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Character French Male Noble Lord Bastard‎ Pagan Married Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Biographical Information
Family Name: Sebastian de Poitiers
Title: Baron

King's Deputy
Master of Horse and Hunt

Age: 24
Height: 6'
Gender: Male Male
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Unknown
Religion: Roman Catholic

Pagan (By blood)

Originally From: France
Current Location: Scotland
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

House of Valois
House of Poitiers
Sebastian and Kenna
Sebastian and Mary
Sebastian and Delphine‏
Sebastian and Catherine
Sebastian and Henry
Sebastian and Diane
Sebastian and Francis

Relationship Information
Parents: King Henry(Father)

Diane de Poitiers(Mother)

Wife: Lady Kenna (Separated)
Family: King Francis(Half-brother)

Queen Leeza (Half-sister)
Princess Claude (Half-sister)
Prince Louis(Half-brother)
King Charles (Half-brother)
Prince Henri (Half-brother)
Princess Henriette(Half-sister)
Princess Emone(Half-sister)
Princess Margaret (Half-sister)
Isobel Derant(Cousin)

Interests: Princess Claude (Tryst)

Mary Stuart (Ex-fiancé)

Character Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Spiders in a Jar
Portrayed By: Torrance Coombs

"I will always fight for what I believe,
risk or not.

Sebastian is the older half-brother of the late King of France. He was born a bastard to King Henry and his mistress, Diane de Poitiers. He married Lady Kenna against his will, but they came to love each other. When Francis became King, he conferred the title of the King's Deputy to Sebastian, but he resigned his position when Queen Catherine came to power. He accompanied Queen Mary to Scotland and has since become a druid.

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Bash had a reputation around Court of being quite the ladies' man, and a very smooth flirt. He was very cheeky with Mary Stuart when they were alone, not long after she arrived in France. Bash is a brave and honest man, though not aggressive, he will stand his ground. He has a calm and easy-going personally, loyal, passionate, and tries to serve justice, and in doing so will become consumed by it. Sebastian is someone who strongly believes in Love and everything it represents. When he was briefly engaged to The Queen of Scotland, he was willing to kill his own father to keep her safe. Bash has admitted his jealously for his younger brother, however not having the patience for politics, and a bit too impulsive, would not have made a very good king. Now married, Bash seems to have accepted his new life with Lady Kenna and appears very comfortable with himself again. Sebastian and Francis mended their relationship, something they both seem to have deeply needed.


Early Life

Bash, his younger half-brother Prince Francis, and his fiancée Mary Queen of Scotland, all met at 7 and 9 years old. They were playmates and educated together while at French Court. They were often seen running up and down the stairs, making fun of each other and playing games in the courtyard.

Two years later Mary was forced to leave France for Scotland after an assassination attempt on her life was made by the English.

Season 1

Prince Francis rushes up the staircase while Sebastian walks out of the main hall. Bash informs Francis that their father is displeased at his absense, but his mother is in fine form. He then uses his brother's arrival to make his exit.

Pilot 7 Francis & Bash

Hours later trumpets sound with the entire French Court arrived to greet the Scottish Queen. Francis made his way down to the courtyard with his older brother giving him a snide smile, knowing he was annoyed with the situation. Bash made sure to arrive before the Queen and stood beside his mother, Diane de Poitiers and father Henry waiting for Queen Mary. Francis cut across the grass to meet her and exchanged greetings before walked arm-in-arm down towards the King and Queen of France for a proper introduction.

Pilot - 17 Bash

I'll find your dog!

The next day Mary's dog Stirling ran off into The Blood Wood. Bashed stopped her before she entered, warning her it was a dark and dangerous place. However, promised to find her dog for her, instead. That night at Elisabeth's wedding to King Philip Bash watched Mary and Ladies-in-Waiting dance in the middle of the ballroom in celebration.

The next night, Bash returned her dog to a crying Mary, who had been attacked by Colin MacPhail, and in a fight with her friends. After his mother told him to be careful, as the Scottish Queen was engaged to his brother, the future King of France.

