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Sebastian and Kenna
Kenna x Bash
Real Names: Sebastian de Poitiers
Lady Kenna
Ship Name: Sebanna


Status: Over, broken up

Married couple

Length of Relationship:

1 year


Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Scotland
Sebastian and Kenna's Wedding

First Appearance: Monsters
Last Appearance: Burn

"I know I can be my own worst enemy, but I don't want to be your worst enemy."
Kenna to Sebastian


Sebastian and Kenna had a deliciously catty dynamic at the start of their married life. They seemed like an ill-suited pair at first, but they soon grew to respect and admire each other. By the end of Season One, they had professed their love for one another.

However, they were two fundamentally different people who wanted different things from life, and as Lady Kenna indulging in luxuries and parties, Sebastian started drifting away and dedicating himself to his duty as king's deputy. In the end, they parted on painful terms as Kenna had yet again betrayed Bash, and all hope of a reconciliation was crushed.

"I know you think I don't notice anything that isn't a fancy dress or jewel, but strangely enough, I give a damn about my country."

- Lady Kenna


Early History[]

The two never met until the Summer of 1557 when Mary Stuart came to French court and Lady Kenna arrived as one of her Ladies-in-Waiting.

Kenna noted to Mary and the other ladies how handsome Sebastian was, telling them that she had heard the King favours him. [1]

Kissed - 31 Kenna & Bash

Love is complicated

Weeks later, at the night of the Boating Party, Kenna was snubbed by King Henry as he got on a boat with another woman. Sebastian and Francis both noticed what their father was doing with her.

Kenna returned to the castle upset, and sit down next to Bash. She began asking him for relationship advice, but Bash felt awkward, considering they were talking about his father. They shared more drinks and tried to resolve their problems. However, Francis soon showed up to retrieve his brother for a task. [2]

Season 1[]

The increasingly erratic King Henry, resolved to preserve the harmony between Sebastian and Francis and to find Lady Kenna a husband, marries Sebastian and Kenna off to each other in a somber, last-minute ceremony. As part of his agreement with Kenna, Henry confers a title to Bash, but the Master of Horse and Hunt is a title that comes with neither wealth nor land and is likely one that Henry made up on the spot. [3]

Following their impromptu wedding, Kenna is forced to reside in Bash's chambers. She complains about the room's size and how she has a husband with an imaginary title and no land or chateau. However, when she sees Bash with Mary, she seems to be jealous. [4]

At the order of her queen, Kenna breaks into Henry's Room room to steal an important document. But she is caught by Henry, who then forces Kenna to be intimate with him. When Henry gloats about his encounter with Kenna to Bash, he is furious with her, because they have agreed to stay away from their former partners. [4]

However, upon confronting Kenna about it, she explains that she broke into Henry's room for her queen and country, and stayed because she could not have rejected the king's advances, depite the fact that his touch made her feel ill. Kenna then bemoans how Bash will never be the "true and gentle knight" he is for Mary. [4]

But the following day, when Bash that Kenna looks uncomfortable with Henry, he takes her away from Henry and declares that he will always worry about her and defend her, because she is his wife. [4]

Bash bequeathes his grandmother's ring to Kenna to show that he is willing to try in their relationship, and Kenna vows to try as well. However, when Penelope and King Henry approach Kenna, Penelope notices the ring and requests it for herself before insulting its size and clarity. Kenna gives it up, upsetting Bash, but she calms him down. Queen Catherine is then forced to part with her own ring to make up for the loss.

Catherine and Kenna work together to remove Penelope from her place of power. They succeed and Penelope goes back to the kitchen, where Kenna later retrieves her ring from Penelope. Kenna tells Bash of her accomplishment and of the chateau they were granted by Catherine in exchange for Kenna's help. Bash asks Kenna if she wants a nicer ring now that they can afford it, but she refuses and tells Bash that she likes the ring he gave her due to the certainty in her heart that it symbolizes. They smile and share their first kiss.

