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Character French Female Pagan Deceased Season 1
Sara D'Piro
Biographical Information
Title: Maid
Age: Approx. 15
Height: 5'2
Gender: Female Female
Status: Deceased
Religion: Pagan
Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Relationship Information
Character Information
First Appearance: Snakes in the Garden
Portrayed By: Katy Grabstas

Sarah was a maid to Queen Mary, until a dark secret of hers got her fired.


Sara comes off as a soft spoken and well manoured young woman. She seemed to be an obediant and kind hearted maid. However some, or possibly all of that was a ruse to keep an eye on the Queen of Scotland in order to keep Sebastian in line. When discovered she was willing to resort to murder to keep her secret of being a Pagan.


Season 1[]

Snakes in the Garden
In the early morning, Sarah announces Lady Kenna, Lady Aylee and Greer Norwood's presence to Queen Mary while she is in her chambers with Lady Lola, who is still asleep. Sarah curtsies as Kenna gives her a cheeky smirk. Mary thanks her before she leaves.

Sarah rushes down to the river to find Queen Mary and announce that her uncle, Claude de Guise, has arrived from Scotland and wishes to see Mary in her chambers.

Mary asked Sarah if she saw anyone come in or out of her room the night before to which Sarah say she hasn't, and Mary thanks her.

Sarah was in Queen Marry's Chambers when Mary asked her about her life. When Sarah passed her something Mary saw the same burn on her hand as she has on her own. Sarah panicked and pulled out a knife ready to cut Mary. The Queen called for her guards who take her away.

Later Sarah was tortured along with the French Queen's guard Robert for information. They were both burned at the stake. Sarah was shot though the heart before she burned to death, on Queen Mary's request.



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