Tent City
Tent City
Location: France
Royals: King Francis

Queen Mary

Affiliations: Kingdom of France
First Appearance: Coronation

Tent City is where a large amount of the outdoor festivities were going on in celebration of King Francis' Coronation.

Season TwoEdit

Francis and Mary are walking around Tent City when they run into Lord Narcisse and have, yet another conversation on their missing grain. Later, Louis Condé witness a crime, and a starving man dies after stealing bread for his family. Meanwhile, Lola and Kenna are baby John while Nobles ladies gush over Lola and her new wealth, even at Kenna's own misfortune. Later, Sebastian tells her not to fault the baby, his life would have been much easier if he were raised a 'Baron' instead of a 'Bastard'.

That night, Francis sneaks into Tenct City to talk with a man that claims to communicate to the dead. He brings with him Caroline DeNani the Nanny who claims to be the ghost of his father.

The next day. King Francis and his Queen Mary Stuart are enjoying some acrobatics with Charles Schuler, a duke of Germany rides up, demanding the wheatabouts of his Protestant friends, who are no longer in their prisions. This esclilade and soon Sebastian and Louis Condé have their swords drawn at Lord Schuler and his men. However, Francis deescalates the situation.

Blood for Blood
Kenna is is Tent City when one of Lola's nanny's snarls and growls at her as she walks by. King Francis soon see Caroline climb into the king's seat, claim it as her own. Francis has his men take her to the infirmary quietly.

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