Season 2[]

The Black Death has returned to plague France once more. Despite the queens' best efforts to keep it out of the castle, the illness enters it anyway, and claims many lives in its wake, including that of Bash and Kenna's ward, Pascal. [5]

When Francis returns, he is in a desperate need of a trusted advisor, so he asks Bash to be on his council. He refuses, citing that, "a politician is a liar's job." But he later comes around to the idea of staying at court. He'd like to enforce the laws and keep the peace beyond the castle walls. They call that the 'king's deputy' in Scotland, as Kenna tells him. And so, Bash kneels before Francis as he appoints Bash the king's deputy. [6]

Despite being happy for Bash, Kenna is annoyed that his new job as the king's deputy does not come with any lands or wealth. So when an eager noblewoman named Lady Barnard offers Kenna a chateau for free, since her husband is disposing of homes after their owners died in the plague, Kenna is quick to accept it. [7]

Coincidentally enough, Bash is investigating the murder of a woman's husband at the time, and his prime suspect is Lord Barnard. Together they realize that the chateau is a bribe to put an end to the investigation. When Kenna confronts Lady Barnard about it, Lady Barnard all but threatens Bash's life if he does not stop looking into the murder. [7]

Afraid for Bash's life, Kenna rips the evidence out of a ledger and burns it. When Bash realizes it, it is far too late. Much to his surprise though, she didn't it for the bribe. She did it to save Bash. Bash appreciates his wife's devotion to him, but he also reminds her that he will always fight for what he believes, risk or not. [7]

Sebastian and Kenna soon move past it and continue to be deeply in love. Their passion grows so wild at night that even Greer disdains at hearing about it from Kenna. [8]

When Bash's half-sister, Princess Claude, returns to court from overseas, Kenna is eager to befriend her. She sends Claude gifts, invitations to tea, and notes, but they all go ignored. When Kenna voices her displeasure to Bash, he convinces her that Claude is just petty and jealous of her. [9] But a few weeks later, Kenna oversees Bash picking up Claude when she faints and she begins to suspect something between the two. [10]

Princess Claude reveals to Kenna that she was once lovers with Bash, which causes a rife between them.

Kenna and Sebastian make amends, but when Bash's mother reveals that it was Kenna who told Catherine she was in Rome trying to get him legitimized, he is furious. Kenna insists that at the time, she felt like she mattered and did not want to lose Henry's love or her position as his mistress. Bash is unforgiving because she put his life in danger for her own petty sentiments.


Lady Kenna: You want me to say an oath?! What about your oath, you promised me someone with a title! [3]

Lady Kenna: You? What do you have to complain about? You're now married to a beautiful woman of noble birth.
Sebastian: Who's notorious for sleeping with my father. I see no awkwardness there. [4]

Sebastian: We both need to keep our pasts in the past. [4]

Lady Kenna: I know you think I don't notice anything that isn't a fancy dress or jewel, but strangely enough, I give a damn about my country. [4]

Lady Kenna: Bash, I am of many things. Enchanting, noble, beautiful... [11]

Sebastian: We just need the courage to fight.
Lady Kenna: Not if fighting means dying. I won't risk the loss of you. I can't. [7]

Lady Kenna: This castle used to be fun.
Sebastian: Well, on behalf of France, I'd like to apologize for the plague, famine, and religious violence. [9]

Lady Kenna: Who will be bowing to me, by the way? [12]

Lady Kenna: You have no idea what it's like to be a girl in this world. Owning nothing, having no power, except the effect that you have on men. [12]

Lady Kenna: I know I can be my own worst enemy, but I don't want to be your worst enemy. [13]

Lady Kenna: How many more battles for you and lonely nights for me until it's all done? [14]

Sebastian: Let's go to Paris.
Lady Kenna: Paris? Why?
Sebastian: Because you love Paris.
Lady Kenna: But you hate it.
Sebastian: I will love it for you. [15]

Lady Kenna: Bash! If you could excuse your woodsman, we have business to discuss. Oh good Lord, you're a woman! Oh... You must be Bash's mysterious friend who lives in the forest. [16]

Lady Kenna: Former mercenary. He could be becoming Francis' right-hand man. No offence.
Sebastian: None taken. [16]


  • Sebastian had a reputation at court for being a Ladies Man. [1]
  • Lady Kenna lost her virginity to King Henry when she was 16. [17]
  • Kenna found out that Bash's mother and Henry's mistress, Diane de Poitiers, was trying to have Bash legitimized. She told Queen Catherine about the plot and planned to use it as levarage against Diane. [18]
    • When Bash found out, he was furious with Kenna, because if Henry ever found out about the plot, Bash could be executed. [12]
  • Bash was engaged to Queen Mary for a couple of months. [19]
  • Forced into marrying each other at sword point, upon 'pain of death.' [3]
  • They did not consumate their marriage until months after it took place. [20]
  • Kenna and Bash's home burned down during The Black Plague fires. [5]
  • Bash was offered the position of Duke, but turned it down for the lower position of Baron to stay close to his brother, the King. [12]


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