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Three Queens, Two TigersEdit

Reign 4.01 “Three Queens, Two Tigers” Recap -
Welcome back to the world of French Court and fancy costumes, TV Fanatics! The credits on Reign Season 3 Episode 1 just rolled and while this premiere episode itself was a mixed bag, I, for one, am incredibly excited to get back to the life of everyone's favorite fictional queen.

Or queens, I should say. There are three of them now, even if one has been stripped of her titles and her dignity and locked in a cage with an actual tiger. Speaking of tigers, is Martin de Lambert the second tiger? Lord Narcisse?

Who are we talking about here?

The best way to break down an episode like this one, because SO MANY STORIES, is categorically, so we'll start with the newest queen.

Queen Elizabeth
The introduction of so many new potential stories is probably the thing I liked least about the "Three Queens, Two Tigers," as well as the constant flip-flopping between France and England.

I understand completely that part of what will drive this season's story is the feud between Mary and Elizabeth‏‎, but the every-other-scene in a different country thing got old. It felt like we were watching two different shows since it's clear that Mary and Elizabeth don't have any plans to sit down and discuss anything at all, probably because the two never sat down and did anything of the sort in real life.

(They didn't meet until Mary fled to England to seek aid from Elizabeth and wound up locked in a tower for 19 years before she was beheaded. We don't have 19 seasons to wait.)

At this point, I'm not even intrigued by Queen Elizabeth and her war and desire to stay on the throne in England. Historically, I know it happens, but meh. What's happening in France is infinitely more important to this series at the moment.

Mary and Francis
THEY are what's happening in France. Francis and Mary have overcome her affair with Louis Condé, and now they're faced with the very real threat that he's dying, which will leave her a widow in a land to which she has no claim. They don't have a child, so France isn't hers once Francis is gone, and hold on to your hearts, people, because King Francis is going to die.

Showrunner Laurie McCarthy spoiled that funfact earlier today ahead of the premiere saying she wanted fans to have time to get used to the idea that Toby Regbo would be leaving. Everyone on set has always known Regbo's character would die; it was always a matter of timing.

That time is Reign Season 3.

I know, I know. I'm also on the verge of tears.

Francis and Mary are the heart of the series for me (even though I totally dug Mary and Sebastian). Right now, this couple is more in love and united that we've ever seen them, and part of that is driven by Francis' knowledge that he only has a short time to live. He doesn't want to die and leave Mary unprotected, but he also doesn't want to spend his final days doing politics and things he doesn't love.

He really just wants to spend his time doing Mary and building a boat. I mean, he's dying, so okay? Build a boat, dude. That's totally a worthwhile endeavor. Maybe Queen Mary can use it to peace out of France when you die.

(But please don't die. Change your mind, Laurie McCarthy! Rewrite history! We give you total permission to do that!)

Lord Narcisse and Lola
When Francis dies, he's not only going to be leaving Mary unprotected. His son, John Philip, and Lola will also be left to fend for themselves. Those who would seek to unseat his family from the throne will no doubt come after Baby John. That's why Francis needs to rethink his position on Narcisse and Lola.

Lola and Lord Narcisse are fabulous together, mostly because Narcisse is devilish and dangerous and also very...tender. Especially when it comes to Lola. If Francis wants to make sure his son gets to grow up into a man who might one day be king, he could do worse than entrusting him to Narcisse.

Narcisse will protect John because Narcisse loves Lola and Lola loves her son. See how that works, Francis? Maybe give it some thought. Lola certainly is, and Narcisse is too. Or they're at least giving each other some thought.

Francis will not be able to keep these two apart and at some point, he's going to have to stop trying. I'm ready and waiting for the moment when he does.

Catherine de Medici
How devious was it for Queen Catherine de Medici to promise Prince Charles to Queen Elizabeth? Was she doing that to unseat Mary or to secure peace for France?

It's hard to say with Catherine because her motives are never, ever entirely pure. There's always the chance that she's trying to do the "right" thing, but her methods of going about that are always terrifying. Was she trying to save France by going to Elizabeth, or was she trying to save herself? Just unseat Mary?

It's probably all of the above, and we'll never have the full scoop. Seeing her get shoved into that mobile prison by Martin de Lambert was really all the reason for him to appear on the series that we needed, but instead we got a little more than that.

Martin de Lambert
Martin de Lambert is a pirate. Mary wants him to steal gold for them so they can continue to finance their war with England to save Scotland from Protestant rule. He wants to marry Greer but really he just likes sleeping with noblewomen?

Sounds a little too Prince Condé for me, quite honestly. (Plus Greer + Leith eqils FOREVER) I'm totally over Martin unless his story gets more interesting. And fast. The same goes for...

Prince Charles
I have a suspicion that Prince Charles, who has a reputation for being a party boy and troublemaker, isn't interested at all in ascending to the throne. Or in women. I don't know exactly why I think we're moving in the direction of Francis' little brother being gay, but something tells me that's why all of his parties are so secretive.

We'll see. I'm moderately intrigued by the new dauphin. Moderately.

Please, for the love of all that is good and wordy, give Sebastian a good story this season. This stuff with Delphine is interesting, but also sort of weird. I mean, it is, right? Weird?

She says she didn't kill the guy. Mysterious rope burns are appearing and disappearing on Bash's wrists. I want more Bash, and I want it now. And without the witchy attachments currently binding him to his present story arc.

What did you think of "Three Queens, Two Tigers"? Are you intrigued or disinterested by Elizabeth/Martin de Lambert/Charles? What's your dream story for Bash? By: Miranda Wicker


Reign 4.02 “Betrothed” Recap -
Once upon a time, Victoria Grayson was known far and wide as the worst, scariest, most devious and deadly mother in television. Catherine de Medici has overthrown the Queen of the Hamptons.

Truth be told, she probably did that way back in Reign Season 1, but just in case it isn't clear, Catherine is totally cool with slaughtering innocent babies for the "greater good" of France.

Thankfully, Francis and Mary were there to stop the massacre of the Navarre family, and Catherine was able to give us one of the best lines to come out of Reign Season 3 Episode 2.

What good IS right or wrong if you're dead? For most people, that's a rhetorical question. For Catherine, nothing matters as long as she stays alive. Not even her sons.

Imprisoned Catherine is always the best Catherine, even though this particular Catherine is delusional to believe that after her exile Mary and Francis wouldn't take every precaution to prevent her from being able to meddle with the affairs of the court. They're all over her scheming, lying, spying ways, thank God.

Otherwise we might have to deal with the return of Conde when he showed up in French Court to avenge the murder of his entire family.

Whew. Bullet dodged.

While I'm not entirely sold on Prince Charles' decision to marry his current sister-in-law being genuine, I am somewhat pleased that he was able to see the lengths to which his mother will go. He's a teenage boy, and one who has already had several failed engagements.

The idea of marrying his brother's wife has to freak him out. Queen Mary would be able to go through with it by seeing it as nothing more than a business deal. Charles would not. Not at first.

I just don't trust the kid at all. Part of me believes he would've been okay with murdering the King of Navarre and his family once the shock wore off. What's great about not being able to trust him is that as long as Charles is around (and Francis) we probably won't lose Catherine and she's an excellent villain.

It will be interesting to see which way Charles will go as he grows into the role of king.

Which brings us to Lord Narcisse.

Never have I simultaneously loved and hated a relationship and character as much as Stefan Narcisse. It was plausible, but not likely, that Catherine would've been able to have a rat sneaked into Lola's bathtub, and I never saw the reveal that Narcisse was behind the plot coming. I should've, maybe, but I didn't. And that's because I want to believe that Lola makes him good.

I think she does. I think Lola brings out the good in Narcisse, and I believe their love is genuine. He isn't just trying to woo and court her because it will give him an advantage at court. Lola's demeanour is a good match for his, and I'm hopeful that his proclamation that he would now set out to become a man worthy of Lola's love is pure. I just can't help but like the guy even if he can be just as murderous as Catherine.

Whatever she does, Lola cannot reveal to Narcisse that Francis is dying before Francis actually dies. (Still pretty twisted about that, by the way. Dumb, dumb idea. Stupid.)

