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Queen Catherine
Biographical Information
In History: Catherine de' Medici
Family Name: Catherine de' Medici
Title: Duchess of Urbino

Queen of France
Queen Dowager
Queen Mother
Queen Regent

Predecessor: Claude of France
Successor: Mary Stuart
Born: April 13, 1519
Age: 46
Height: 5'6
Gender: Female Female
Nationality: French Flag - France

Italian Flag - Italy

Status: Alive
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Florence, Italy
Current Location: French Court
Signature: Queen Catherine's Sugnature
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Kingdom of Italy
House of Medici
House of Valois (Marriage)
The Flying Squad
Catherine and Henry
Catherine and Richard
Catherine and Christophe
Catherine and Narcisse
Catherine and Mary
Catherine and Francis
Catherine and Sebastian
Catherine and Clarissa
Catherine and Nostradamus
Catherine and Diane

Relationship Information
Parents: Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne † (Mother)

Lorenzo de' Medici † (Father)

Husband: King Henry
Children: Clarissa(Illegitimate daughter)

Sebastian (Step-son)
King Francis(Son)
Queen Leeza (Daughter)
Princess Claude (Daughter)
Prince Louis(Son)
King Charles (Son)
Prince Henri (Son)
Princess Emone(Daughter)
Princess Henriette(Daughter)
Princess Margot (Daughter)

Family: Hortenza de' Medici(Cousin)

Roman de' Medici (Cousin)
Pietro de' Medici (Cousin)
Francesca de' Medici (Cousin)
Lucrezia de' Medici (Cousin)
Duke Francis(Brother-in-law)

Interests: Richard Delacroix(Ex-lover)

Liam O'Mally(One-night stand)
Lord Narcisse (On-and-off)

Character Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: All It Cost Her
Portrayed By: Megan Follows

"My dear, never give up a crown. To anybody."
Queen Catherine to Queen Mary

Queen Catherine de' Medici was born in Italy to the rich and powerful Medici family as the daughter of Lorenzo de Medici, Duke of Urbino and Lord of Florence. She married the King of France and had ten children with him, including her favourite child, the late King Francis.

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Catherine is a strong, smart and well-educated woman. She loves her sons beyond her own life and has stated that she is willing to walk into hell for them. She no longer cares for her husband's attentions, and ignores his other women, as she is the only woman with the ultimate recognized power worldwide. Nonetheless, she remains a powerful ally, as well as a resourceful and reliable queen to France and Henry.


Early Life

When Catherine was a young child, her parents died of illness. The Medici, a powerful Italian family, who were overthrown by the Florentine Republic, and Catherine was held hostage in a convent by the rebels. Threats were made against Catherine to rape her, which was implied to have been carried out at some point. After years of captivity, she was rescued by the forces of Pope Clement VII, who held her in his embrace as he greeted her, giving her back her freedom.

Years later, Pope Clement VII arranged the marriage of Catherine de' Medici to the second son of the French king, Prince Henry. The marriage took place in France when they were both 14 years old. Catherine and Henry were very much in love, even if he had been seeing another woman before their marriage. However, Catherine was surprised when the other woman Diane de Poitiers continued to stay in both their lives. Catherine was very hurt to hear that Diane was pregnant before she was, and was devastated when it turned out to be a boy. However, not long after, Catherine was pregnant and was thrilled when it was born a boy as well. Henry named him Francis, after his older brother. Soon after, she was pregnant with a second child, who she named Elizabeth.

Two years later, Henry's father died, and Henry became the new King of France, making Prince Francis the new heir to the throne. Years passed, and Queen Catherine and King Henry had four more sons and four more daughters. Sadly her second Son died before his 1st birthday, and her twin daughters were murdered as babies.

Season 1

As King Henry is trying on a suit for his daughter Elisabeth's wedding, Catherine protests against Mary's return to court. Prince Francis comes in, not too pleased about having to marry Mary, but his father doesn't care. At least his bride has a country and an army, should he need it. When Henry walks away, Catherine assures Francis that she's on his side, always.