"Take care my brave son, or you will bleed for a girl who will never be yours."
Diane de Poitiers

Snakes in the Garden

Snakes in the Garden - Group

In The Throne Room Catherine and Henry informed Prince Charles about his future wife, Lady Madeleine. Francis was sent to greet her as well, and Mary managed to tag along. Charles wanted Bash to come too, but Catherine quickly shot that suggestion down.

Snakes in the Garden - Sebastian n Francis 4

I'm here, stop everything!

Bash rode up on his horse and orders everyone to stand down. Explaining that the English ship took on water and was helped by the French. They'd sent their envoy Simon Westbrook ahead explain the situation already. Once tensions died down Madeleine presents herself as a perfect lady, but the shy Charles stood back. Bash watched as Mary eased the tensions between the children and Charles finally came forward.

"If they're lying they'll have his head!"

The next day at Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party Mary asked how Colin MacPhail had escaped prison, Bash ended up agreeing to go look for Colin himself, and make sure he was brought back alive.

In The Blood Wood Sebastian felt blood drip on his hand and saw Colin had been hung by his feet with his throat slit. He came back with Francis to help him bring back Colin's body. He ordered Francis to cut the rope and help the now dead Colin down. They'd heard weird chanting, and Bash also began chanting in heretic before making their escape.

Snakes in the Garden - Sebastian n Francis 9

Don't know what you are talking about brother...

Once Sebastian and Francis were safely back in the castle, Francis demanded to know what he was doing, and accuses him of knowing heretic tricks to which Bash denies immediately. Francis told him not to lie to him.

Henry and Sebastian are sparring and the latter is defeated when Francis comes in, hoping to talk his father into helping Scotland. Henry reiterates that he has already made up his mind and Francis challenges him to a sparring match - if Henry wins, Francis will shut up about the matter. If Francis wins, Henry sends the men. Francis ends up winning and yet, Henry refuses to honor the agreement, stating that making promises to everyone but keeping few is all part of being king. Bash attempts to console his younger brother, but is rebuffed.

For King and Country
Marie de Guise wants Mary Stuart to go after England, and Scotland wants her on the throne of England. They know it's a risk, but less with Prince Francis at her side. Scotland wants Mary Stuart to wed the next King of France without delay.

The Vatican supports Mary Stuart's claim to the English throne. However, Mary Stuart would only agree if Sebastian was named King Henry's heir. Mary and Sebastian's ascent to the throne would not be official until The Pope agreed. King Henry decided to go to Rome himself, to ensure the marriage of future King and Queen of France, Scotland, and England.

Unfortunately, Queen Catherine would never agree to an annulment, thus her execution was scheduled, and Henry was preparing to mary Diane de Poitiers. When King Henry dies, Bash would become Wing. If Bash is survived by King Henry and Queen Catherine's children, the line of succession will revert back to King Henry's sons by Catherine.

Mary walks in on Sebastian practicing sword fighting with his new mentor, Alec, and tells him that his presence is needed in the throne room. Now acting regent in King Henry's absence, Bash must go out and prove to the royal audience that he is a capable ruler.

As Bash sits on the throne, the people come to him with grievances that nearly bore him to death. After rendering his judgement on the dispute over chickens and goats, his next case is brought before him. A man alleges that a pregnant woman broke into his house and stole from him. Bash freezes on the spot when locking eyes with the woman, as it becomes clear that they know each other.

However, he quickly snaps out of his trance and orders the woman be arrested and her house searched, leading him to his third appointment of the day: a woman who claims to be honoured to be in the presence of the future King of France. When she gets too close, she is tackled by Alec, who comes up with a poisoned blade that she had hidden in her sleeve that she intended to use on Bash.

Mary returns to Bash and finds Alec with a cut on his hand, inflicted by the blade as it was poisoned. The pregnant robber is also there. Bash reveals his ties to her and his plan to sneak her into a safe place. He must not be caught doing so, because if anyone learns of their connection, Bash could never be king.