If Narcisse finds out that Francis is dying before that moment arrives, Narcisse will become consumed with power. He'll sidle up to Charles, Mary, anyone he thinks might give him some sort of status again. Lola won't be enough anymore.

While Lola and Narcisse's love story is progressing, another one is just beginning. Claude and Leith is sort of interesting. She's a brat, and he's SUCH a nice guy. The thing about Leith Bayard is that he sees the good in people, even when doing so is to his own detriment. It's easy to say that he decided to comfort her because he overheard her exchange with Charles, but he was already looking for her blanket before eavesdropping.

He's just...gah. He's so nice. Greer, as much as I love her, was a total idiot.

(But a love triangle between Greer, Leith, and CLAUDE? Sign me up! A princess and a Madame! Leith knows how to pick them!)

The most underutilized character in all of France continues to be Bash. Why must they always send him out into the woods to ride horses alone and speak to no one and find dead bodies? How is that the only thing he's capable of doing on this show? HE WAS ALMOST KING!

Seriously. If the writers don't give him something super important to do soon, I'm going to have to start writing open letters or something.

Across the pond, for the portion of the night about which I care the absolute least, our attentions must turn to Elizabeth and her council. At this point, all her story is serving to do is continue the notion that it's hard out there for a Queen. I could not be less interested in Elizabeth and Robert. (Hi, Francis is dying! He gets ALL OF OUR ATTENTION!)

The only intriguing thing to come out of England is Nick Lee, Elizabeth's spy-bassador to France. My hope is that Queen Mary is able to smell a rat when she sees one.

What did you think of "Betrothed"? How do you feel about Mary and Charles' betrothal? Is there anything about England you find intriguing? By: Miranda Wicker

Extreme MeasuresEdit

Reign 4.03 “Extreme Measures” Recap -

By: Miranda Wicker

The PriceEdit

Reign 4.04 “The Price” Recap -
Was that it? Did King Francis just die but not really die on Reign Season 3 Episode 4?

Are we getting some sort of colossal fake-out where showrunner Laurie McCarthy gave that heartbreaking interview saying Francis would die this season because they're sticking with history even though literally no one who watches this show watches for its historical accuracy?

And then they just...faked us all out? I'm sincerely hoping so, because if we just sat through a death and resurrection only to lose Toby Regbo in three or four more episodes, there's going to be some cranky Reign fans here soon.

Pretty much the only part of this episode that really mattered happened at the very end. The rest of it? Meh. It'll probably be relevant in future episodes, but WOW were there a lot of scenes in "The Price."

No, but really. A LOT of scenes. One of which was 30 seconds long and only featured Sebastian pulling back his shirt. I mean, I'm not complaining if Bash wants to take his shirt off, but really? We needed an entire scene dedicated to Bash inspecting the brand on his chest? No. No, we did not.

In addition to the scenes like that one, the trouble with flitting between England and France is apparent.

It's hard to care about whether or not Queen Elizabeth will marry when a) we know she never does and b) King Francis is dying. Francis > Elizabeth. Jumping back and forth from country to country and court to court is pretty infuriating right now. There's no intrigue in English Court. There are no villains. Elizabeth is supposed to be a villain, at least regarding Queen Mary, but it's hard to think of her that way. She's just...someone who eats up time.

Things aren't much better in France as nearly every single character we've ever seen played a part in tonight's instalment, leaving us very little time for Francis and Mary in what might have been the final days of his life.

Yes, there was typical Mary-Francis scheming and it was fabulous. He made a bold move to protect Scotland and help his mother-in-law Marie de Guise secure a supply route and he failed so Mary stepped in and came up with a plan to save her subjects. We've sort of been there, done that. I'm not saying it's not enjoyable, but it's not exactly new.

The only reason we heard about or saw Marie de Guise tonight is because her life was the price Mary had to pay to save Francis. Marie de Guise has only been Mary's mother in name since Mary was six. This is not a hard choice to make, Mary. You did well. Saving her husband was the infinitely better choice.

Everyone agreed, even Prince Charles', the dauphin. Bash seemed upset at the prospect that Delphine might have been the one to lose her life in exchange for Francis', but really, Bash? This woman has linked herself to you so that when some nuns in a convent start burning her skin off to cleanse her, yours is burnt off too. This is not a healthy relationship, Sebastian. Not at all.

One thing I loved about Francis and Charles tonight was Francis' lesson that being king is being a performer. This is a role Francis has been trying to play since he killed his father and ascended to the throne, and he's done well. It was sort of touching to hear him say that good leaders make mistakes, but they acknowledge them and learn from them. That's not a lesson he learned from either of his parents.

Gah. We really can't lose Francis again later in the season, guys, but now I'm sort of terrified that this was a big ol' fake-out and his real death is coming. Nostradamus returns on Reign Season 3 Episode 5, so let's hope his predictions are somewhat less deadly than before, and the blood he sees does not belong to Francis.

I continue to love Narcisse and Lola even as my suspicion about him grows. I really think he's trying to change and be a better man because of Lola's influence, but he definitely craves power. That's a hard habit to break, no matter how hard she bats her eyes at him. It's sneaky that he wants a vote on the privy council, but I'm not ready to declare his motives in that regard strictly evil. I think there's some good in Stephan Narcisse yet.

What did you think of "The Price"? Was losing Marie de Guise a small price to pay for saving Francis? Were there entirely too many scenes crammed into tonight's episode? Is Lola wrong to trust Narcisse? By: Miranda Wicker

In A ClearingEdit

Reign 4.05 “In A Clearing” Recap -
Never has there ever felt like a bigger middle finger to a fandom than what just transpired on Reign Season 3 Episode 5.

Okay, so sure, there have been bigger middle fingers given, but the feels, you guys. They're real and very, very heavy right now. Think of any metaphor you can for "really terrible turn of events" and insert it here because that's what just happened during "In a Clearing."

Last week we watched as King Francis died and Delphine saved his life with the universe taking Marie de Guise in exchange. Mary, ever the practical realist, didn't feel sad over her mother's passing. Marie was, after all, in poor health. Losing her mother to save her husband? Meh. Easy choice for Mary.

We all should have known that Francis' second chance would be short lived, and I know I can't speak for everyone, but I totally held out hope that we wouldn't watch him die tonight and then we did and now I'm incredibly sad and angry and whatever the rest of the seven stages of grief are all at once.

Watching his final moments in the woods, and then thinking about all the happiness between him and Mary just moments earlier, just about gutted me (metaphorically speaking). My jaw dropped, my eyes welled up, and I thought "this isn't...this isn't happening, is it?"

Until his last breath I thought we were watching another close call, one where he'd been knocked around a bit and needed rest in order to heal and then he'd be right back to ruling France and romancing Queen Mary.

And then he was just...gone.

I held out hope and then Laurie McCarthy crushed my spirit and my dreams of Francis and Mary' happily ever after.

Reign is historical fiction. Emphasis on the fiction. While Francis death was moving and the performances from everyone surrounding it top notch, HE DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE! Just take creative license and rewrite history! Creating this love story in the first place already did that!

The real Mary, Queen of Scots and King Francis II' weren't some epic love like this! Why choose NOW as the time to follow history?

Damn you and your prophecies, Nostradamus!

Getting over this death is going to take some time. Luckily, time is exactly what we have since there are another 18 episodes left to go in Reign Season 3. Whether or not we all want to watch without the love story between Mary and Francis at the center is complicated.

On the one hand, I'm in love with the time period and the court intrigue and scheming. On the other hand, I was (and am) really in love with the love between the king and queen of France. Will Reign be the same without them together? (No.)

Sure, there's still Narcisse and Lola. Catherine will have to fight to become Regent. Queen Elizabeth will not back down, especially now that Mary has gone back on the peace accord with her cousin and could easily step in to rule Scotland from home. Plus, Sir Nicholas is already scheming to make a move on behalf of his queen.

We still have Sebastian and Leith Bayard and their questionable taste in women. Seriously, Delphine. You had ONE JOB!. Greer is still a madame, and a damn good one. There's still whatever's going on with Prince Charles.

