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Sterling is a 4-year old Deerhound Scottish dog that belongs to Mary Stuart. He was brought over from Scotland to France for his mistress.

Stirling is most likely named after Stirling Castle where Mary was crowned Queen and raised when she was a little girl.

Season One

Sterling hears noises in the woods, and after barking at it, he runs off. Mary Stuart tries to follow, but Sebastian stops her. He promised to find her dog for her and to bring him back.

Later that day, Bash finds Sterling and returns him to Mary, who greets him with a big hug, and kisses.

Season Two

Mary Stuart was sitting in her room by the fire-place petting Stirling when King Francis walked in. They had a short conversation about their relationship, all the while Mary kept petting Stirling's ears.

Sterling was in Mary's Chambers and was waiting for her by the fire-place. Later that night, he wakes up when he hears Mary panic. He sits at her side for comfort as she talks with her husband.

Season Three

Stirling is seen walking with Mary Stuart and Lady Greer before being taken away by a servant.

Mary Stuart is seen twice with her Scottish Greyhound, Stirling.

Season Four

Mary Stuart's deerhound Scottish dog Stirling makes an appearance.

Mary Stuart's Scottish Greyhound, Stirling made another appearance.