As such, Mary's ladies disguise Isobel, who is nearing the time of labor, in fancy clothes to make her look like a noble to get past the guards, through the passage-ways, and out into the stables. Mary invites herself along, with Bash set to go one direction and Mary leaving with Isabel in another before the two meet up at another location, while Mary's ladies are to stay behind and gather evidence that Catherine was the one behind the assassination attempt on Bash.

A safe distance away from the castle, Bash meets up with Isobel and Mary when they stop to rest. Bash tells Alec to stay with his cousin, while he and Mary leave to keep watch. Bash describes how he's been sort of like a big brother to Isobel and protected her from all the harm that could befall a woman as alone as she is. With the guards on their tail, the group decides to hide in the Blood Wood.

The sun sets as Isobel's water breaks and since she can't give birth in a moving carriage, they decide to stay in the woods until she delivers the child. While Bash goes to fetch water for Isobel, Mary tends to Isobel and listens as she wonders whether Bash is shrewd enough to be king. Isobel's contractions start as to happen closer together, leading her closer to giving birth.

A while later, Mary goes to get more water and runs back to the tent terrified soon after. As she's telling the group that she just saw a pagan symbol hung up on a tree, the candles dim and the pagans behind circling their tent on horseback. Alec, Isobel, and Bash repeat a prayer that keeps the pagans inside and results in one of their horses being sacrificed instead of them.

When the pagans leave, Mary accuses all three of her group of being pagans and heretics and storms out of the tent. Bash goes after her and waits for her to stop hurling insults at him so that he can explain. He tells her that the horse was slaughtered by a violent sect that derives from the faith, but most pagans are just like them. They only have an idea of God that differs from theirs. Before Mary can say anything, Alec calls them back to the tent. Inside, Mary helps Isobel deliver a healthy baby girl.

Early in the morning, Mary apologizes to Bash for what she said about paganism and warns him that if he agrees to her proposal, things are going to move very quickly and soon enough, he'll become the King of Scotland, England, and France. He would do anything for his family, in spite of the risk to himself or his country, which is why she believes he may not want the crown.

Just then, Alec alerts them that Isobel is in trouble and Bash arrives in the tent just in time for his cousin to tell him to take care of the baby and bleed out, dying in his arms. The body is taken to the castle and the baby to the court nursery, with the latter especially nerve-wracking due to the pagan symbol Isabel put on the baby's foot, which is a way to distinguish babies in the eyes of their gods.

Bash lies to Lord Hugo that he found Isabel in the woods after he fled the dungeon and killed her when she tried to attack him. When Lord Hugo inquires about the child that was in her belly, Bash claims that the wolves have eaten it.

Bash stands over Isobel's grave when Mary joins him. He cuts his hand and lets blood drop on it, as is pagan tradition, and Mary does the same. When Bash vows to always put her above his country, she kisses him.

Royal Blood
Mary missed their early morning ride that day, but apologized, saying she'd been unable to sleep. Bash told her to stop worrying about The Vatican's choice, as they would marry either way. Mary said she didn't want the boys to be affected by what was happening and wanted to take them to The Winter Frost Festival, just the three of them.

Lord Hugo had since changed his alliance, and was now on their side agents Catherine. Afterward, Mary said she wanted the boys to stay at the Castle so they could be with people they love. Bash disagreed and thought they would be safer if sent to Italy. Mary thougt he only wanted the boys gone because they reminded of Francis. This hurt bash, as he's always been growing up, believing them to be his brothers too.

Mary and Sebastian walked with Charles and Henri surprised them with The Winter Frost Festival. Mary apologized and Bash forgave her with a kiss. Hours later Kenna and Greer, alerted them to the now missing princes. Bash ordered everyone to take off their masks, but the princes were gone.