Reign has a lot of stories left to tell, but right now, in this moment, none of them matter more than the heartbreak of losing Francis.

What did you think about tonight's episode of Reign? How do you feel about losing Francis for good tonight? What will Mary do now that she's no longer queen of France? By: Miranda Wicker

Fight or FlightEdit

Reign 4.06 “Fight or Flight” Recap -
Here's what I want to know. Are we going to need tissues and waterproof mascara for every episode of Reign for the rest of the season? Because Reign Season 3 Episode 6 definitely made me cry once or twice. Or maybe even three times.

And not because Bash STILL doesn't have anything to do. This whole Dead King Francis thing is just SAD.

Dear Queen Elizabeth and England, no one cares that you're losing Robert Dudley. Signed, ALL OF THE REIGN FANDOM.

Seriously. Does anyone out there care AT ALL about what's happening with that bitter beyotch across the pond? No. No one. She's just being selfish and going to war and making Amy Dudley the Keeper of Swans and sending Gideon Blackburn to break Mary's heart (again) because she's bored.

Meanwhile, Mary's grieving the loss of her one true love AND putting her country into a precarious political climate in order to support a woman who would have seen her dead simply because it's the right thing to do for France.

If Elizabeth is supposed to be the villain and not just another court of intrigue and drama and sex, the writers are not really doing their job. She was a much scarier threat before we knew anything about her beyond what we learned in World History.

Anyway. (I just had to get that off my chest. It's not even what I really paid attention to during "Fight or Flight.")

Let's talk about Catherine for just a minute. Specifically that stunt she pulled with Lord Narcisse and his subsequent shunning of Lola when she had warmed up to the idea of being more aggressive like he asked.

I want to like you, Narcisse. I do. I want to like you with Lola and as John Philip's protector 1) because I believe in his ability to keep John safe and 2) because I want him not to suck as a person. But COME ON, dude.

First of all, he's, what, 30 years older than Lola? 20? I don't know how old Narcisse is supposed to be, but it's clear he and Lola are from a different generation. Secondly, he knew what he was getting into when he fell in love with her (and yes, I do believe he loves her).

He knew that Lola's experience level was vastly different from his own, and I think her innocence is what drew him to her in the first place.

Get it together, Stephan. Stop being a prick. Ugh.

And Catherine? Stop meddling. The fire boy, while offering no political advantage, is hot too. You don't need Narcisse. You're fine.

Leith Bayard, however, is probably not fine. He keeps falling for these women who are above his station and this time, he's definitely outdone himself in falling for a princess. But there's something sort of sweet about it where I really want this to work out for them even though I know there's no way it can. Except Princess Claude doesn't have much to lose by falling in love with a member of the Royal Guard and for Greer, doing so meant disgracing her family in a different kind of way.

Both women had/have their reputations on the line for loving him, but Claude doesn't care about what disgrace she may bring to her family. None of them really seem to expect much from her anyway whereas Greer had to think about her sisters and their futures as well as her own.

There's just no way this ends well for Leith unless Charles is somehow even more benevolent than King Francis was, and since he's so young, it's hard to see that being the case. His youth is not affording him any sort of idealism about love and the world.

As much as I'm hot and cold about Catherine, I loved seeing Mary working for and with Catherine tonight, but I loved her turning to Catherine for comfort more. France is her home. It's effectively the only home she's ever known, and Francis was her first love. Moving on from both of those things is going to be tough, but Mary is tough and so she'll do it.

We'll all (probably) hate it because it will mean watching Mary be with someone other than Francis, but Mary understands the nature of political alliances and through her we do too. We can all unite in favor of seeing her win battles large and small.

Mary put away her youth tonight when she put away Francis' jacket. She packed her love away and now she's on the path to becoming a political queen. She's good at being a political queen, but will she find another man as willing to listen to her as Francis was, or will Don Carlos only want to form an alliance for the good of Spain, Mary as a person be damned?

Anyone who comes to call on Mary needs to understand that this is a strong woman with an equally strong opinion and some tricks up her sleeve. She's not afraid to use any and everything she has when it comes to getting things done.

That's our Mary. She's why we watch. Long may she reign (on our televisions).

What did you think about "Fight or Flight"? How much do you (not) care about what's going on in Elizabeth's court? By: Miranda Wicker

The Hound and the HareEdit

Reign 4.07 “The Hound and the Hare” Recap -
This winter finale business is totally cramping our TV style, people. Reign Season 3 Episode 7 had all the momentum and intrigue the previous episode lacked, and now the show doesn't return until January 8th.

At which time it will finish part of a run and then get bumped off the schedule until whenever The CW sees fit to put it back into the rotation. Greeaaaaaat​.

Tonight was really, really good. The kind of Reign that leaves me wanting more and more, when right now it feels like we're doomed to get less and less.

Let's talk about Don Carlos.

The prince of Spain, the man who dared ask Queen Elizabeth to show him what's under her skirt in order to dispel rumors that she might actually be a man, was hiding a few secrets of his own. He has a thing for letting women take control, which is a talent both Mary and Elizabeth seem to possess.

His desire has scared off more than one potential bride, and Catherine, ever the one to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty, was eager to push Queen Mary into giving his need to be whipped a whirl.

That ended as horribly as one might expect and gave us what might be one of the best Mary/Catherine moments we've seen in a while – that didn't revolve around their shared grief over losing King Francis.

There's a part of me who can see Adelaide Kane and Megan Follows filming that closing scene after Don Carlos was embarrassed and then impaled in the neck and then bursting into laughter at the absurdity of it all once the cameras stopped rolling, because yes, that scene was absurd, but in the way only a series like Reign can really do well.

It's safe to say Mary won't be using Spain's fortune to save Scotland any time soon, and in fact, she's probably made a new enemy. Will Narcisse, France's new regent, stand up for Mary? Maybe. But maybe not.

Oh, right. Lord Narcisse is the new regent. He slept with Catherine to make her think he would be voting for her and happily accepting the position of Lord Chancellor but secretly plotted against her the whole time by framing her for Francis' death. She's not guilty, of course, and that will be proven, but the damage is done. Narcisse is in charge.

What will Lola say when she finds out that he's the new regent? There's a solid chance that the passion Narcisse said he wanted from her will come out when she discovers just how he went about securing this position for himself, but it won't be the sexy, kinky kind of passion he was hoping for. As much as I want to love Narcisse with Lola, he pretty much deserves a swift kick in the nethers for his behavior.

And let's be real. Lola's totally going to find out what he's done, particularly now that he's usurped Catherine. She doesn't care for Lola at all and has pretty much nothing to lose by spilling the beans about Narcisse's late night visit to her chambers. Ugh. Poor Lola.

Part of me wants to say poor Greer, too, but then Leith Bayard is the one who's being kept in the dark right now. Unless Greer slept with the pirate and this baby is his...

OH MY GOD. It is. The baby is the Pirate's.

What will Greer do? A tavern/brothel is no place to raise a baby! My mind is sort of blown all over again just thinking about the possibilities here. These girls have got to stop having one night stands!

And finally, there's Sebastian.

I almost came really close to caring about the Dark Man, aka a heart-stealing serial killer no one can identify or catch.

I'm not entirely convinced that Delphine doesn't know something more about the Dark Man. But then again, there was something about their encounter which seemed to scare him away from her, so maybe she really is on the right side of this thing.

Bash has a thing about falling for women who need to be saved somehow. Delphine's no different. And Bash is one unlucky bastard, so something tells me Delphine's dying soon.

Poor Bash.

What did you think of "The Hound and the Hare"? What will Mary and Catherine do now that the prince of Spain is dead? Will Greer really raise her baby in a brothel? By: Miranda Wicker

Our UndoingEdit

Reign 4.08 “Our Undoing” Recap -
Remember that time the prince of Spain asked Mary to participate in a little masochism, and she agreed but invited Catherine along for the ride because she didn't think she could handle it and then everything went bananas and Don Carlos got stabbed in the head?

Reign Season 3 Episode 8 picked up immediately after that moment with Mary and Catherine in the tunnels, frantically trying to figure out how not to get caught.

