guessing his every move, Francis says, she should just return to Scotland. Mary is astounded that he would take a mere argument as a reason for them to split up and refuses to go.

Bash points out if Francis was trying to alienate Mary, he's doing a good job. Francis tosses back Narcisse's threat to take Mary's head and his own desire to keep her safe, even if she hates him for it.

Catherine bursts into Claude's bedroom with news of her engagement to the son of a Bavarian count. She fusses over her girl's hair and smell, suggesting that she take a bath while Catherine meets her new fiancée and his father alone.

Lord Condé is kidnapped and brought to the woods, where he is introduced to the leader of the Protestants in the area, Jacob Rivell. Jacob believes he and Condé have much in common and shows him a Protestant gathering taking place just a few steps away. Protestants flock here to pray because they are afraid to do so in villages and towns.

Jacob has heard about King Francis sending a letter to the Pope to recall his inquisitors, leading him to believe Francis is a tolerant man. He asks Condé to get their Minister an audience with the King and Queen.

Lola is forraging in the woods and loses her horse when Narcisse rides up to "save" her. Narcisse tells her that it is a long walk back to the castle, goading her into riding back with him. While on his horse, he taunts Lola about pressing up against him.

The Minister is granted an audience with the royal pair, but he soon reveals that he didn't come to beg for the Crown's permission to rebuild the church that was burned down. He instead gives the King two days to expel Cardinal Vasari and his Inquisitors from France or he and his league will rain hellfire on Catholics.

Francis has the Minister arrested for threatening the Crown and Condé apologizes to Francis for inadvertently bringing in a fanatic. Francis charges Condé and Bash with finding out who the Minister was working with and Mary wants to help too, but Francis doesn't doesn't want her in harm's way.

Narcisse and Lola have stopped for Narcisse's horse to rest. He tries to get her to agree to clandestine meetings since she won't be up front about seeing him for fear of offending Mary and Francis.

The Bavarian Count and his son William are welcomed by Catherine. Since arriving at court, the count has heard of Claude's improper liaison with a priest. He would like assurance of Claude's virtue before proceeding with their union.

Condé and Bash are talking to a family in the village just as the Vatican thugs arrive to pull the family away as they are known Protestants. Bash tells them he is already questioning them on behalf of the King, but they don't report to the King, so Bash and Condé have no choice but to stand aside.

Lola goes to Francis to talk about Mary and her being frequently upset. Francis lets it slip that Narcisse threatened their son after she admits Narcisse told her about who really killed Henry. Lola reveals that she really did plant the envelope at Narcisse's house. Francis plans on taking his head when it's discovered.

Catherine has taken advantage of the Vatican's presence and arranged for them to verify Claude's virtue. Claude has no desire to be prodded by a bunch of men to prove her virtue to a "Bavarian nobody". She proclaims that if they want to do it, they'll have to put her on a rack and pry her legs apart. Works for Catherine!

Condé and Mary realize what the Minister's plan is. He wants to become a martyr. Condé vows to do what he can to persuade Francis to listen to him and to Mary, since Francis has shut Mary out completely.

Meanwhile, Francis is trying to talk to the Minister while he is being tortured. He's refusing to divulge the location of the attack or the names of his conspirators. When Francis brings the lives of his flock into play, the Minister finally concedes and gives up the location. Francis sends Condé and his men there.

Upon arriving at the location, Condé finds what looks like a bomb only to discover it's filled with sawdust. He looks above to see a Latin message saying, "blood will flow."

Bash and Claude try to figure out where she can go. Cousin Babette's? Nope. She slept with her fiance...on a dare. Bash understands how Claude feels because that's what drew them together in the first place - the understanding that Catherine didn't love them as much as her other children.

Bash questions Catherine about her decision to marry Claude off to the Bavarian count's son. Bavarian trade routes are used sparsely, so Bash doesn't understand why Catherine would push for such an alliance. Catherine defends herself - she loves her children, even the ones who didn't survive.

She shows Bash her bible, where she has the names of all her children. Catherine points to the names of her deceased twins. The oldest she could ever imagine them was at eight or nine. She sees them on the bed, causing Bash to turn his head, but there is no one there. Before he leaves, Bash witnesses Catherine covering up an unseen someone on the bed.

