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Richard Gifford
Richard Gifford.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Richard Gifford
Title: King's Guard

Armsman Gifford

Age: 28
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: France
Interests: Jenny Postor
Affiliations: Kingdom of England
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 5'9
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Three Queens
Portrayed by: Noam Jenkins

Richard Gifford was a King's Guard who has secretly been working with Queen Elizabeth of England


Richard Gifford was heartless, and willing to do anything for money. He betrayed his country and began secretly working with the Protestant Queen of England

Season 2[]

Searching for the Queens.

Richard Gifford was called for durty by King Francis and accompanied him, Leith Bayard and others on the search for the missing Queen Mary and Queen Catherine after their carriage was attacked. They soon came across an old woman, who stated her hatred for the Royal Family, and Richard raised his sword to her, but was stopped by The King. They search party decided to split up.

Richard found The Queen of France, and The Queen Mother at a cabin-bar a couple hours from their missing check point. She promised them both he would take care of everything, and Queen Mary told him to bring her Jenny Postor to have her work in the palace.

Richard finds the missing Queens.

Inside their hotel room, Richard found his mistress Jenny and Roger De'Feck. A fight ensued, and not wanted to get caught as a spy for Queen Elizabeth, and having knowledge that people were pretending to be the king and Queen of France, Richard killed the Fake King Francis, and his guards. He took Jenny with him, and put her in a carriage with the real Queens.

They stopped hours later, another fight began. Richard killed his mistress Jenny with a knife to the throat. The two Queen's got the best of him, and after Mary stabbed the horse, he panicked and stomped on Richard's face after he fell to his feet.



  • a Cypher was found among his things after his death.
  • Noam Jenkins was credited as Armsman Gifford.