God, I love it when these two scheme together.

As much as I have a love-hate thing with Catherine, there's nothing I love about her more than when she's concocting some plan to keep herself out of trouble. Even if it means killing the prince of Spain with a wash cloth.

She's best when she's being wily, and her efforts to prove her own innocence were top notch tonight.

Lord Narcisse usurped Catherine as Regent, and someone framed her for Francis' death saying the Queen Mother had murdered her own son in order to become the leader of France. She thought it was Narcisse. He declared it wasn't. She didn't believe him and still doesn't.

Turns out she's wrong. Narcisse, for once, isn't behind this.

The person, or group rather, who is behind her framing, wants to bring about the end of The Valois line at any cost. I'm not sure if we know the identity of the man who killed Cardinal Morel yet. His face is familiar, but when it comes to French Court, they all start to blur together eventually.

Part of me wonders if the group attempting to end the Valois line has something to do with King Antoine and Louis Condé but given this show's penchant for villainy, it could literally be anybody who might want Catherine de Medici dead or otherwise indisposed. But this woman has nine lives, so no one should expect her to go down quite so easily.

While Sebastian still had nothing to do to keep him on the screen, he did assist Catherine in retrieving King Francis' body in order to prove that she didn't poison her son. Good job, Bash. I guess. (Seriously, dude. Get a new job. Woo Mary again. DO SOMETHING FOR THE LOVE.)

For now, at the urging of Catherine and at the recognition that there's nothing she can really do to save her people, Queen Mary is engaged to Don Carlos, the now brain-damaged and docile prince of Spain. This allows her to save Scotland, and it allows Spain to save face. Win win?

They could do worse than having Mary essentially rule the country someday. Not that it will come to that.

Gideon Blackburn, Elizabeth's spy, is still out there, lurking in the shadows of French Court, waiting to make his move in order to lure the Queen of Scotland into his bed so she won't marry Don Carlos. (Previews for Reign Season 3 Episode 9 show Elizabeth trying to make a move on Don Carlos! Get your own monarch, lady!)

Historically, we know Mary, Queen of Scots doesn't wed Spain, and since the showrunners wouldn't change history to keep King Francis II alive, we probably shouldn't expect them to change the trajectory of the rest of Mary's love life either. Bummer.

But all of that, and that was a lot, wasn't even the biggest thing of all.

Lola knows the truth about the rat and that it was Lord Narcisse who placed it into her bath so that she would turn to him for protection and eventually marry him. I mean, the lengths to which he went to woo her are sort of endearing, right? (No.)

Not only that, but to cover his tracks, instead of confessing to her long ago, he's just continued down a murderous and dishonest path, and Lola is nothing if not a woman who tries to be honorable and do the right thing.

In order to save her father and three brothers, Lola is leaving French Court for a life with Queen Elizabeth in England. Why, specifically, Elizabeth wants Lola I'm not yet sure, but it's probably to separate Mary from the rest of her ladies, leaving her isolated and alone, and also to provoke Narcisse, the acting Regent, into picking another fight with England.

Ugh. Elizabeth.

I'm glad Lola knows the truth about Narcisse's dishonesty, and I'm glad that she realizes that staying in France would mean he would definitely win her back. But part of me is sad because I'm a sucker for a good villain-redemption and I really, really wanted Narcisse to turn into a decent-ish guy.

Oh well. We can't always get what we want, right?

Princess Claude is certainly trying, though! Will Catherine convince King Charles to let Claude choose her own husband, and will Leith choose Claude in return? That all has to be dealt with, and then there's Greer's pregnancy, too!

The baby is not Leith's, but he's the sort of guy who would eschew a life married to a princess in order to marry his former lover and raise a pirate's baby. The world needs more Leiths.

We have a lot of Reign left before the series takes its hiatus, returning who knows when to finish out the season.

What did you think of "Our Undoing"? Who is trying to frame Catherine? Why does Elizabeth want Lola specifically as her hostage? By: Miranda Wicker


Reign 4.09 “Wedlock” Recap -
If there had been even one dead body on tonight's Reign Season 3 Episode 9, we could've called the episode "three weddings and a funeral."

I mean, we had a body, but it wasn't exactly one that helped Mary very much, or Elizabeth either for that matter. You win some, you lose more, right?

For starters, Queen Elizabeth is pregnant. Dudley's wife, Amy Dudley throws herself over a railing in their country home to make it appear as if her husband has killed her so that when he tries to announce his plan to marry Elizabeth, the entire country will turn against them both.

Silly Robert Dudley! Never mess with a scorned woman!

Speaking of women, Delphine has now, it seems, taken the former village murderer's bloodlust onto herself. She refuses to leave Bash's chambers knowing that by staying put she's protecting all of the people out there she might kill.

Thus concludes the parts of tonight about characters we either 1) don't care about at all (Elizabeth) or 2) care about a great deal but never get to see because the writers can't come up with anything at all for the character (Bash).

Seriously. Can't Sebastian do more than hang out in two or three scenes? Preferably shirtless? Is that so much to ask? REALLY? Sigh. Anyway.

Turning our attentions toward Queen Mary, her plan to marry Don Carlos in order to supply Scotland with troops and grain didn't last long. He just couldn't keep up his ruse. She found out about his recovery and plan to assassinate her on the way to Scotland and backed out of her agreement to marry him.

It wasn't Lord Narcisse, as Regent, who came to Mary's aid, however. It was Catherine. As much as I don't want to like this woman, when she comes to Mary's rescue and puts the not-so-ailing Prince of Spain in his place while Narcisse just stands there watching how a real Regent does it.

All Narcisse can think about is how he'll fix this problem, which is a valid concern for the Regent to have, but he plans to fix things by forcing Princess Claude into a marriage she doesn't want with a man she doesn't know. While that might be typical behavior for royalty and other wealthy landowners of the time period, it's not what the princess wants.

What she wants is Leith Bayard. (Okay, let's be real here, raise your hands if you don't want Leith.)

All either marriage means to Narcisse is money into France's coffers. For both women the marriages represent the loss of freedom and a lack of love, and that's unbearable to both of them.

At some point, the rest of Claude's family will find out she's fallen for Leith and hopes to marry him instead of whomever they've chosen for her. Whether or not she'll get to keep her bodyguard is anyone's guess. She might. She might not.

Maybe he'll end up returning to Greer to raise her child as his own when Claude is forced to marry and the two are driven apart.

While that's happening, Mary will be driven closer and closer to Gideon Blackburn, a man she's not sure she can trust because of his position in Elizabeth's court. She can't trust him, and shouldn't, even if he does end up falling in love with her and she reciprocates his advances.

His daughter is a captive and that's enough reason to want to remain in the Queen's good graces. He'll probably end up falling for Mary, causing her to fall for him in the process, and then he'll betray her to Elizabeth. Isn't that how every interesting maybe-love story goes?

This was a pretty standard episode of Reign complete with the usual Mary badassery. The one thing about her which has remained consistent is that she doesn't take anything from anyone, and she has no intentions of beginning now that her husband has died.

With so few episodes left to air before the series takes a break, and with no news of Reign's return as of yet, it's enough reason to wonder if we might be viewing the end of this series, and if so, what will the upcoming and possibly final episodes of the series look like.

What did you think of "Wedlock"? We have two women pregnant without being married and three failed attempts at setting up couples for nuptials. While that might seem like just another day for Reign, what are your thoughts on the possibility that this is the end? By: Miranda Wicker

Bruises That LieEdit

Reign 4.10 “Bruises That Lie” Recap -
For an episode featuring shockingly few scenes with Catherine de Medici, the Queen mother certainly figured prominently on Reign Season 3 Episode 10.

Narcisse is out, and Catherine's back on top! It only took one borderline insane plan to make it happen. And yeah, it's totally better that Mary doesn't know. I'm not even sure if I want to know.

But I do know. And so do you. And when Claude finds out? Hooboy.

Narcisse got into Charles' ear and convinced Charles to force Claude to marry Duke Boinel because France needed Boinel's gold.