Mary was panicked, but Bash pulled her aside to inform her, he'd had them quietly taken, and was moving them to Italy for their safety. Mary was extremely upset with him but promised they were safe. A man was brought before them, and it was insinuated that he took the boys. Bash ordered him to the dungeon for questioning.

Bash was shocked to see Catherine out of her cell, and in Queen Mary's Room. She demanded to know where her children were, and they all agreed to go looking for the kids, who were not really missing.

At the last checkpoint, the found the dead driver and follow the sounds of screams to Clarissa. Prince Henri was able to run to his mother, but Charles was stopped with a knife to his throat. Mary and Catherine tried to reason with her, but Clarissa threatened to kill them all so that they can be together in death. Mary picked up a rock in smashed it over Clarissa's head and fell to the ground. Bash ushered the boys away and back to a carriage.

Back in Mary's room, Mary said she was sick of making the right, and the safe choices. Regardless of what The Vatican said, they would get married. Bash then proposes, and they agreed they would marry the next day.

Mary and Sebastian were in The Throne Room as Catherine make preparations for her own funeral. The Royal trumpet sounded and Mary's own mother, Marie de Guise made a grand entrance. Hours later Mary entered Sebastian's Room after talking with her mother. She told him they had to marry that day or else her mother would stop them. Bash left soon after to find a church. He promised if he wasn't back by noon, it meant he'd found a priest and she was to ride out and find him. With luck, they would be married by sundown.

Bash was waiting from Mary in a graveyard but instead was greeted by his brother. They had a tense conversation about Mary and he said Mary loves him more and were getting married. A fight broke out as Mary rode up and separated them. Frances blurted out that Nostradamus's Predictions had changed and they could now be together. Bash asked Mary to be with him, but Mary stayed quiet.

Mary came to Bash's room, holding back her tears and told him she could not marry him. Bash reminding her that when she was with him, she could be whoever she wanted to be, and was free and wild. He reminded her that he would never put anyone, or anything before her and that he loved her. Mary begged him to stop, knowing how true his words were. But he demanded to know why. Mary confessed she loved him but loved Francis more.

Bash skipped the wedding ceremony but before he could leave his father had his hands bound behind him and forced him to watch Francis and Mary's consummation. Afterward, miles away Bash was in the middle of being exiled. Two guards had taken his weapons and told him he would get them back once he was gone. One of the guards offered him water, and when he refused Bash knew his life was in danger. The guards attacked and Bash killed them. The last man died before Bash could answer if the Queen or his brother had sent them. He got on a horse and rode off into the night.

Dirty Laundry
While hunting was tackled to the ground by a pagan woman with a tattoo on her pinky. She told him he was a foolish Hunter who hadn't even noticed her board trap and opened the pit to reveal spikes inside it. She soon introduced herself as Rowan and ended up hunted pheasants together.

Rowan introduced brother, Carrick back at their cabin. She left to cut the birds, and the boys awkwardly talked with each other. A rustling in the bushes stopped their conversation and both took out weapons but stopped Carrick from firing when the missing Olivia D'Amencourt crawled out. While discussing what to do with her, Olivia panicked. She slit her arm with a knife and told them to take her blood, before passing out from exhaustion.

Bash brought Olivia to the castle and had Nostradamus heal her. He explained how he'd found Olivia, and what could leave marks like that. Nostradamus said he would do what he could, but that Bash should leave.

Bash went to Mary's room and told her, his brother had tried to have him killed. Mary defended him, as he was her husband now. Bash told him, if she wanted answers, to light a candle in her room's window.

They met on the edge of The Blood Wood and said it was of the utmost importance for them to find Lola. Mary made him promise to stay back and not follow her in, as she didn't want Lola feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Afterward, outside the barn Bash was waiting for Mary who thanked him for his help, but warned him he should be in Spain. Bash said he still loved her and Mary reminded him she was married. Mary told him, if he was to hate someone, he should really be hating her. He confessed that that was not possible. That night, Bash decided to return to see Rowan who exclaimed she had caught the wild boar from earlier. She requested he stayed for dinner, and spend the night.