Later, Catherine and Nostradamus are sharing a drink and talking. Nostradamus gives Catherine a concoction of herbs to aid in her daughter's fertility. Catherine then asks him about her son's future with Mary. Will he love her? Will she love him? Nostradamus has had fleeting images, but as of now, their meaning is unclear. He tells Catherine to be patient.

"How do I control a daughter-in-law who's a queen in her own right?"
Queen Catherine
Pilot Catherine n Henry IIII

I am the Queen!

The whole of French court is apprised of the Queen of Scots' arrival by the sound of trumpets outside. King Henry, his bastard son, Sebastian, and his mistress, Diane de Poitiers are the first to assemble in the courtyard, with the rest of the court forming a queue on both sides. To make a statement and publicly disrespect the King's mistress, Catherine joins them a bit later, and instead of standing next to the King and his mistress, she takes a few steps in front of them.

While Francis is greeting the Queen, Nostradamus goes wide-eyed. Catherine immediately recognizes that he has had a vision and asks him what he has seen. Nostradamus hesitantly informs her that Francis' union with Mary will cost him his life.

Lady Lola and her boyfriend, Colin, go to Queen Catherine to ask her for permission to marry. Catherine is pleased by their union and asks Colin to stay and tell her all about it, while instructing Lola to leave to attend to Mary. Once Lola leaves, Catherine asks her ladies to do the same, leaving her alone with Colin.

After Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philip's Wedding Ceremony, the ballroom is abuzz with festivities taking place there. Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philip share their first dance, followed by Queen Mary and her ladies occupying the dance floor. Catherine is annoyed that the ballroom has become overrun by Scots.

Pilot Catherine n Henry VIII

Interesting news...

The next day, Mary seeks an audience with the King and Queen of France in regard to her attempted rape. She asks to speak to Colin herself. They try to dehort her from doing so, but Mary presses on, demanding to speak to her subject. King Henry soon reveals that it's too late, as Colin was executed at dawn.

Catherine watches her son and Mary talking in the courtyard from a window. They look like they're about to kiss, but Francis walks away at the last moment.

It is revealed that Catherine was behind Mary's attempted rape when she laments how her plan failed to Nostradamus. She coerced Colin into executing it and now he is dead. Catherine asks Nostradamus if his visions have changed, only to learn that they have not. She must continue to sacrifice.

Snakes in the Garden

Snakes in the Garden - King Henry n Queen Catherine 2

Your bride is expecting you

In The Throne Room, Catherine and Henry are talking about who they're going to betrothe their son Charles to. Catherine believes the young Lady Madeleine to be a brilliant match - she is French, therefore loyal to France, and very wealthy. Henry is unsure about it at first, but Catherine's arguments manage to persuade him. Prince Francis is ordered to accompany Charles to the landing to show respect. Charles asks if Sebastian can come as well, but Catherine slams Bash for appearing in the throne room at all.

"You know that Bash isn't really your brother. He's just your father's son."
Queen Catherine

Mary volunteers to go as well, as she too was once a child who was sent away to a foreign land, so she may be able to soothe the girl's fear. Catherine suggests that they all stay here, as the journey may not be safe, but Henry assures her that the carriage will stay on the King's road, with dozens of well-armed guards to protect it.

At Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party that evening, the place is swarming with English soldiers who stopped by to replenish their resources. Nostradamus would think that the English would be among Catherine's favourite guests because they hate Mary, but Catherine knows that the English hate them as well.

Nostradamus takes Catherine down to the dungeon. As is the custom, the door of the prisoner scheduled to be executed was marked with a red X. Nostradamus stops in his tracks in front of a door marked with an X, before informing Catherine that the wrong door was marked, and a thief was beheaded in Colin's place, while Colin has escaped. Catherine tells Nostradamus that they must find and kill Colin before he tells Mary about what they have done.

