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Sarah Claire Alan
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Sarah Claire Alan
Born: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 5½
Originally From: Kent Englnad
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Twitter: @sarahclairealan
Personal Information
Portrays: Alexandra

Sarah Claire Alan is a Canadian actor. She portrayed Alexandra on the Third Season of Reign.

Life & Career[]

By age 6 Sarah was a dancer of special merit under the 'Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing' & an honors student in acting under the 'London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art.'

At 16 Sarah dropped out of school, from another school at 17, and left her sixth form college before finishing her high school education, proclaiming, "That's enough!"

Sarah was 18 when she emigrated to Canada. She worked for E! & HGVT during her first year of college & was asked to work across Canada as a casting assistant by the network's producers.

Upon graduating from Broadcast Journalism, Sarah worked at a production company. During a pitch by two 'Stargate Universe' actresses, Sarah took the opportunity to ask one simple question, "Where do I go to study acting?" Their answer was, "Vancouver Film School!"

While attending Vancouver Film School Sarah landed her first theatre lead after being spotted in the audience by the director. After completing the four month 'Acting Essentials' course the school believed Sarah was ready to become a professional actress. But before she was able to leave the head of the school asked her to promise one thing, that no matter what happens, she'll keep acting!


Reign Episode Guide[]

Season Three
Three Queens, Two Tigers
Extreme Measures
The Price
In A Clearing
Fight or Flight
The Hound and the Hare
Our Undoing
Bruises That Lie
No Way Out
Strange Bedfellow
To The Death
Safe Passage
Spiders In a Jar


  • This is not a full list of all credits
Year Title Role Notes
2013 Lost Girl Beauty School Girl #2 1 Episode
2014 Remedy Cindi 1 Episode
2014 The Listener Ashley Green 1 Episode
2014 Sensitive Skin Young Woman #2 1 Episode
2014 Saving Hope Toni 1 Episode
2015 Reign Alexandra 2 Episode