The Darkness
After spending the last few days at Rowan's house, Sebastian is getting ready to leave her house and France as a whole. Although Rowan attempts to talk him out of it, he doesn't budge. However, when they walk out of the door, they notice blood on the wall. It means that Rowan's family was chosen and will be sacrificed to The Darkness. Bash decides to stay and help Rowan fight the Darkness.

The next day, Bash boards up Rowan's home and creates a murder hole with the intention of trapping the Darkness and getting a look at what has caused such chaos in the woods. Rowan and her family claim that they cannot leave even if they wanted to, as there are other families in the woods that will be moved on to if the Darkness is forced to pass them up. While taking a break, Rowan slips something in Bash's tea that makes him pass out.

In the night, Bash wakes up with his hands tied in the middle of Rowan's cabin with the family crouching in the corner and a young goat tied to a post in the room. The Darkness enters and slaughters the goat. Bash makes a noise which prompts Rowan to look at him, her eye contact dooming her to be taken by the Darkness.

Elsewhere, Bash and Carrick are searching for Rowan when Bash gets the idea to go to the castle for extra help in tracking the Darkness. Bash vows not to rest until the Darkness is defeated.

Season 2

The Plague
After an official gathering about the plague, Kenna goes to Sebastian to find out more about the situation. He predicts that a famine will follow a shortage of food as a result of the plague and instructs Kenna to isolate herself with Pascal, while he will confer with the king's guard.

The Plague 43 - Little Girl

The reckoning is near

Later, Sebastian is talking to a guard when the Voland family is walking down the hall. One of the family members, a little girl, drops a doll on her way, so Bash picks it up and gives it to her. The same girl later appears in Bash's hallucination after being poisoned and warns him that there will be a reckoning for all the suffering. Bash then wakes from his state of dreaming and resumes his search for Kenna, whom he eventually finds locked in a chamber. He frees her and they hug it out, with Kenna telling him of the loss of their ward.

Drawn and Quartered
The Plague has been sweeping the castle, leaving countless dead in its wake. Sebastian has been helping the guards wrap the bodies. He believes the dead should receive a proper burial so their souls can find rest.

Francis returns to the castle with Lola and his newborn son in tow. Sebastian and Francis greet each other and Francis tells Bash that he wants him on his council.

Later, Bash is sent to the village to investigate the claim that Lord Narcisse stole from the dead. A gravedigger confirms it, but he has no proof. The victims of murder are buried in the same mass grave as victims of the plague. Who is going to ask questions?

A woman approaches Bash and harps on about how there is a door between the dead and the living and the Plague kicked it open. And if the dead aren't guided through, the door stays open. There will be a reckoning.

Bash returns to the castle to tell Francis and Mary that they have no proof against Narcisse. When alone with Bash, Francis points out how troubled Bash is over Nostradamus' impending execution. Not only is he a friend to Bash, he has extensive knowledge about the supernatural world, which Bash believes they may need. He restates what he was told about the souls of the dead seeking revenge.

The next day, Bash kneels before Francis as Francis appoints him the king's deputy. Francis needs someone he can trust to keep the realm safe and Bash believes himself to be just the person.

At King Francis' request, Bash has begun looking into Lord Montgomery's whereabouts. He doesn't understand what Francis is after, but when he takes a pre-coronation feast as an opportunity to ask him, he is rebuffed.

While dancing at the same feast with Kenna, Bash is approached by a Lady Doisneau. She points at a Lord Barnard, claiming he killed her husband and begging Bash to investigate the matter. He does, and upon looking into a few records, he finds out that Lord Doisneau's throat was slit.

The following morning, Kenna wakes him up and gushes about a new chateau they've been gifted from her new friend, Lady Barnard. Bash immediately senses that it's a bribe, seeing how he's investigating her husband's murder. Resolved to bring Lord Barnard to justice, Bash dragged him into his office, ready to present him with the evidence of his crime. However, when he looked into the ledger, the record of it was gone.

