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Season 1 Episode
Royal Blood
Season 1, Episode 12
Clarissa and Mary - Royal Blood
Air date February 27, 2014
Written by Wendy Riss Gatsiounis
Directed by Holly Dale
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"You want us to be together? We'll be together when we're all dead!"


Catherine Enlists Mary and Bash to Help Find Her Sons
When Clarissa (Katie Boland) kidnaps the younger children of King Henry and Queen Catherine, Mary and Bash work with the Queen to find them, with tragic results. Meanwhile, when Lola attempts to help her brother with a debt he owes, Francis rescues her, causing the two of them to grow closer.


Royal Blood - 1 - Clarissa

Clarissa sneaking around

Clarissa is sneaking around in the Queen's chamber. She unearths the Queen's memory box where she keeps the locks of hair from her children. She is about to take it, but she hides when she hears someone opening the door. It's a young servant couple, who want to make use of the Queen's chamber while she is in the dungeon. Clarissa is hidden behind a changing board and watches as the couple makes out.

Mary meets Sebastian in the stables, where he points out that she missed their morning ride together. She apologizes and explains how she couldn't sleep again due to worrying about the young princes, Charles and Henri. She tells Bash that she can't imagine how hard it must be for them. So, in order to take their mind off their troubles, Mary wants to take them and Bash to the Winter Frost Fair in the village.

Royal Blood - 5 - Mary

Off for some fun

On their way to the Frost Fair, Mary and the boys encounter an angry mob of peasants screaming at the carriage, fulminating against the Medici boys. Mary tries to calm them down as Charles screams in terror.

Back in the Queen's chamber, the young couple finished what they were up to and the young maid is now cleaning up, but hears a noise and tells whoever that was to come out. Clarissa comes out from behind the curtains and breaks the woman's neck.

Royal Blood - 8 - Catherine

"My children need me"

In the tower, Mary explains to Catherine what happened to her and her children on their way to the Frost Fair. The Queen reminds Mary that she forewarned her about the uproar that would take place if she changed the line of succession. Mary insists that she only wants to help her children, including Clarissa. Mary then continues that she had a mask made for Clarissa to cover her deformity, and plans on arranging for her to have chambers of her own. Catherine scoffs at the thought of integrating Clarissa into society, as Clarissa has spent her entire life away from people, and deems her more animal than human.

Clarissa watches through a hole in the stone wall as Prince Charles and Prince Henri play together. She opens a package and finds the mask Mary has had made for her. It is a half-mask to cover the scar on the left side of her face. She proceeds to put it on.

Mary and Bash meet with Lord Hugo, whose loyalty shifted from laying with the Queen to laying with Bash. He proposes sending the young princes away as an option. When Mary and Bash are left to ponder the possibility, Mary vehemently disagrees with it, wanting to keep the princes with them at the castle under their protection. However, Bash wants to send them away for their safety. Mary ultimately words it as a command, leaving Bash with no other option than to go and double the guard around the boys and keep them at the castle.

"Sooner or later, blood will be spilled. It's just a matter of whose."
Lord Hugo
Royal Blood - 15 - Fredrick n Lola

Getting into trouble

In Paris, Lola walks into The Burgundy House, a gambling establishment, where she meets and embraces her brother. He owes a debt to the house-owner, Maurice Bicett, who walks up to them and introduces himself. As they give him the pouch of coins and attempt to leave, they are stopped. Mr. Bicett reveals that her brother has breached several house rules, which, he tells them, requires more than money to repay it. He shamelessly suggests that Lola spend the night with him.

Nostradamus walks up to the jail keeper outside the Queen's cell with a Bible. The man insists on checking the Bible for any weapons. When he finds no weapons, Nostradamus is allowed to enter.

"If you're looking for a weapon, some say there's none greater than the Scriptures themselves."

Nostradamus enters the cell and presents the Bible to Catherine, which, much to Catherine's disappointment, is not a weapon to kill herself with. He urges her to seek absolution for her sins, but the Queen deems it unhelpful and sends him away. Before leaving, Nostradamus leaves the Bible on the table. Catherine watches him leave and then looks at some ropes that are on the wall.