Bash and his guards search through Narcisse's house by authority of the King to look for evidence of treason against the Crown. They find nothing, so Francis deduces that Narcisse must have found it and is aware that Lola put it here. Lola cannot understand how he didn't let on at all when she saw him just yesterday.

Francis is busily stretching the man on the rack. He is enraged that the Minister sent his men on a futile hunt. Mary comes in, begging him to stop. He does only when the man's bones are disloged from his body.

Narcisse sneaks up on Lola and tells her how saddened he is that Lola chose Francis, a "weak, patricidal king", over their future. He says he would never really hurt her baby, but there's a target on her back and her baby's now and it's too bad she didn't think of the extra protection his friendship would've offered.

Claude is undergoing the examination by the Vatican when Catherine goes to her and holds her hand.

Bash gives word to Francis and Mary the minister isn't healing. They decide to send him to a skilled physician in Epernay.

Catherine tells Claude how beautiful she is and she's sorry she's sending her away, but it's for her own good. When asked why, Catherine flashes back. When Claude was little, she injured and pinched the twins because they ruined her things, such as ripping flowers from her dress.

While transporting the Minister back to his place, Bash and the others are shot by arrows. The minister thinks he may have betrayed his people unwittingly. Not so, the Protestant says, because there was never a bomb. He then runs his sword through the Minister.

The Bavarian Count is pleased to announce Claude will make a great addition to his family just as Claude comes in and sits on Narcisse's lap. He flirts with her, asking for his cape before she goes. The Count and his son leave in fury at once.

Catherine looks on at the exchange, seeing her twins walking after Claude, shooting Catherine a menacing glare as they leave. She flashes back...she was crying as a man discovers they were suffocated. Inside each of their windpipes was a red flower. Catherine cries out in pain and crumbles.

Bash has returned and is being tended to by Kenna. He delivers the news that there is no bomb and the Minister was driven through with a sword. A servant comes in and informs them that there is a disturbance in town.

The Minister is hanging upside down as if on a cross. Mary realizes that this is their bomb. A woman throws a rock at a man and a riot between the Protestants and the Catholics breaks out.

Condé hides the King and Queen while he leaves to get their carriage. Mary blames Francis for everything and tells him that she has lost all faith in him.

Francis is looking at his son, the only thing left untouched in his life. Lola tells him his motives were pure and supports him with a hand on his shoulder.


Queen Catherine: Rise and shine, Claude. The only people in bed past noon are drunks and reprobates.

Princess Claude: I have no interest in being married. Now, or ever. My brother is the king! I don't see why I have to become the property of any man.

Lord Narcisse: Oh, wait, what is that I see in the distance? Is that someone coming to your aid? No, sorry. Perhaps it's a very big wolf.
Lady Lola: You're the wolf.

King Francis: Do not threaten the Crown. And if what you say is true, we will find these explosives. Even if I have to bleed it out of you.

Lord Narcisse: Fruit often tastes sweeter when it's forbidden.

Queen Catherine: I couldn't convince the count of your chastity, but surely God can.

Louis of Condé: A minister much beloved by his flock. The people know nothing of the dire threat he has made. If the minister is killed, the people can use his death as justification for almost any bad act. They would create...
Queen Mary: A martyr.
Louis of Condé: And his death would inflame even the most pacifist of Protestants.

Princess Claude: I slept with her fiancé. Just once. On a dare.

Queen Catherine: I love all my children. Protecting them, keeping them safe, it's what drives my existence.

Queen Catherine: Oh, the things I have done for you, how I have protected you. You think that I don't love you? You don't see? In my way, I have mothered you more than any of my children.

Queen Mary: You did this to us. To France. For all that you claim you are trying to protect us, I have lost all faith in you. And the man I thought you were.


Death Toll [1] [2]
- 2 Castle Guards
- The Minister


Historical Notes[]



Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Torrance Coombs Sebastian
Toby Regbo King Francis
Caitlin Stasey Lady Kenna
Anna Popplewell Lady Lola
Sean Teale Louis of Condé
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Madison Oldroyd Princess Emone
Ava Preston Princess Henriette
Mac Fyfe Jacob Rivell  
Douglas Nyback The Minister
Ron Lea The Count
Salvatore Antonio Cardinal Vasari
Taras Lesluk William
Bruce Beaton Husband
Tosha Doiron Wife
Skyler Wexter Young Claude
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



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