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Season Four of Reign started its run on February 10th 2017 for sixteen episodes, and airs on The CW and E! Canada.


Leesa, Henry, Charles, Catherine, unknown and Claude.

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Title Written by Directed by Original air date Production code
With Friends Like These Wendy Riss Gatsiounis
Drew Lindo
Stuart Gillard February 10th 2017 401
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Queen Mary, unsure who to trust, tests her brother James to ensure his loyalty after hearing of his meeting with John Knox. Lord Darnley agrees to help Queen Elizabeth, in an attempt to sabotage the powerful suitor’s relationship with Mary.
A Grain Of Deception Patti Carr
Lara Olsen
Fred Gerber February 17th 2017 402
Promotional Images - A Grain Of Deception 1
Queen Mary discovers there is a leak amongst her advisors and sets out to uncover the traitor. Queen Elizabeth enlists in Narcisse to further her quest for supremacy. Meanwhile, Catherine takes desperate measures to regain some of the power she has lost.
Leaps Of Faith April Blair
Laurie McCarthy
Charles Binamé February 24th, 2017 403
Promotional Images - Leaps Of Faith 1
Gideon shows Mary what life could be like if she chose love over country. Catherine fights to cover King Charles’ increasingly erratic behavior, while Claude finds an enemy in her sister Leeza.
Playing With Fire John J. Sakmar
Kenny Lenhart
Fred Gerber March 3, 2017 404
Promotional Images - Playing With Fire 1
When Lord Darnley surprises Mary with a visit in Scotland, Mary sees a glimmer of a union that could be more than just political. Elizabeth fights to gain allies in her favor and Catherine must work to get Claude back on track by finding her a new husband.
Highland Games Robert D. Doty Michael McGowan March 17, 2017 405
Promotional Images - Highland Games 3
In order to get Mary to agree to a marriage, Lord Darnley must demonstrate his loyalty when she voices her concerns about his true intentions. Catherine and Narcisse work to repair King Charles’ reputation after rumors spread about his strange behavior and threaten the throne.
Love & Death Drew Lindo
Wendy Riss Gatsiounis
Megan Follows March 24, 2017 406
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Queen Mary must deal with the political repercussions of a potential marriage to Lord Darnley and King Charles disappears, leaving Queen Catherine to pick up the pieces. Queen Elizabeth comes to Gideon’s aid, while Princess Claude receives an interesting proposition.
Episode 7 Written by Directed by 2017 407
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Episode 8 Written by Directed by 2017 408
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Episode 9 Written by Directed by 2017 409
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Episode 10 Written by Directed by 2017 410
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New Characters

New Characters

  • Prince Henry will be recast with an older actor and have more notable role, between ages 18-21.
  • Queen Leeza Even though Leesa has considerable power, she is the least favorite of Catherine's children.
  • Lord Darnley A nobleman with a blood-claim to the English throne. Has a wildly ambitious mother whose love hinges entirely on his ability to secure a crown. He hopes to become Mary’s second husband, a union could take down Elizabeth, giving them not just one nation, but two.
  • James Hepburn A warm-hearted bad boy who's deeply in love with Mary.
  • Gabriel Narcisse Will fall in love with Mary and try to marry her. He is described as a sexy, high-born rogue who is a realist.
  • Luc Narcisse Narcisse's son, who his will try to arranged a marriage between him and princess Claude.



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