"It's okay," Narcisse said! "He's totes a good man! Promise!" And then he backhanded Claude across the face on their wedding night prompting her to give him the ol' three-punch knockout before angrily throwing her wedding ring at him and yelling "I AM A PRINCESS!"

I hated that girl when she first appeared, but damn. Claude's growing on me.

As it turns out, Duke Boinel was a good man. Catherine's just a very questionable mother sometimes.

I know, I know. Interviews with Megan Follows have her saying that Catherine loves her family more than anything else. I believe it. I just think that loving your family shouldn't come with putting them in harm's way to prove you love them.

Catherine totally paid Duke Boinel off!

"Hey, hit my daughter! Make it believable! I'll give you back your gold and throw in some vineyards for good measure when I'm made Regent again!"

And he did it. He totally did it, and she totally managed to use Claude's situation to get herself appointed Regent once again. She had no idea assurances it would work and totally just crossed her fingers and hoped Charles would stand up to the council. She should've played the Powerball. #Lucky

She's the one who needs to be in the position since she's the one who really cares about France, and Narcisse only cares about himself and his own power, but dang, lady! Stop manipulating your own flesh and blood like that!

Now that Catherine is Regent again, Mary's safe to continue entertaining potential suitors in France, and her connection to France is arguably stronger with Catherine at the helm than it ever would've been with Narcisse in that position.

However, we know that when Reign returns this spring, Mary will be returning to Scotland. It's time for her to go home and try to regain her rule from her own throne.

But probably not before she has an actual dalliance with Gideon, Elizabeth's spy.

The two agreed to play Elizabeth by pretending to have a secret romance so that Jeffrey, Gideon's servant, could send letters to Elizabeth that her plan to have Gideon seduce the Scottish queen had worked.

It wasn't until Elizabeth lost both Dudley and their baby that she decided to give Gideon his daughter back and release Lola's family, and in the meantime what we have is a very complicated relationship forming between Gideon and Mary.

I'm not sure how much I care about this relationship, to be honest. He's not Francis. (Or Bash!) And we know Mary's next husband isn't Gideon, so it doesn't feel like there's much sense in getting attached to this relationship. I'm glad they were able to use each other for mutual benefit, and if they used each other for a little more mutual benefit, I'd be okay with that.

Overall? Meh. It gets a warm meh. There were some sparks in their kisses and some desperately trying to convince herself in Mary's "no," but still. Meh.

Claude and Leith, however? Oh man. Please make it to a station where you can marry the princess, Leith!

Actually, it doesn't matter to me WHO Leith marries as long as it's someone he loves and who loves him back. That's all. He totally deserves that. That's all he wants, and it's what he should get for being so dang amazing all the time.

I'm calling it now that Greer's not giving up this baby, even to her own sister and her obviously titled husband. Martin's offer of gold and the promise of visits and urging to do what she wants rather than what other people want of her was just too much foreshadowing.

Greer's going to keep the baby. It might mean giving up her position as a Madam, but I just can't see her giving the baby up once it's born. She's come too far and grown too much to continue caring for the rest of her life what people think of her. I love her.

Maybe it's the mom in me, but I had a twinge of pain and anguish for Elizabeth as she lost her baby and told Dudley how she had to do it all alone so no one would find out. Actual real pain in my heart for that scene. And then while she's laying there on the worst day of her life, she also had to break up with her lover forever. Ugh.

No wonder this woman goes on to be so damn fierce and cold.

What did you think of "Bruises That Lie"? Did you want to slap Catherine for having Claude hit? Are you glad Catherine is Regent again? By: Miranda Wicker


Reign 4.11 “Succession” Recap -

By: Miranda Wicker

No Way OutEdit

Reign 4.12 “No Way Out” Recap -
After an extended hiatus, we're back to the shenanigans of both the French and English Court, and WOW is there a lot of intrigue and double-crossing happening right now. (And yes, I know it returned for Reign Season 3 Episode 11, but I didn't know that last week so please forgive me.)

Reign Season 3 Episode 12 found Mary questioning whether she's willing to cause her cousin's assassination in order to reclaim her throne.

Her short answer? "Eh...about that..."

Gideon and Mary - Reign It didn't take long for Mary to figure out that once she accepts Elizabeth's proposal and the Vatican offs Elizabeth, Mary's head won't be far behind. They want a man in power because patriarchy! Those silly women aren't fit to lead, what with their whimsy and passion!?!?

Ugh. Those guys.

Mary's compassion and desire to get what she wants, without taking lives she doesn't have to take, is one of the reasons people trust her. Most of the time it doesn't blow up in her face, so there's hope here too. (Plus we have history on our side, so we know Mary won't have Elizabeth killed.)

What's going to be troublesome for Mary is this edict that she marry Dudley when her heart is pulling her toward Gideon. Dudley's a hot enough guy, but there's enough baggage and shame surrounding him, however innocent he may be, to last a million lifetimes.

And he's in love with Elizabeth, and she's in love with him, so while Elizabeth may have just saved his life by sending him away to live in France or Scotland, she's crushed his soul in the process.

Plus, something tells me Gideon's not going to be too happy to see whom the Queen has chosen for her cousin's second husband knowing all he knows about Dudley's time at English Court. It will be interesting to watch Gideon navigate his new relationship with Mary while trying to play double agent for both England and Mary.

Let's be clear. Gideon's allegiance isn't to Scotland. It's to Mary. And Mary better hurry up and figure out why she slept with the dude before one of the chambermaids who always seem to be gossiping around that castle get word back to him that Mary might have only slept with him to win him over to her side.

I mean, I don't personally think that's why Mary slept with him because that's not her style, but that doesn't mean the tale won't still hurt her cause.

As has been the case this season, there is a LOT going on in each episode, so Mary's part, while important and becoming more and more intertwined with Elizabeth's leaves me feeling a little flat. It feels like all she's doing is getting nowhere.

I want to see more of this alliance she's forming with Gideon because Mary's allies are actually dropping like flies. Right now she has Catherine and that's pretty much it. We didn't need to see Greer in tonight's episode, so that scene felt like a waste of time, no matter how much I personally adore Greer.

As for what's happening elsewhere, I find myself enjoying the budding friendship, or at least peace, between Lola and Elizabeth.

There was something nice and almost redemptive in hearing that Narcisse writes her almost every single day. Even though she doesn't read the letters he sends, I still have hope that one day he won't be a power-hungry cad.

I still believe he really loves Lola and just got caught up in the lure of Catherine. (It's not forgivable, but I want him to find some redemption through lots and lots of groveling and giant, expensive jewels sent to Lola.)

This whole Christophe the Serial Killer thing is bizarre. I'm not convinced he's not connected somehow to the Red Knights.

My money is on him being the son of one of the original 13 knights Catherine and Henry killed. He went to work in the castle, seduced Catherine to gain her trust (while somehow losing that trust because, hi, he's a serial killer) and now he's working for the knights from the inside.

Or maybe he isn't and he'll be the one to save her from the knights by killing them all.

I suppose having at least 13 people who want you dead is a time when it's handy to have a serial killer with no qualms whatever about taking a human life as your lover.

We'll see.

What did you think of "No Way Out"? Can Mary save both her reign in Scotland and Elizabeth's life? Why did Mary sleep with Gideon? By: Miranda Wicker

Strange BedfellowEdit

Reign 4.13 “Strange Bedfellow” Recap -
Never underestimate a queen.

That's the takeaway from Reign Season 3 Episode 13 (and from the entire series, if you want to get technical).

Once Mary knew the Vatican planned to have Elizabeth killed and that she would be next on their chopping block, she set about dismantling their plan and did so at the expense of her own heart.

We're in a part of history that just isn't all that interesting right now, so the main goings-on of court are only marginally entertaining. The sub-stories and secondary characters of Reign Season 3 are proving far more intriguing than Mary and Elizabeth’s constant battle for the throne (of different albeit warring nations).

In short, Gideon and Mary uncovered the Vatican's plot to assassinate both Elizabeth and Mary herself only to install Joseph Tudor on the throne. Robert Dudley took credit with Elizabeth once the Vatican had Gideon arrested.

