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Sebastian and Francis
Sebastian and Francis
Real Names: Sebastian de Poitiers
Francis de Valois
Status: Over, ended in Francis' death


Length of Relationship:

Since childhood


Kingdom of France

First Appearance: Pilot

"I am a riding fiend, little brother!"


Sebastian and Francis are half-brothers, and though their mothers have always made sure to emphasize on their difference in fathers and status, they have remained close. However, when Mary Stuart arrived at court, both of them were attracted to her and it caused a bitter dissension between them. They have since repaired their relationship and Bash was loyal to Francis as his deputy until Francis' death.


Early History[]

Sebastian and Francis were raised together at French Court by their father, the late King Henry and their respective mothers. Though only half brothers, their age and similar personalities brought them close. They have always looked out for each other, while secretly coveting what the other has.

Season 1[]

Sebastian and Francis - Snakes

Francis and Bash have been close their whole lives. Although their mothers never got along and Francis was Queen Catherine's son, and Bash was the son of the king's favourite mistress, Diane de Poitiers both mothers never missed an opportunity to point out they were not blood brothers by their own standards. However the two boys always got along, cautioning each other when a parent was in a bad mood, or try to keep each other's spirits up when force into an arranged married. [1]

After Mary arrived at court their relationship slightly changed. Both having secret feelings for her, it caused Bash to almost die after being ambushed by men when trying to send reinforcements to Scotland late one night. The brothers even found themselves committing murder together, though in self defence, in both cases Tomás of Portugal was responsible. [2][3]

Sebastian and Francis - Heart n minds

Their relationship took its first know big hit when Bash developed feelings for Mary Stuart. [2] Francis, who originally wanted nothing to do with his fiancée, largly ignored her in favour of Olivia D'Amencourt. [4] One day, after seeing Mary and Bash kiss, Francis realized his feelings and became angry with his brother. Their relationship was further strained by Mary when she refused to wed Francis, and instead demanded to marry his brother and have Bash legitimized. With Bash and Mary both strongly believing in Nostradamus' Prediction that Francis would die if he married Mary, they agreed it was to keep Francis safe. Francis understood their reasoning, even gave them his blessing, but it was clear he did so with resentment for his brother. [5]

Sebastian, believing his feelings were reciprocated by Mary, began to fall deeper in love with her. [6][7] Though Mary did have feelings for Bash, her heart still lay with Francis. After coming to this conclusion with the help of Queen Catherine and the newfound information that that prophecy had changed, Mary chose to wed Francis. Although Mary insisted that she and Francis protect Bash from the uproar that he would face for trying to usurp the throne, Francis secretly banished Bash from court. He left, but not before being forced to witness the newly wed couple's consummation. Bash was then led away by guards, who attempted to assassinate him in the woods. But Bash killed them first and fled. [8]

Believing his brother had wanted him dead, Bash was furious and sought retribution. [9] When Bash came back to the castle to seek help destroying a threat called The Darkness, Henry imprisoned him. Mary was shocked to see how coldly Francis reacted, calling his brother "a liar and a murderer". Francis later told Bash he felt betrayed largely because he used to look up to him, only to be sorely disappointed by him.

After being forced to work together to look for The Darkness in the woods, Bash saved Francis' life when the latter fell though ice over the lake. The two talked most of their feelings out, and their relationship began to mend. Francis told Bash he deserved his own life beyond court and assured him he would find something he could call his own, assuring him he would still be his brother.

Sebastian and Francis - Monsters

They were very surprised to learn it was actually their own father who had tried to murder Bash. Bash had, until recently been his favourite son. Henry had come to believe that Bash would always covet what Francis had (the crown and Mary) and would always be a threat. Francis, shocked at his father's madness, defended Bash by positioning himself between him and their father, insisting to Henry that Bash was a friend, not an enemy, and that he would harm himself if he harmed his own. [10]

Once Sebastian was forced to marry Lady Kenna his feelings for Mary began to subside and grow for his new bride, but he nevertheless still cared for Mary. Francis practiced sword-fighting with Bash and consulted with him when he was having marital troubles with Mary. The young Royal couple's relationship was being tested, as their duties to their respective countries had different needs. [11]

