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Roger De'Feck
Roger De'Feck.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Roger De'Feck
Title: The Shadow King
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: France
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 5'8
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Three Queens
Portrayed by: Ari Millen

Roger De'Feckr was an impostor of King Francis of France.


Roger De'Feck heartless, and willing to do anything for money. He is also an abusive and aggressive man.

Season 2[]

Roger's order's a farmer's house be set on fire

Roger stood outside a family's farm, on top of horseback. He was wearing a crown, and a cape, and told the residence he was King Francis. He demanded to know where their rest of their tax money was, and when they could not pay, he offered to take the farmer's oldest daughter. When he refused, he told his guards to burn down the house.

The fake King Francis, and Queen Mary stepped out of their royal carriage to an adoring crowd. They walked inside the tavern, holding a fancy bang, to collect everyone's taxes. Citing that the taxes had been raised, due to their conflict with England. After they were all done, the two fake royals stood in front of everyone, and recounted tales of royal life. At one point, Jenny got stumped with a question, but the real Queen Mary helped her out. The two women gave each other and knowing smile, and later Jenny invited the two women back up to their chambers.

Roger's returns.

Rogers was furious when he found out Jenny had been telling two random woman what they had been up to. A fight broke out between the two, and the two women left the room. After Roger had finished beating on Jenny, Richard Gifford came in and broke them up. Twlling him, that had been the real Queen Mary and Queen Catherine, and that the real Royals were onto them, so they had to split. Not wanting any trails to lead back to them, Richard killed Rogers, and took Jenny with him.



  • His last name is fiction, as he was only credited as The Shadow King but was later revealed as Roger.