Catherine, with Mary's intercession, came up with a plan to save Gideon from execution by sending him back to England in exchange for her best general, meaning Mary had to say goodbye to her new lover.

Dudley, of course, regained his station in England for uncovering the plot against their Queen so now he's back in everyone's good graces and free to continue his dalliance with Elizabeth. How perfect everything is working out for her, you guys!

Mary, on the other hand, just gets another broken heart and another length of time during which she can't return to her country so it moves further and further away from seeing her as its Queen.

(Why is this show about Mary Stuart again? Her life? Kind of dismal in comparison to other European monarchs...)

Am I the only one on the planet hoping for Conde to return to save Mary from this incessant quest for a strong marriage alliance? Where is this guy?

I'm sure someone out there knows or I could just go look it up on a Wiki, but I'm lazy and it's late and he's not historically the next dude in Mary's life so why should I bother? It's just that watching her getting boring.

To be fair Elizabeth's not really doing much of anything either, except playing chess with Lola and asserting herself in front of a room full of men like she absolutely should, but still. If we're looking for the action, we have to look to Catherine.

Catherine gets ish done.

Catherine is set on finding the Red Knights who have been reborn with a vow to take down the House of Valois. I think she needs to look closely at Christophe because anyone who is that Dexter-ish (and dexterous) can't be good.

I mean, he's NOT good. He's the opposite of good. He murders people for fun and gets turned on while doing it and that's just downright creepy. But he's the son of the courtesan and the Red Knight. There's no way the guy who was killed outside the tent is the son of the courtesan. Nope. Not buying it.

Christophe? If the whole thing about the Red Knights was that they sold their souls to the Devil, Christophe seems to fit that sociopathic bill. The guy is not okay.

It actually makes me a little scared for Bash.

Bash always gets himself caught up in these murder plots, and yeah, it's his job as Chief of Security or whatever his official title is, but one of these plots is going to catch up to him and I just keep hoping he'll get another good storyline before he dies.

Maybe Kenna could return! That would be lovely! They could rekindle their Henry-inspired love affair and he wouldn't hate her any longer. Kenna could show up just in time to be Greer's midwife.

Greer. Oh, Greer.

What is she going to do? Is she going to keep this baby? How? (I mean, it's obvious how. She just does it. But that seems a precarious decision given her current occupation as a madam.)

Her brother-in-law and sister who were planning to adopt Greer's baby and raise it as their own decided that the only way to do so was to move out of the country. So they extorted Greer for the money to make the move and just...assumed she wouldn't find out?

Thought she wouldn't send someone to track them down when she learned they had been the ones to blackmail her so they could flee to Switzerland?

Those two? Not the sharpest knives. Claude, however, is quite resourceful.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Claude and Leith, as I have a thing for Greer and Leith, but it's sort of clear and obvious that's never happening again.

Claude is fun. For sure. And she's fun for Leith. But she's so...not Greer.

Sigh. My shipper heart dies hard, y'all.

What did you think of "Strange Bedfellows"? Do you think Christophe is a son of the Red Knights? What should Greer do with the baby? By: Miranda Wicker

To The DeathEdit

Reign 4.14 “To The Death” Recap -
Will Mary EVER actually make it back to Scotland, y'all?

History tells us yes, and so do the previews for next week's episode, but we've spent a long, long time now awaiting the moment when Mary goes home.

Reign Season 3 Episode 14 was another episode dedicated to trying to figure out a way to get Mary home and Mary might want to try and figure out what the Vatican has up its sleeve because did they seriously just hand her all the money she needs after trying to kill her the first time they helped?

Weird plot inconsistencies like that one aside, tonight's episode sucked me back in. Why? Two words:

Burning. Embers.

Mary helped Greer (who helped Mary) by having Greer's husband, Lord Aloysius Castleroy, broken out of prison so that he and Greer could change their identities and ride off into the French sunset together and live happily-ish ever after with him raising a pirate's baby.

He was reluctant because he thought Greer had never loved him in the first place. Surely if she had, she wouldn't be pregnant with a pirate baby, right? (Note: He wasn't upset at all that she had become a madame and made enough money for them to start over. Just that she had a one night stand and got knocked up.)


After dismissing Greer, Mary schooled Castleroy on the burning embers of love which never, ever burn completely out and THAT LOOK from Bash was all I needed to see to know he was back on Team Mary.

That look coupled with his gentle reminder of the time they tried to run away together while they were trying to save Francis' life. But hey, Francis is gone now, (RIP!) so Mary and Sebastian? Totally do-able. (Pun sort of intended.)

Did this come completely out of left field since this is pretty much the first time Mary and Sebastian have had scenes together since they buried Francis?

Yes. Okay. Completely out of left field.

Do I even care?

Not even a little bit because BASH AND MARY. I am here for that, historical accuracy be damned.

Unfortunately for my shipper heart, it looks like Bash isn't going to Scotland with Mary on Reign Season 3 Episode 15 like he promised, which is really dumb. The fight with the Red Knights is not his fight. He has no place in France aside from being a member of the Royal Guard and Catherine's Head Soldier.

Catherine and the late King Henry brought this Red Knight disaster on themselves and Mary totally needs a hot bodyguard. No saying goodbye, Bash. GET IN THE CARRIAGE AND GO WITH HER.

Any and all scary plots involving Catherine are always hit-or-miss for me. I'm intrigued by this Red Knight thing, but only so much.

She brought this on herself. She and Henry were/are pretty brutal rulers, so it's not shocking that people would rise up against her at some future date.

I also won't be surprised when she figures out a way to get herself out of this mess, probably by sacrificing someone she claims to love in order to save herself.

Yes, yes, Catherine loves her children. That doesn't mean she wouldn't consider throwing one of them from the top of a tower if she thought it would save her own skin and France.

This Red Knight thing can only go so far before someone important has to die and it won't be Catherine. Hopefully it won't be Narcisse because if they ever start a French Fight Club, they need him.

Kudos to Charles for having the idea to win the money they needed to pay the Generals. Too bad his impulsivity (a trait no doubt inherited from his father) caused him to lose all of it. He's really lucky Narciverine was there to bail him out.

That man is a snake, but he loves his country.

Speaking of countries, across the pond we had a bit of a snooze as Elizabeth got in touch with her feels and Lola spent three nights in jail. And then Lola told Elizabeth that maybe it's time to let Dudley go.

She was rewarded for her honesty and loyalty with a visit from her son, and separating kids from their parents, considering Elizabeth's own upbringing, is actually the cruelest thing she does to people.

Just let Lola and Gideon have their kids, for crying out loud, lady! Sheesh.

What was your favorite part of "To the Death"? Were you shocked/excited for Bash to confess his lingering feelings for Mary? By: Miranda Wicker

Safe PassageEdit

Reign 4.15 “Safe Passage” Recap -
Was it just me or was anyone else sort of side-eyeing last week's promo of Reign Season 3 Episode 15 since the clip made it seem like Mary was back in Scotland but tonight she most certainly was not back in Scotland?

We should've known it wouldn't be that easy for her to return home.

On the plus side, Bash is definitely going to Scotland with Mary. But he probably can't ever return to France, so that's not so great for him. Not that he probably wants to return now that he knows his mother is dead, his father is dead, and the brother to whom he was closest is also gone.

Kenna got pregnant with another man's baby. Delphine was murdered.

He tried to strangle the Queen Regent with his bare hands and probably isn't too high up in her books since on top of that he went into full BURN IT DOWN mode and let Claude and Charles know about Catherine's little scheme with Duke Boinel.

Sure, he killed Christophe and put an end to those terrible missing-heart murders, but he basically has nothing left in France. Why NOT go to Scotland with Mary?

It's troubling that we didn't see him in any of the previews for Reign Season 3 Episode 16, but I'm hoping that's because he's unconscious and recovering somewhere. I need his pretty blue eyes in my life.


Mary's safe passage came in the form of a coded letter from Lola, who overheard a conversation between Elizabeth and her naval commander and sent word to Mary about a safe time to travel home. That Lola, she's a smart one!