He figures that it must have been Kenna who tore the page out and when he confronts her, she admits that she burned it. Not for the bribe, but for the fear of what Lady Barnard would do to Bash if he carried on with his investigation. While Bash is grateful for his wife's devotion, he tells her that he will always fight for what he believes, risk or not.

The Lamb and the Slaughter
King Francis dispatches Bash and Condé to a village to investigate how a shephard was menaced by these so-called Dark Riders with "hands as cold as ice". The shephard describes them as three cloaked men on horseback who pinned him down and burned a mark into his chest, and in doing so, they stole his soul. Terrified, the shephard questions, "What happens to a man without a soul? What's he capable of?"

The next day, Bash and Condé return to his house, which is now a crime scene. As it turns out, the shephard killed his entire family. When he realiyzes what he's done, he is deeply unnerved, claiming to be possessed by the devil. While briefing Francis in on what happened late that evening, Bash admits that he is unsure as to whether the riders are human. He believes them to be disturbed souls who have stayed behind to exact justice. The Reckoning is just getting started.

Blood for Blood
Bash and Leith apprise Francis and Mary of a group of Catholic thugs burning a barn where a Protestant service was taking place. Francis says he won't stand for such violence and sends Bash and Leith to the scene to find out what happened and apprehend the guilty party. They soon return with the attackers in tow, but Lord Narcisse wields his power to have them released and thus sparks a conversation about religion, power, and justice.

Three Queens
Upon learning about Mary and Catherine's disappearance, Bash immediately alerts Francis. The king immediately orders every available guard to join his search party, and names Bash temporary regent in his absence. As part of his role, he is to entertain the Venetian envoy at court.

Sebastian and Francis are trying to find Severin, the man supposedly behind the attack. Lord Narcisse has fled, but Francis is determined to find him.

Sebastian informs Francis that more prisoners are coming in and the dungeons are filling up. Bash is worried that they will freeze outside, but Francis doesn't care. He tried being one kind of king but was forced to be another. Now he cannot go back.

Bash informs Francis of the prisoners starting a riot because they foresee death by his command. He orders Bash to hang them all.

Sebastian and Kenna are making love. But Kenna is jealous of Claude and cannot stop talking about her, which annoys Bash. He makes sure to point out that Claude is only his half-sister. As they're having sex, someone knocks. Bash is taken out to the courtyard. All of men who were hanged bore the mark of the Dark Riders.

A cardinal and his cleric are there inspecting the bodies. The cardinal deduces that the riders are a scapegoat for the Protestants to use in case anyone discovers their secret brand. Bash tells him not to interfere, as any investigation is up to the King and his deputy, so he shall see to it.

Bash goes to the Cardinal to discuss the brand. He believes someone branded the men after their death to fan the flames of hatred toward them. Their conversation is interrupted when a noble lady comes in, claiming to have information about a traitor who bore the same seal. However, she can only speak under the oath of confession, as she was sinning at the time of seeing it.

The noble lady named Condé as the traitor. Bash thinks it's rather convenient that she's coming forward after sleeping with him, while Francis struggles to see how Condé would be dangerous.

Sebastian and Francis talk about how Mary swooped in and saved Condé from the Vatican. Francis says she has the heart of a warrior. He wants to fight with her. Bash wonders how the Cardinal would explain the brand if a loyal Catholic were branded.

When Randall, the Cardinal's lover, leaves his chambers, he is branded with the mark by a hooded man. However, the man also gets a slice across his arm, marking him as the perpetrator. The man turns out to be Bash.

When Randall is taken into custody, the Cardinal goes to Sebastian and Francis and defends Randall's honour and loyalty. But Francis doesn't believe him and has him taken to the dungeon, all to get the Cardinal to surrender and recant his theory. But he doesn't, so Bash is worried the Cardinal may not truly care for Randall after all. If that's the case, then they may be forced to execute an innocent man.

