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Sebastian's Room
Sebastian's Room
Location: Kingdom of France
Primary Users: Lord Sebastian
Lady Kenna
Episode: Sacrifice
Description: Where Sebastian bed chambers are located.

Sebastian's Room were originally just his. Until his arranged marriage with Kenna, and they were forced to share his chambers. After the house burned down, they moves back to the castle.


Season OneEdit



  • Bash is cleaning himself up after his fight with Francis. Mary comes in and tells him she has decided to marry his brother instead.

Liege Lord

  • Lady Kenna is forced to give up her room, and move in with Bash since they are married.

No Exit

  • Bash gives Kenna his grandmother's ring.

Toy Soldiers

  • Kenna and Sebastian consummate their marriage.

Season TwoEdit


  • Kenna comes into their room to tell Bash that her friend, Lady Barnard has offered them a great deal on a new house.


It is assumed that Kenna & Bash are given a bigger, and better room to live in while at court after their home burns down in The Plague fires.

Season TwoEdit


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