Robert Dudley
Robert Dudley
Biographical Information
IRL: History's Robert Dudley
Real Name: Robert Dudley
Title: Lord Robert Dudley

1st Earl of Leicester

Born: 23th June 1532
Age: 26
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: London, England
Wife: Lettice Knollys

Amy Dudley

Family: Jane Grey (Sister-in-Law)
Interests: Queen Elizabeth (Estranged)
Affiliations: House of Dudley

Kingdom of England
Robert and Amy Dudley
Robert and Elizabeth

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Alive
Signature: Robert Dudley's Signature
Character Information
First appearance: Three Queens, Two Tigers
Portrayed by: Charlie Carrick

Character Flag - England Noble Male Lord Married Season 3

Robert Dudley is married to Amy Dudley and the lover of Elizabeth. Robert has known Elizabeth since they were children and both hide secrets known only to them. Despite wanting to move on from his past with Elizabeth, she uses her power to keep him close.

Season 3

Fight or Flight
Queen Elizabeth bought up how Gideon Blackburn used her, made her care for him. But he couldn't make her fall in love with him, because she were in love with Robert Dudley. Which he reported back to her half-sister, Mary Tudor. Gideon was Mary Tudor's eyes and ears, sent to inform on Elizabeth, the greatest threat to her crown. So she ripped Robert from his cell and Elizabeth's side.

Season 4



  • Casting for Robert Dudley was openly announced on June 22, 2015.

Historical Notes


Season Three
Three Queens, Two Tigers Betrothed Extreme Measures The Price In A Clearing Fight or Flight The Hound and the Hare Our Undoing Wedlock
Bruises That Lie Succession No Way Out Strange Bedfellow To The Death Safe Passage Clans Intruders Spiders In a Jar

Family Tree

John Dudley
Jane Guildford
John Dudley
Ambrose Dudley
Lettice Knollys
Robert Dudley
Amy Dudley
Guildford Dudley
Lady Jane Grey

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