Royal Blood - 19 - Francis n Lola

I like to gamble now

Back at the Parisian tavern, Mr. Bicett yet again insinuates wishing for a night with Lola. She is in the middle of trying to talk her way out of it when Francis appears. He offers four times the original wager for a single cut of the cards, with his prize being Lola and the forgiveness of her brother's debt. Mr. Bicett agrees, so they walk over to the table. Francis loses the wager, so he heightens the stakes: sixteen times the original wager. Much to Francis' delight, he wins the wager, the debt is forgiven, and he and Lola retire to a room for the night.

In order to make up with Mary for their earlier night, Bash hosts the Frost Fair for his younger brothers and Mary, since they missed the one in the village. Mary apologizes to Bash for how she acted earlier, and he tells her to think nothing of it. Charles then calls Mary over to help him with putting on a mask.

Kenna and Greer are walking along and Greer points out an odd-looking man. As they watch the young princes play, Charles trips and falls down. Kenna goes over to check on him, but when she pulls his mask off, she sees that it's not him. Greer goes over to check on Henri and when she takes off his mask, she sees that it's a different boy. They immediately inform Mary and Bash. Bash orders all children to take their masks off, and to Mary's shock, none of them are the two princes.

Royal Blood - 12 - Mary

Mary mad at Bash

Mary orders her ladies to send out search parties and inform Lord Hugo. Sebastian pulls her aside and informs her that the boys are fine. He further elaborates by saying that it was his doing. He had the boys taken while they were at the Frost Fair and they are now heading to Italy for their own safety. Mary is upset he went behind her back, but he argues that he only wanted to protect his brothers. He assures her that he has people stationed at checkpoints to monitor the princes' voyage until they arrive in Italy.

Charles and Henri are in the back of the wagon as it stops at nightfall. The driver helps them both out and tells them that they are stopping for food. Charles mentions that he's cold, so the driver goes to fetch him a blanket from the carriage. What he doesn't know is that Clarissa hid inside the carriage and kills the man when he comes back. She then walks over to them. Charles greets her and asks her why she is there. Clarissa deflects the question. She instead just tells them that they are going to be a family and coaxes them into coming with her.

Royal Blood - 28 - Lola

Feeling butterflies in my stomach

Back in Paris, Francis and Lola talk in Francis' chamber. They bring each other up to speed with what's been going on in their lives, and Lola opens up about her family. She tells him how she is always following her brother around Europe and getting him out of trouble. Francis shares how he is still hurt over him and Mary not working out and him losing his crown. He is happy to be free of the pressures of being a royal, but it still didn't quite sink in.

"Don't be ashamed of your pain. It does you credit. You have true heart. It will mend."
Lady Lola

The prison guard takes Nostradamus to Catherine's cell after the guard heard choking inside, followed by silence. They are shocked to see the Queen of France hanging from a rope. Nostradamus lifts her body up and instructs the guard to cut the rope. He puts her body over his shoulder and tells the guard to pray that he is successful in resusciating her, because if he isn't, the king will have both of their heads for denying him the public spectacle of the Queen's beheading.

Royal Blood - 29 - Catherine

I will not leave my children

The Queen is on a flat table when she opens her eyes. She thanks Nostradamus for his assistance in her plan and Nostradamus lets her know where the wagon is to take her to Italy. However, he soon informs her that her children have gone missing. Catherine freaks out and starts to reconsider running away, but he reminds her that she is a condemned woman and needs to flee. However, she can't, not until she knows that her children are safe.

"You're a condemned woman. Go to Italy, gather your strength. Others will see to the safety of your children here."
Queen Catherine

As Mary is in her chamber, she is startled to see the Queen come out of hiding. She claims that she means Mary no harm, she has only come out to save her children. The two conclude that it must've been Clarissa who abducted the two young princes, and with Bash, they embark on a quest to find them.

In Paris, Lola wakes up in Francis' arms. She tries to sneak away quietly, but Francis wakes anyway. Lola and Francis share a longing stare, and soon enough, they are making out. When he inquires about Lola's maidenhood, she implies she is no longer a virgin. They begin to take off their clothes and fall back onto the bed.