The next day, Catherine and Henry apprise Mary and her ladies of Colin's escape. Catherine blames the English for aiding him in the escape, even though as Mary points out, the escape took place before the English arrived. Mary asks them to bring Colin back, preferably alive, so that she can speak with him and find out who was behind her attack.

Snakes in the Garden - King Henry n Queen Catherine 8

Didn't want to disturb you with your whores

After leaving Mary's chamber, Henry wonders why Catherine didn't tell him about Colin's escape when she first heard of it. Henry wants to be informed, because once Colin is found, he wants to hear whatever he has to say.

At a picnic for the newly engaged couple that afternoon, Henry and Catherine walking arm-in-arm together, but Henry soon leaves her to walk with another woman.

That night, Francis confronts his mother. He knows Catherine has been tampering with Mary's life. He warns her to stop, because if anything happens to Mary, he will suspect his mother and she will lose him.

As Catherine readies herself for bed, her guard informs her that he caught and strung Colin up like the heretics do in the woods in order to frame them. Her guard leaves so that the Queen may claim into bed, but when she pulls the cover back, she sees a giant red X painted on her sheet.

Nostradamus and Catherine are in Nostradamus' chamber talking. Nostradamus has another vision, fortelling that, "the cost of war will reach inside the castle walls."

At a party that evening, Catherine tries to wring the meaning of the vision out of Nostradamus, but he doesn't even understand it himself. Henry, wondering what the court seer is constantly whispering into his wife's ear, challenges Nostradamus to tell the fortunes of Queen Mary and her ladies.

A few days later, six companies of French men depart to Scotland with the fatest rider, Sebastian, leading them. But before they can even reach port, they are attacked. The English were expecting them. Catherine and Henry know someone tipped the English off, but don't tell Francis, because Henry wants the slaughter of six companies to be used as a "cheap lesson" for Francis to learn that he must always follow his head, not his heart.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds - Promotional image 5


There is an archery tournament between Prince Francis and Lord Tomás. Nostradamus wonders who the target was designed by. Catherine doesn't know, but she points out its resemblance to the castle ghost.

A servant whispers something into King Henry's ear, and he stands up, drawing everyone's attention. He has Simon Westbrook arrested for being the spy that caused the slaughter of six companies of men, including his son, Sebastian.

Later, Mary has a run-in with Catherine in the hallway. Catherine is eager to root out the burden she sees Mary as, while Mary wants to be released from her marriage contract to Francis. Catherine tells her of a way she can do just that: she has to put her name to the word of a prostitute named Judith, who claims to have heard Simon boasting about his involvement in the slaughter.

Hearts and Minds - Promotional image 9

Mary agrees to do so, and as promised, she is released from her engagement, while Simon is sentenced to be beheaded at an upcoming banquet. However, at the Michaelmas Banquette, it is revealed that Judith was bribed by Tomás, while the real spy was him all along. Simon gets to keep his head and return to England, Tomás' crime is covered up in light of his murder, and Mary and Francis' engagement is reinstated.

A Chill in the Air
As Aylee is walking down the hall, she trips and a ring falls out of her hand, landing directly in front of Queen Catherine, who happens to be passing by. The Queen picks the ring up and recognizes it as one of Mary's Rings.

At first, Aylee claims that she was returning it to Mary, but she soon admits that she stole it. She begs Catherine not to tell anyone, because she would be sent home in disgrace. The Queen decides to think on it and walks away.

Queen Catherine seeks to make a deal with Aylee. Catherine tells her that for her to keep her secret, Aylee must pass her letters from Mary to her mother. Aylee is reluctant to agree to her proposal at first, but Catherine proceeds to threaten her into it.

While at the Harvest Festival, Catherine causes quite a stir when she reveals Kenna's affair with King Henry to Mary, pointing to Kenna's lavish new necklace. She recounts the time Henry was in love with her and spoiling her with gifts, a far cry from how he treats her now.