After Francis went off to war, their feelings simmered down after not seeing each other for a couple months. [12][13]

After the death of their father, Francis and Bash renewed their relationship with a hug, in which they clung to each other more tightly than they ever did before. [14]

Season 2[]

Drawn and Quartered - Bash n Francis

After Francis returns with Lola and their son, John Philip following The Plague [15], he tells Sebastian he wants him on his royal council because he needs men he can trust. Bash however declines, insisting he cannot be a politician because it is a "liar's job", something Francis later agrees with when he has no choice but to give over Leith's lands to Lord Narcisse. [16] But then Bash offers to instead be the King's deputy, a job that requires him to travel and maintain order throughout the land. Francis then appoints him as such. [16]

When Francis is being blackmailed by Narcisse for his killing his father [17], he turns to Bash for help. [18]At first he tries to conceal the truth of their father's death from Bash, but eventually admits to it and what Narcisse is doing. Bash, though shocked, understands why Francis did what he did and agrees to help him stop Narcisse and break his hold over Francis. Eventually they succeed in doing so. [19] [20]Later Bash and Francis conspire to stop the pope's envoy from prosecuting Protestants by framing his secretary and secret lover. [21]

Francis tells his sister Princess Claude to not make trouble for Bash and Kenna, or she will be answering to him both as brother and king. It is not known if Francis is aware that Claude once tricked Bash into sleeping with her. [21]

After Francis seizes Narcisse's estate and begins dividing it up, he offers Bash land and a title. Bash chooses the lesser title of Baron over Duke in order to remain close to his brother and continue to serve as his deputy. [22]

Season 3[]

Extreme Measures
Mary Stuart, King Francis and Sebastian were all wondering why King Antoine is back at French Court. Worried he'd learned of Francis illness, as a Bourbon, he'd have the best claim to the throne after Prince Charles. If he rallied his Protestant supporters, he could replace Charles as king. Bash asked to handle him. Francis told his brother that he knows he blame him for what happened with Kenna, but he would not "handle" King Antoine.


Sebastian: We were looking for you everywhere. Tough to find you.
Prince Francis: I was riding.
Sebastian: Really? Who? [1]

Sebastian: Why don't you dance like that?
Prince Francis: Shut up! [2]

Sebastian: I am a riding fiend, little brother. [2]

Sebastian: Killing isn't supposed to be easy. If your hands weren't shaking, you'd be him. [3]

Sebastian: Then what are you angry about?
Prince Francis: There are too many secrets between us, brother. Far too many. [23]

Prince Francis: And you, my brother. I envied you for so long. And look at us now. You have what's mine, and I have your freedom. Well, I plan to take full advantage of it. [5]

Prince Francis: Long may you reign. [5]

Prince Francis: Maybe it's easier to make me the villain, so you have a reason to hate me and an excuse to go after my wife. [10]

Sebastian: Maybe finally I can find something that is all my own. [10]

Sebastian: You're the king and I am nothing. Until you make me something. [24]

Sebastian: There is always a reckoning. And human or Devil, I think the Riders play a part. Dark times are upon us. Plague, famine, kings falling. The reckoning has begun. [25]

Sebastian: And Mary?
King Francis: She can never know. She must be able to deny on oath before God that she knew anything. It's the only way to keep her safe. [26]

King Francis: Narcisse can force me to do anything, sign anything. I have lost control of my country! [26]

King Francis: Think he was convinced?
Sebastian: I'm not sure if I want you to be king. [27]

Sebastian: To lose a wife is a difficult thing. As you well know, from the look of you. [28]

King Francis: A fight is upon us, and a king must stand his ground. [29]

King Francis: Now is the time to attack.
Sebastian: Attack? Even if half his army runs, Condé still outnumbers us. Our men will balk.
King Francis: Which is why I'm going to lead the charge. [30]


Historical Notes[]

  • Sebastian is a fictional character created by the show. His mother, Diane de Poitiers, only ever had two daughters during her lifetime, and both by her husband.


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