Sebastian and Kenna's Wedding
Sebastian and Kenna's Wedding
Location: Viennese, France
Date: Spring of 1558
In Honour of: Sebastian
Lady Kenna
In Attendance: King Henry

Queen Catherine
Queen Mary Stuart
Prince Francis
Lady Lola
Greer Norwood

Episode: Monsters
Description: Witness the marriage of Sebastian and Kenna

The wedding of Sebastian and Kenna took place in France in early Spring in the year 1558.


The wedding was rushed as it was decided that night by King Henry as punishment for his son Sebastian's return to the castle.

King Henry II forced his son, Bash to marry his ex mistress Lady Kenna to fulfill the promise he made to find her a husband.

When Kenna demanded she marry someone with a title, Henry gave his son the title of 'Master of Horse and Hunt.' (Possibly in a mock display of power, but it appeared to come with power.) Henry then had a priest perform the ceremony and demanded his other son Francis witness the wedding as well. Francis was accompanied by his mother, Queen Catherine and his wife Mary Stuart, who had brought along her Ladies-in-Waiting.


  • Sebastian was titled Master of Horse and Hunt.
  • Since his wedding, Bash has become a Lord. It is unknown if this was given to him along with his new title[1][2], or if his brother later gave it to him when he became king.[3]
  • They did not consummate their marriage until months later.[4]
    • Not consummating a wedding is grounds for a divorce/separation in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

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