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Slaughter Of Innocence
Season One, Episode 22
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Air date May 8, 2014
Written by Wendy Riss Gatsiounis
Drew Lindo
Directed by Jeremiah Chechik
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Long Live The King


The Plague
"Betraying someone you love, it blackens your soul.
It's a weight you carry, all of your days!...
Can I let it go now?
King Henry


- Francis And Mary Take Charge, Making Brutal Choices That Will Change The Fate Of France
When the King's madness and cruelty reaches a fevered pitch, Mary and Francis take action. Their choices could change the course of history, but an unforeseen terror brewing in the woods could cost them, and their friends, everything. Mary makes a drastic decision when she learns Lola is going through a life-threatening labor at a location outside of the castle. - The CW


Early in the morning King Henry called the entire court before him. He is rambling and raving about something that has upset. Francis, Mary Stuart, and Queen Catherine whisper amongst themselves on what it could be. King Henry is demanding to know who has gone against him.

As King Henry is yelling at his subjects, and vision of a young man appears before him again. He tells him, to let his subjects confess, as no one wants to die with a guilty conscience. Henry agrees and asks who among them is free of sin. When a man steps forward and introduces himself, Henry asks them if he has taken the Lord name in vain. He says he is not, King Henry abruptly stabbed him in the chest. The man falls dead to the ground, and King Henry tells anyone they may go back to bed.

Queen Catherine, Prince Francis, and Queen Mary all gather together in one of their chambers. The decision has been made perfectly clear, thanking Henry has become a danger to all of France. They all agreed they must kill the King of France, much to his son's dismay.

Lady Kenna is talking with Pascal. They are in their new home away from French Court, and Kenna is trying to reassure them both of their safety. She promises the small boy that whatever got his family, Sebastian is out there in the woods looking for it right now.

Back in court Francis runs into Leith. Francis again thanks him for his courage, and gives him the land and money he had promised him file at war. Francis tells him he's a good man, and to go find that woman he was talking about.


Queen Catherine: I miss the girl you were.
Mary Stuart: Many will. She was easy to kill

Leith Bayard: When you are alone and miserable, remember this is the moment that you threw your happiness away and I will remember you as the woman who told me I wasn't enough. I will become everything you are so convinced you need, I will rise, and rise and rise until I am rich and powerful but I will never be yours again.

Mary Stuart: It isn't fair, the privileges we are given...Or the prices we must pay for them.

King Henry: Francis, what have you come to say to me? Must we right, every wrong?
Prince Francis: I'm not sure what you mean father.
King Henry: Oh it's you...Did I tell you, you were named after my elder brother? He was to be king, he feared the job. The giving and taking of lives to the cause...He was you in that way too...I thought him weak. I knew I would be a better king...It was a competition all along. Such games we play agent tho we love. I won it all. On a tennis court of all places. When he collapsed, a friend poisoned his water.
Prince Francis: You killed your brother?
King Henry: No one ever knew.
Prince Francis: Now I know why you, warned me agents, my brother. Turned me agents Sebastian.
King Henry: Betraying someone you love, it blackens your soul! It's a weight you carry, all of your days!...Can I let it go now?

Leith Bayard: A new government is forming between toasts and whispers. So let's have that drink now.
Yvette Castleroy: What's changed? You were in such a hurry when last we met.
Leith Bayard: I wasn't thirsty then. I am now.
Yvette Castleroy: Another time. As this hour I am destined to meet another.
Leith Bayard: Aren't you a heart breaker.
Yvette Castleroy: Not at all. Don't you be one either.


- Death Count
- Kill Count

  • 'Slaughter of Innocence' could refer to a number of things.

- Mary's declaration agents England, and the loss of her innocence.
- Francis' killing his father and loosing his innocence.
- The innocent men that were killed by Henry during the war demonstration
- Henry admitting to killing his younger brother to become King.


Historical Notes

  • It should be noted that King Henry died two weeks after a jousting accident during the festivities at his daughters, Elisabeth of Valois's wedding.
    • The jouster in real life that accidentally killed King Henry was named Lord Montgomery.
  • King Henry's older brother Duke Francis did indeed die at a tennis tournament, under curious conditions.



  • Credit Order
Ron Kennell
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Mary Stuart
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Torrance Coombs Sebastian
Toby Regbo Prince Francis
Celina Sinden Greer Norwood
Caitlin Stasey Lady Kenna
Anna Popplewell Lady Lola
Alan van Sprang King Henry
Guest Staring
Rossif Sutherland Nostradamus
Jonathan Keltz Leith Bayard
Gil Darnell Duke of Guise
Michael Therriault Lord Castleroy
Sarah Winter Yvette Castleroy  
Brendan Cox Duke Francis  
Lucius Hoyos Pascal
The Darkness  
Andrew Church Lord Montgomery  
Kevin Dennis Attending Noble
Lucius Hoyos Constance
Ivan Sherry Military Official
Reg Taylor Praetorian Guard
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



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