And then Lola managed to convince Elizabeth not to back John Knox in his quest to dissolve the Catholic throne in Scotland because she knew her friend and Queen would be returning soon. If Elizabeth finds out about this, she's not going to be so happy about Lola's betrayal, but man, it's fun to watch Lola be a spy in the meantime.

The thing is, though, that Lola gives sincere advice to Elizabeth, making it seem possible that she could be loyal to two queens. She has a special way of knowing what needs to be said and how to say it so that the person to whom she's saying it will listen. It's a gift, really.

Yall, I'm sorry for how all over the place this is, but speaking of gifts, that gift from Francis to Mary and his letter? Just use that sword to cut my heart out, why don't you, Francis!?!

We got to hear Francis' voice again! What a treat. And Mary's stoicism as she refused to let the mercenaries see her cry and just charged right back into the middle of what was rapidly becoming a riot at France's gates? I love her.

It's probably going to prove poor timing to have delayed her departure in order to go back and save Catherine, but it was something Mary had to do. She wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she'd left without saving Catherine from the angry soldiers.

This doesn't mean Catherine's fight with the Red Knights is over, but at least she has her army back. Now her battle turns inward as she has to face the fact that she had Claude beaten on her wedding knight so that she could reclaim the Regency.

Here's where I need to point out that I do not hate Catherine. I love Megan Follows. HOWEVER!

Catherine has a way of making...interesting...choices. Choices with which I do not always agree and/or believe to be the best choices. Are those choices fun and shocking to watch? Sometimes, for sure they are. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have to suffer the consequences of those choices.

Criticizing a character and her choices does not mean that I hate the character. It means I think she's making poor choices.

What Catherine is about to experience via the revolt of her children, Charles, the king, to be specific, is nothing she hasn't set into motion by the choices she's made. What her suffering will be is anyone's guess.

Maybe Charles will lock her in a dungeon. Maybe Charles will let Claude marry Leith despite the fact that he's not a member of the aristocracy, thereby bringing some level of shame to Catherine.

Maybe he'll strip her of the Regency and take over ruling France by himself. At any rate, Catherine's chickens are about to come home to roost and she doesn't have Narcisse there to save her.

He's off to England to save Lola, which is as it should be.

What did you think of "Safe Passage"? Are you excited Mary is FINALLY returning to Scotland? Should Bash be accompanying her on the voyage? How do you feel about Mary saving France one last time? By: Miranda Wicker


Reign 4.16 “Clans” Recap -
A shipwreck, a traitor, and a friend would have been an excellent alternate title for Reign Season 3 Episode 16, but sure. We'll go with "Clans."

Mary, Bash, and Narcisse made it semi-safely onto the Scottish shore. Charles learned he can't always trust his highborn friends. And Lola learned the value of friendship.

The shipwreck Mary experienced was a pretty nasty one. Immediately upon waking, her eyes lit upon a group of men on the beach killing those who survived. Narcisse grabbed her and together they watched as Bash was nearly killed but then rescued by Druids.

The minute Narcisse distrusted the Druids because of their Wicker Man effigy I knew they would be the good guys in this narrative. Plus, Bash just sort of has a way of attracting the magical elements of this show, you know? His pagan roots just draw the mystical energy.

I was definitely afraid for Bash during the storm at the end of the previous episode as I didn't know if he would survive it knowing Torrance Coombs is leaving Reign. It would've been a convenient way to write the character out.

His body could've been lost at sea during the shipwreck giving Coombs the opportunity to turn up for a guest appearance at a future date.

Or he could've been dead which would've made me really sad.

But he's not dead! And is, in fact, in decent health, thanks to a snake and a healer named Senneck who saw Mary's true identity and the spirits of her ancestors in her eyes and then blessed the both of them on their journey to Edinburgh.

I'm literally thanking all the gods and goddesses that Bash finally has a central storyline again as Mary's traveling companion.

She's in peril. Again. (When is she not in peril?) So she needs someone close by whom she can trust as she endeavors to rip Munro MacFie's heart out the same way he ripped out hers. He planned an assassination and Francis was the one who ended up dying, so Mary's out for blood.

I really hope she gets what she's after in the next two episodes of Reign Season 3. Find the guy and kill him. Show no mercy, Mary Stuart!

While she's in a dangerous situation right now, Narcisse's parting words to her were perfect. Essentially, Mary always finds a way to win and that's something that, even though it confounds Narcisse, he appreciates. He knows she's going to find a way to make this happen.

It also happens to work to her advantage that Elizabeth thinks she's dead.

Ugh. Poor Lola! She got caught sending information to Mary which could've meant she'd end up in a dungeon or a tower or dead, but Elizabeth used that as an opportunity to ask Lola to be her loyal BFF and newest English subject.


I mean, really. For Elizabeth, a woman notorious for being ruthless to those who cross her, she finds out the woman she's been feeding and housing and confiding in has slipped information to her enemy and Elizabeth's response is to pardon Lola and ask her to stick around. Elizabeth needs that kind of loyalty in her life.

This can only make things more weird and more confusing for Lola. And plus, renouncing her Scottish citizenship and French ties and becoming an English subject is probably the actual fate worse than death. Certainly a fate worse than being banished from Denmark for eternity.

She's probably going to decide to accept Elizabeth's terms and become an English citizen and then Narcisse will show up. Will he have to agree to stay in England forever too? Will Lola even want to be with him again? What a mess!

Finally, Charles, as good a plan as he had, didn't expect that one of his own could be a double agent. Catherine would've planned for that. So now Charles has been kidnapped by the Red Knights and LEITH IS IN DANGER.


When he was telling Claude all about his fears and how badly he wanted to be with her I was holding my breath thinking "nothing good comes from declarations such as these, you two!" Because nothing good ever does come from declarations such as those.

They were too close to having it all and he was scared and went for it anyway and did you see him go down in that battle after getting hit in what looked like the neck with an ax?

Leith can't die. That's just all there is to it. Nope. I won't allow it. Not happening.

If he dies I'm throwing rotten fruit at the TV just like the villagers threw at Charles' carriage.

What did you think of "Clans"? Scale of 1 to 10, how dumb was Charles' plan? Will Mary and Sebastian make it to Edinburgh in one piece? By: Miranda Wicker


Reign 4.16 “Intruders” Recap -
All hail Mary, Queen of Scots! Avenger of Francis! Reclaimer of her throne!

In the final moments of Reign Season 3 Episode 17, Queen Mary burst through the castle at Edinburgh, Scotland (did that seem too easy to anyone else?) and reclaimed her throne, much to the dismay of Protestant John Knox who was thisclose to having the entire Scottish monarchy dissolved.

Y'all, Mary was a badass tonight. Determined, fierce, courageous, and reassuring, plus about a dozen other adjectives if I had time to list them all.

It was obvious that Lord Munro was going to recognize her somehow, either through having seen her portrait or just through assumption. That her sword, King Francis' gift to her, would be the thing which gave her away wasn't something I expected.

Nor did I expect that she would stab him in the jugular with her necklace, but that? That was pretty epic. I appreciated her calm bravery and how upon walking into the room she immediately began looking for a way to kill him having absolutely no idea what she'd find inside.

Her parting words, how he'd ripped out her heart so she was back to do the same? Gah. PERFECT. Also sad. It just made me miss Francis and Mary and their beautiful story all the more.

Plus Sebastian hasn't really been able to show any interest since he's been parading around the Scottish countryside pretending to be her brother, so, you know. But he was helpful, too.

It was cute how he was all "Mary, this is dangerous!" and she was like "Psh! I got this." He's trying to protect her, but she's not the Queen he met when she first returned to court and King Henry tried to force them to get married. So while Mary was doing the heavy lifting (because she wanted to do that part), Bash killed one of Munro's men and set fire to the village so he and Mary could escape.

And escape they did!

I'm admittedly rusty on my actual history at this point, so I don't know much about Mary, Queen of Scots's attempt to reclaim the Scottish throne and how that played out in the real world, but I have to say that she could not have gotten to Edinburgh at a better time.

Her brother, James Stuart, the Scottish Regent, was on the verge of dissolving the monarchy, meaning John Knox would've been a partial ruler of their country.

Or Lord Darnley would've shown up for a fight. Plus that other guy they mentioned. And also Queen Elizabeth.

And there's still no guarantee that's not going to happen, but it probably won't happen on Reign Season 3 Episode 18. A battle that epic will probably kick off Reign Season 4 whenever it returns.

I wouldn't hate it if the show took more liberties with history and instead of seeing Mary eventually captive in Elizabeth's dungeon we saw her securely ruling her country for a long, long time.

It'd be interesting to think about how different the landscape of the world would be if just one significant piece of history were adjusted, you know? And since the show won't even catch up to the present day (and SURELY no one will take it for actual history) what's the harm in letting our heroine win?

I mean, we said alllllll of this and King Francis is still dead, so, you know...

Anyway. Mary's back in Scotland. That's awesome. But Narcisse and Lola are reunited and THAT? That's MORE awesome.

"I know I've made mistakes. I lied to you. I chose power time and again and I gained everything I wanted. I'm Lord Chancellor of France. But it's all meaningless without you. Come home to me Lola"
Lord Narcisse

I mean, yes, he's a cheating cad and I definitely hate him for that, but I also think that forgiveness is possible when contrition is pure, and I really, truly believe Narcisse knows how badly he screwed up by sleeping with Catherine. I really, truly believe he loves Lola, and next week, I think we're going to see him on the verge of making the ultimate sacrifice for her.

Just as Mary and Sebastian were riding to Edinburgh, with no way for her to dispatch a letter to Lola, received a letter written in Mary's code asking her to kill Elizabeth.

I think Lola will try it, believing she's acting for Mary, and Lord Narcisse will take the fall for it. He'll claim he arrived in England for the sole purpose of killing Elizabeth, perhaps never even revealing his identity as Lola's husband to Elizabeth. Or he'll say he tried to kill her because she took Lola away from him.

Something. It will be dreadful and just as soon as Lola has forgiven him for his trespasses against their marriage, he's going to be gone. I think I will probably cry.


Because now there's also Claude and Leith to think about now that her former...dalliance...Martel de Guise, has returned.

I want to believe that Claude and Leith are supposed to be together, but we're kind of going to need someone to make him a Duke or something, and fast, so he can stop going on these dangerous missions and nearly dying before he has a chance to marry Princess Claude.

Somehow, even if Leith Bayard is promoted to a higher station, I can see Martel de Guise trying to drive a wedge between Leith and Claude.

And! GAH! What if Claude somehow chooses to keep Catherine's secret about the death of Martel's father and it means marrying Martel instead of Leith!?!?

"Honestly, mother! How many people have you killed?!"
Princess Claude
Queen Catherine

Blah. Now I sort of wish The Red Knights had gotten her. Except they didn't, and I definitely took some joy in her willingness to flay the man Leith kept alive so she could get information about her son.

Whether she got that information or not we don't yet know, but we do know Prince Charles isn't dead. Yet. And we have his friend Thierry to thank for that. By: Miranda Wicker

Spiders In a JarEdit

Reign 4.16 “Spiders In a Jar” Recap -
At one point this season, it seemed quite possible there would be no Reign Season 4.

After this season finale, Reign Season 3 Episode 18, I am gutted, heartbroken, and then gutted again.

And I'm also totally ready for Reign Season 4 and finding out exactly where this series is going now that Mary is all alone.

If you've read just about any of my other reviews, particularly of CW shows, you know that I have beef with the fact that literally no one ever gets to be happy. Someone is always breaking up with someone else, running away, being, I don't know, kidnapped, or dying.

Tonight we got not one, but TWO gut-wrenching deaths, and I don't even know what life is right now.

Lola is dead. Lola is dead, and I cannot even.

I clasped my hands over my mouth and right now I sort of feel tears welling up in my eyes over a completely fictional character. I want to cry for her, for John, for her renewed relationship with Narcisse, for her friendship with Mary, and for all the many ways I came to love the character over the past three seasons.

And now she's gone. Just...poof. Dead.

It was inevitable that she wouldn't be successful in the assassination attempt because hi, historical fiction here. But the previews for this episode definitely made it seem like Narcisse would be taking the blame for Lola and that he would be the one losing his head.

Nope. Elizabeth didn't just kill Lola. She moved the execution up so that there would be no time for this to turn into a diplomatic issue. She circumvented politics and killed the wife of the Chancellor of France.

I wish that meant there would be some sort of repercussions for Elizabeth, but I think we're supposed to feel like Robert Dudley marrying someone else was her comeuppance.

Boo. Try again.

Lola was right. Elizabeth is alone and will always be alone. Given the way she goes about killing people I love, meh. Good for her.


How brave and heartbreaking was her final scene though? She has one final thing to say and she just tells Stephan not to watch because she doesn't want him to see that, and she's thinking of John, and now I feel tears brewing again.

Ugh. So sad. So, so sad.

Mary was masterful in her speech to those who gathered at the priest's fake execution and really found a way to unite people under her leadership. I'm glad she's back in her country and seated upon her own throne, but she's still in a pretty rock place and surrounded by people she doesn't know and probably shouldn't trust.

I feel like I should brush up on my history here, but I wouldn't hate it if Mary found a way to blame the attempted assassination on John Knox so that she and Elizabeth could team up to take him out. He's a snake. An evil, misogynistic snake. In fact, that's exactly what I want to see next season: a temporary lapse in their hatred of one another so that Mary and Elizabeth‏‎ can unite to take down the man who wants them both dead.

I would love for James to tell her the truth about Knox's plot, but Knox is right. There's no proof other than Mary's word that she didn't send the letter, and unless the Nanny confesses to handing Lola the letter and knowing that Lola thought Mary asked her to assassinate Elizabeth, there's no way this plot unfolds.

So now Mary's all alone, too.

She has Gideon, but she's asking him to be a double agent. To share beds with both her and Elizabeth. I'm not sure how well that's going to play out since Elizabeth is the one who has previously asked Gideon to get close to other women. She seems smart enough to expect he's double dealing once he starts putting the moves on her.

Anyway. Things in Scotland and England are a mess. France isn't much better.

Right now, it looks like Leith died with Claude's name on his lips thanks to the traitorous Martel de Guise. After Leith killed the two remaining Red Knights in the King's Guard, Catherine gave Claude and Leith her blessing to marry. Right in front of Martel de Guise.

His ego being what it is, he couldn't let that stand, so when Martel saw an opportunity to take out his opposition (because he can't just LOSE, right?), he went for it.

The possibility that Leith is also dead is devastating, particularly when his death was interspersed with scenes of Claude laying out a wedding dress and planning for her future with the love of her life. I mean, talk about a kick in the face!

Lola? Most definitely completely dead. Leith? MAYBE he's not. Maybe. There's always a chance.

Elsewhere in the finale, we saw Charles return to the castle and declare that he no longer wants to be king. He's watched his friends die thanks to his mother's mistakes, and he wants no part of it. After having himself declared of age by the Privy Council, Charles ousts Catherine vowing he won't be a pawn in her power schemes any longer.

So she brings in his little brother and threatens Charles' life because nothing says "I love you" like subtle threats to kill the ones you care about.

And that's the thing with Catherine. That's the duality of her that has always sat funny with me.

She loves her children fiercely, of that I'm certain. It was in her face as she rushed out to greet Charles upon his return. It was clear in the way she threatened the Red Knight to get him to give over information about her son.

But then there's always a part of her who will cross lines normal parents shouldn't cross, and it's probably because I'm a parent that those times just don't sit well with me. I don't know. Give me that shrug emoji, okay? I just don't know.

And finally, Bash bowed out.

We knew he was leaving because Torrance Coombs has a gig on a new show this fall, and all I can think is "at least they didn't kill him, too."

Bash will be living among the Druids, learning their ways, finally embracing his Pagan roots so that he can return exactly when Mary needs him and act as her seer.

Too bad he can't go ahead and look into the future and tell us if Leith lives.

What did you think of the Reign Season 3 finale? Let's all take a minute and say goodbye to Lola in the comments. Don't forget that if you missed a single minute, you can watch Reign online in the off-season. By: Miranda Wicker

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