Kenna confronts Bash about his past with Claude and then inquires him about the cut on his hand. After laying into him about how he never opens up to her, he finally tells her the truth, and it's ugly. Expedience is now more important than lives and the truth.

The Cardinal discovers Bash's wound when he comes to speak on behalf of Randall.

Bash goes to Kenna with news of a title and lands and as they're excitedly undressing and preparing to have sex, Bash's mother walks in. She boasts about how Bash granted her titles and land and reveals that he turned down a duchy to be a baron to remain closer to Francis. Kenna isn't pleased, but she's still going to be a baroness.

Claude asks Bash to look into the murder of the twins and determine who the real killer is. Bash agrees and begins looking for the nannies who were with the twins at the time of their death. One died of old age while the others are proving harder to find. When he does, Claude wants to question them with him.

One of the nannies, Yvonne, is found. Since the twins' death, she has been relieved from the castle and has gone on to marry a noble. Claude is suspicious of how she managed that.

During an interrogation, Yvonne reveals that on the night that the twins died, Henry coerced her into sleeping with him after forcing her to try Turkish smoke. When she woke up hours later, she returned to the twins and found them frozen to death after someone opened the windows. In order to save herself, she shoved flowers down their throats so Catherine wouldn't blame her, but Claude. The nanny is then taken to the dungeon.

Season 3

Three Queens, Two Tigers

Promotional Images - Three Queens, Two Tigers 6

Sebastian continues to look for Delphine, but has had trouble finding her. His connection to the sorceress continues. Delphine then visits Bash in the night to tell him that she's not guilty of the murder trying to brainwashed him if it will work.

Mary and Francis meet with Princess Claude, Sebastian and Charles to make plans for the future of their country. Bash vows to protect John Philip and Charles laments that he didn't study harder, but he never thought he would be King. Francis then excuses Claude and Bash.

Bash asks Leith to look into a note Delphine left in his chambers. He can't investigate the matter himself and hopes Leith's former status as a kitchen boy will work in their favor. No one is missing in the kitchen and finds that the missing woman has actually gone to elope with her lover. Bash darts off to find the couple hoping to catch them before they expose Delphine dark magic to Sebastian. Bash later finds the bodies of the lovers dead in a boat, apparently murdered in some sort of ritual, did by Delphine.

Extreme Measures
Sebastian informs Francis and Mary of the King of Navarre's arrival to court. Mary orders him to stay away from Antoine, but he takes advantage of Antoine's presence at court to follow him. After spying on his meeting with the English ambassador, Nicholas, he learns that England has offered to help Navarre instead of France as long as King Antoine doesn't sign away his claim to the throne. He tells Mary of it.

Later on, when Bash learns that a woman was attacked and nearly had her heart cut out, he questions her and discovers that the attacker was a man. He orders his men to continue looking for Delphine so that the real killer can be found.

The Price
Sebastian visits Greer at her brothel and warns her about the murders happening in the village. Since those who end up dead are usually weaker, he worries she or her girls could be targets. Prince Charles is in the pub drinking with an unsavory fellow when Bash begins to feel Delphine's pain. He reveals their connection to Charles.

Delphine is at a convent when Bash finds her and rescues her. Charles arrives and commands her to save Francis, who has collapsed due to his frailing health. Francis slips away just as Delphine, Charles, and Bash arrive. Mary begs Delphine to save Francis, so she works her magic and he returns, but the price is Francis needs to be her lover.

In a Clearing
Delphine doesn't want to stay at court. Sebastian wants her help capturing the murderer still at large. She agrees to stay and help when Bash tells her that their bond is greater than any binding ritual she may have performed.

Bash takes Delphine to investigate the site of the most recent murder. She feels rage and evil in a clearing and the two enter a barn where they find a secret room where the killer has jars of human hearts stored in vinegar on a shelf. While they're inside, the killer returns, but he manages to escape.