Royal Blood - Clarissa II

Losing control

Clarissa looks over at the lake and then back at her brothers, who seem to be afraid. Clarissa suggests that they play a game, in which the boys put as many rocks as they find into their pockets and then go swimming. Although the boys abide, Charles warns Clarissa that they can't swim. However, Clarissa ignores him.

Mary, Catherine, and Bash have found the carriage that was carrying the two young princes. They stare at the driver's dead body next to it. Bash sends guards to look for Clarissa and the boys, as they couldn't have gone far, while the three set off on a search of their own.

Royal Blood - 41 - Clarissa n Charles

Don't come any closer!

They find Clarissa and the boys down by the lake. Henri and Charles try to run to their mother, and Henri is able to get away and runs into Bash's arms. However, Charles is detained by Clarissa, who puts a knife to his throat. Mary tries to rectify the situation, but Clarissa is too upset at her mother for not wanting her.

Catherine tries to reach Clarissa by selling her a promise of being a family, now that she knows that Clarissa is her daughter. However, Clarissa doesn't buy it and almost cuts Charles. In hopes of trying to get her to stop, Catherine yells at Clarissa to stop, calling her a monster. Clarissa now recognizes that her mother truly doesn't care about her and threatens to kill Charles.

"You want us to be together? We'll be together when we're all dead!"

Mary manages to walk around behind Clarissa and hit her on the head with a rock. She falls to the ground while Charles runs into his mother's arms. Mary crouches down to hold Clarissa's hand as she takes her last breath.

Royal Blood - 45 - Catherine

Goodbye, my children

Queen Catherine hugs and says goodbye to her two sons. She reassures them that Mary will take good care of them. As Bash takes them away, Catherine demands he make sure they have a warm bath at the castle. Mary and Catherine then talk to each other. They have reached an understanding and respect for each other.

"I owe all my sons' lives to you."
Queen Catherine

Mary meets Bash in her room, where tells him that she's tired of playing it safe, because that doesn't ensure safety. She propounds that they do what they want instead of waiting for the approval of The Catholic Church. She tells Bash to marry her, but he rejects her, in favour of him getting on one knee and officially proposing. She happily agrees and they decide to wed the following day. They then declare their love for each other and kiss.

Back at the tavern, Lola and Francis walk down to the lobby and bid each other farewell, when Bicett starts to boast about how Queen Catherine is to be beheaded for adultery and expresses excitement for the Queen's upcoming execution. Francis, who had no knowledge of it prior, asks Lola if she knew about it, and she lies that she didn't. He then decides to return to court to plead his father to spare his mother's life.

Royal Blood - 50 - Clarissa

Back at the lake, the two men that were tasked with burying Clarissa decide that they can't be bothered to do so, so they instead toss her body down the hill, leaving her to be eaten by the wolves.


Lord Hugo: Sooner or later, blood will be spilled. It's just a matter of whose.

Nostradamus: If you're looking for a weapon, some say there's none greater than the Scriptures themselves.

Lady Lola: Don't be ashamed of your pain. It does you credit. You have a true heart. It will mend.

Queen Catherine: So the fox has offered to help find the missing chickens?

Nostradamus: You're a condemned woman. Go to Italy, gather your strength. Others will see to the safety of your children here.

Sebastian: Believe me, if they're anything but the picture of health, I'm the one you'll have to restrain.

Clarissa: You want us to be together? We'll be together when we're all dead!

Queen Catherine: I owe all my sons' lives to you.

Queen Mary: Safe choices don't always make us safe.


- Clarissa would not be able to break someone's neck so easily and without any training.

Death Toll [2] [3]
- Maid
- Clarissa (Ultimately survived)


Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Mary Stuart
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Torrance Coombs Sebastian
Toby Regbo Prince Francis
Celina Sinden Greer Norwood
Caitlin Stasey Lady Kenna
Anna Popplewell Lady Lola
Guest Starring
Rossif Sutherland Nostradamus
Ted Atherton Lord Hugo
Katie Boland Clarissa
Evan Buliung Maurice Bicett  
Peter Dacunha Prince Charles
Jackson Hodge-Carter Prince Henri
Jim Watson Fredrick Fleming  
Zoe Cleland Odette
Daniel Matmor Oliver
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut