Queen Elizabeth's Birthday
Queen Elizabeth's Birthday
Location: London, England
Date: 7 September 1565
In Honour of: Queen Elizabeth
In Attendance: Gideon Blackburn

Archduke Ferdinand
Count Alfred Von Buren of Vienna

Episode: A Better Man
Description: Celebrting of Queen Elizabeth's Birthday

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Queen Elizabeth's Birthday took place in England on 7 September 1565.


Gideon Blackburn mentioned that 32 suiters from 16 countries arrived to court Queen Elizabeth at her birthday party.

A gala in Queen Elizabeth's honour, with hundreds of nobles and dignitaries. Making it the perfect opportunity for her to peruse a number of potential suitors. With the majorityCatholic. (Mary now wed to King Darnley, her only hope of gaining the support of Catholic nations is with a Catholic wedding).

Gideon Blackburn has a thorough understanding of her politics, and personal tastes, he will screen out anyone who holds opinions strongly opposing Elizabeths. And if anyone shows promise, she take them for a stroll in the garden, so I can speak to them more privately.

Elizabeth went for a stroll in the garden with the Archduke of Austria, and was quite pleased with him.

Later Elizabeth had a letter written to the Archduke to officially initiate courtship proceedings.

Historical NotesEdit

  • Queen Elizabeth was born on 7 September 1533, so she would be celebrating her 32nd birthday.
  • Elizabeth wants a husband "who will not have her head removed.' This is a reference to her father, King Henry VIII having her mother, Anne Boleyn beheaded.
  • Archduke of Austria was Charles II, Archduke of Austria, would have been 25 years old, to Queen Elizabeth's 32 years. However, he did not marry until August 1571 when he was 31.
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