Bash later brings word to Catherine that Francis has died. Sebastian and Catherine then go to the place where Francis' body lies with Mary next to him and have the guards lift him up and carry him away.

Soon enough, Sebastian attends King Francis' Funeral.

Fight or Flight
Sebastian and Charles ride into the castle. Bash offers his counsel as a brother to young Charles, who will soon be king. Lord Grenier, a member of the privy council, offers to take Charles hunting, but Bash advises against it. Charles goes anyway, lured in by the promise of a Greyhound dog. Bash fears Lord Grenier will not support Catherine in her quest of becoming Regent.

Bash goes to Mary for her help in speaking to Catherine, who is mired up in her grief and cannot bother herself with the happenings in the privy council. But Mary convinces her to fight for the Regency, even if that could cost Mary her country.

The Hound and the Hare
Bash and Delphine's relationship has progressed to one of intimate companionship, and he continues his search for the murderer in the village. He gets word of another death and visits the body. Delphine has a vision both of where the killer has been and where he will be going.

Delphine's senses lead her to Greer's tavern and Bash wonders if she might be the killer's next target. Bash suggests they close the tavern until the threat has passed, but Greer and her girls decide to keep the tavern open and fight back.

Bash stations his men into the tavern to pose as customers. They wait the whole night, but the killer doesn't show up. As dawn draws near, Bash and his men depart from the tavern, leaving Greer alone. She goes outside to return Leith's cloak and Delphine begins to feel the dark man. While Bash rescues Greer from someone revealed to merely be a drunk, the dark man attacks Delphine.

Safe Passage
While Sebastian and Catherine are arguing about Delphine she tells Sebastian they are family, adding she has been like, but Bash cuts her off. Finishing her sentace 'Like a mother to me.'" Adding When Francis died, he felt so alone and reached out to his real mother. He'd sent letters to Diane at all of her chateaus, but she never wrote back. When he realized what she'd done to Catherine's daughters, Henriette and Emone years ago, he cast Diane out of his life. Not only because of her crimes, but because he knew if she ever discovered the truth, she'd murder his mother with her bare hands. And since she's gone missing, he can't help but wonder and demands to know if she killed his mother. Catherine confirmed she had for murdered her children. Bash asks for her body for a proper burial, but Catherine tells him, her body's in the sea. Bash begins to choke her out, but Catherine talks him out of it. The two part ways forever.

Mary Stuart told Sebastian how she remembered first coming to Court. Stepping out of the carriage, everyone lined up to welcome her. She was so nervous, but at least she had her friends, Kenna, Aylee, Greer, Lola.

Spiders in a Jar
Mary, Bash, and James stroll the hallway as they dicuss the most recent threat coming from England: Elizabeth means to unite England and Scotland. The nobles stand with John Knox, who has openly stated that he would rather be ruled by a "Protestant from afar than a Catholic at home", so he will not support Mary's rule unless she converts. Bash then watches in awe as Mary goes to show Knox that "queens do not bow to their subjects. It is, in fact, quite the other way around".

Later, Bash comes to Mary to warn her that a delegation of noblemen sent by Elizabeth have been meeting with several Scottish lords in an attempt to sway them to their side. Mary decides that she and Bash will confront this English delegation in person, so Bash goes to assemble a team of queensguard to accompany them on their journey.

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However, as he is passing by an empty hallway, he has quite the scare: the ghost of a female druid appears before him as she tells him that he is "touched by magic" and that he is not doing all that he is capable of.

Bash gives Mary the news about Lola's death before he leaves with the Druids.

Season 4

Uncharted Waters - (Mentioned)
Sebastian sent a message to Mary Stuart through another man, David Rizzio, who said he was guided by his spirit. He gave Mary a prophecy - either she will have love or an heir, but not both. Mary asked whether Sebastian was in peril, but Rizzio admitted that he didn't know.


In History

  • Sebastian is entirely a fictional character, with no historical equivalent. His mother, Diane de Poitiers, only had two daughters, and none of whom were with her lover, King Henry.


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