Season Three of Reign was confirmed on January 11, 2015.

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Season Three 
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Title Written by Directed by Original air date Production code
Three Queens, Two Tigers Laurie McCarthy Holly Dale October 9, 2015 301
Promotional Images - Three Queens, Two Tigers 3
Queen Mary struggles to hold on to her power in Scotland amidst Queen Elizabeth’s campaign to sabotage her with the help of a new ally in Queen Catherine. Meanwhile, with Francis’ fate at odds and Elizabeth distracted by temptation in her first love, Robert Dudley, both queens struggle to rule.
Betrothed Lisa Randolph Fred Gerber October 16, 2015 302
Promotional Images - Betrothed 1
Elizabeth must deal with the political backlash of harboring Catherine in England, while Catherine is imprisoned upon her return to France. Mary is forced to make some difficult decisions about securing Scotland’s future and Lola is conflicted in her feelings for Narcisse.
Extreme Measures Drew Lindo
Wendy Riss Gatsiounis
Holly Dale October 23, 2015 303
Promotional Images - Extreme Measures 15
When King Antoine unexpectedly returns to Court, Mary must help Francis hide his weakening condition long enough to secure his family’s future. With the Throne in jeopardy and time running out, they must turn to an unlikely ally in need of redemption.
The Price April Blair
Robert Doty
Nathaniel Goodman November 6, 2015 304
Promotional Images - The Price 1
After Mary receives an urgent message from her ailing mother about the dire situation in Scotland, she finds herself looking to Francis for aid. Catherine finds herself up against Narcisse as she fights to become the regent to Charles. Meanwhile, Elizabeth faces continued pressure to wed.
3X05 Writer Directer Air date 305
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3X06 Writer Directer Air date 306
Reign Promo - Title Card
3X07 Writer Directer Air date 307
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3X08 Writer Directer Air date 308
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3X09 Writer Directer Air date 309
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3X010 Writer Directer Air date 310
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...Continued on from Season Two

New Characters

New Characters

  • Robert Dudley Married to Amy and the favorite of Elizabeth. Robert has known Elizabeth since they were children and hide secrets known only to them. Despite wanting to move on from his past with Elizabeth, she uses her power to keep him close.
  • Amy Dudley Married to Robert Dudley, Amy is concerned over her marriage. Robert spends much of his time with Elizabeth and rumors suggest that their friendship is more then just that. Despite these rumors, Amy fights to keep her marriage alive, even against impossible odds.
  • Prince Charles, Charles is the Dauphin of France. Described as mischievous and a party-boy, he has recently returned from Spain to be taught by Francis. Francis’ time is running out however and Charles is not interested in partaking in his lessons.
  • Martin de Lambert A fearless & dangerous pirate who arrives at French court. Capable of going toe-to-toe with monarchs, Martin is good at getting women into bed and leaving them glad they shared the experience.
  • Nicholas A charming man who is appointed by Queen Elizabeth to be England’s ambassador to France. Little does Mary Stuart know, Nicholas is also a spy for her rival, and has a deep grudge against her.
  • Don Carlos Spain’s sexy and charming prince. With aspirations to be king (a good one) and very specific sexual taste, Don Carlos will prove a point of intrigue and desire for the royals.
  • Constance She knows the power her charm, and she will immediately catch the eye of Prince Charles.
  • William Cecil A trusted advisor to the English Queen. William will also appear opposite Robert Dudley.
  • Lady Donatella - She works for Queen Elizabeth of England.



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Reign begins its third season with Mary and Francis realizing that they are more powerful together than apart, believing there is hope for them to move forward, leaving behind the anger and hurt. It also introduces us to another Court, that of Elizabeth, “Virgin” Queen of England. Still early in her reign, Elizabeth faces opposition on all sides, particularly from men who doubt a woman’s ability to rule. Like Mary, and Catherine de Medici, she struggles to hold onto power, and love; the women have much in common, and Mary and Elizabeth are reluctant foes, but foes nonetheless, each positioned by birth and fate to destroy all the other holds dear. - Laurie McCarthy

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This Fall on The CW The CW

This Fall on The CW The CW

Reign Season 3 Tease (HD)

Reign Season 3 Tease (HD)

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