Character Flag - France Male  Deceased
Biographical Information
Real Name: Severin
Title: Farmer
Age: 40+
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: French Country Side
Family: The Minister(Son)
Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Acts of War
Portrayed by: Oliver Becker

Severin was part of a small group of untrained assasisins that attempted to murder King Francis. He is also Queen Mary's rapist.


Not much of him is knows. He became a vengeful father after the death of his son. His morals were changed and he diced to assassinate the King of France.

Early LifeEdit

Severin was a country side farmer who, along with his son were both Protestant. He stayed in the country side of France while his son traveled around France, as a minister. After the murder of his son who was hung upside down in a town square, which he believed was committed at the hand of the French Royals, Severin decided to exact revenge for the murder of his son.

Season 2Edit

Acts of War - Severin 5

Severin sneaked into the Kingdom of France along with a dozen other Protestant rebels. They were dressed in the Royal Guard's uniforms so they could travel around unnoticed.

The first murdered a driver and stole his cart. Then then murdered anyone who saw them. Over a dozen Royal Guards by sneaking up behind them, including the two outside The King and Queen's Chambers. Upon entering the room they were surprised to not find King Francis, only his sleeping wife, Queen Mary of Scotland.

Severin demanded to know where the king was, knowing he visited his son's room every night. Mary tried to explain his was not in the castle, but they were having none of it. Not sure what to do, the men talked amounts themselves of what to do with the Queen. Kill her, or let her go.

Emotions and feelings escalated and soon one man had the French Queen pined to the ground after Severin punched Mary in the face. He held her down by the throat as her chocked her and began to rape her. Once he was finished he got up for another man to take his turn. Mary recovered enough to grab a fallen paperweight and smash the second man in the head before running away.

The group of 6 men decided to cut their losses and fled the castle.

Mercy - Severin 5

Severin and the two men that had assalted Queen Mary were in the middle of trying to make their escape. The rest of the men had already been captured. They returned to a house in the country side only to have their knees and lower legs slash from below, and behind them. Queen Mary and Louis Condé had found them and were going to bring them back to court to high treason.

However, Severin kept talking to Queen Mary, who could no long keep looking at him and set Severin on fire. Mary told Condé to kill the other two and burn the rest of the place to the ground. Their screams of mercy were heard as Mary left the house it was set ablaze.


Season Two
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