Queen Catherine talks with Olivia. It is revealed that Catherine was responsible for Olivia's return to court, and that her intention is to have Olivia seduce Francis and turn his attention away from Mary.

Everyone at court gathers in the courtyard to welcome King Henry back. Queen Catherine is walking with Olivia D'Amencourt and again encourages her to continue pursuing Francis.

Chosen - Promotional image 8

Let's team up!

The next day, Mary wakes up with a freshly severed stag's head hanging above her bed. She was likely drugged so as not to wake up during it. While the guards are removing the stag's head, Francis consoles Mary. Catherine walks by a few servants carrying a deer's head out of Mary's room, so she enters it and learns of what has happened. Mary convinces her to work together to ascertain the identity of the mole at court who drugged her, slipped into her room, and left a deer's head over her bed.

In the throne room, Mary and Catherine gather all servants. Mary announces what happened to her and pleads with them to come forward if they know anything. No one comes forward, in spite of being promised protection if they do. Catherine then hightens the stakes by threatening to burn down each of the servants' homes if they do not come forward by midnight.

Chosen - 30

The moment of realization.

The girl gestures at Catherine's guard and Catherine tells her guard, Robert, to stay outside, as she realises that the girl would like to share the information in private. The girl recounts how she saw a dishevelled man covered in blood the previous night, and the girl's description of the man seems to match Robert, the guard that Catherine just sent outside. He isn't standing outside her room anymore, so Catherine orders her guards to look for him. He is soon found and burned at the stake, along with Sarah, Mary's maid.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood - 8 - Catherine

"My children need me"

In the tower, Mary recounts to Catherine what happened to her and her children on their way to the Winter Frost Fair. The Queen reminds Mary that she forewarned her about the uproar that would take place if she changed the line of succession. Mary insists that she only wants to help her children, including Clarissa. Mary then continues that she had a mask made for Clarissa to cover her deformity, and plans on arranging for her to have chambers of her own. Catherine scoffs at the thought of integrating Clarissa into society, as Clarissa has spent her entire life away from people, and deems her more animal than human.

A day or so later, a prison guard takes Nostradamus to Catherine's cell after hearing choking inside, followed by silence. They are shocked to see the Queen of France hanging from a rope. Nostradamus lifts her body up and instructs the guard to cut the rope. He puts her body over his shoulder and tells the guard to pray that he is successful in resusciating her, because if he isn't, the king will have both of their heads for denying him the public spectacle of the Queen's beheading.

Royal Blood - 29 - Catherine

I will not leave my children

The Queen is on a flat table when she opens her eyes. She thanks Nostradamus for his assistance in her plan and Nostradamus lets her know where the wagon is to take her to Italy. However, he soon informs her that her children have gone missing. Catherine freaks out and starts to reconsider running away, but he reminds her that she is a condemned woman and needs to flee. However, she can't, not until she knows that her children are safe.

"You're a condemned woman. Go to Italy, gather your strength. Others will see to the safety of your children here."
Queen Catherine

As Mary is in her chamber, she is startled to see the Queen come out of hiding. She claims that she means Mary no harm, she has only come out to save her children. The two conclude that it must've been Clarissa who abducted the two young princes, and with Bash, they embark on a quest to find them.

Mary, Catherine, and Bash have found the carriage that was carrying the two young princes. They stare at the driver's dead body next to it. Bash sends guards to look for Clarissa and the boys, as they couldn't have gone far, while the three set on a search of their own.

Royal Blood - 41 - Clarissa n Charles

Don't come any closer!

They find Clarissa and the boys down by the lake. Henri and Charles try to run to their mother, and Henri is able to get away and runs into Bash's arms. However, Charles is detained by Clarissa, who puts a knife to his throat. Mary tries to rectify the situation, but Clarissa is too upset at her mother for not wanting her.

Catherine tries to reach Clarissa by selling her a promise of being a family, now that she knows that Clarissa is her daughter. However, Clarissa doesn't buy it and almost cuts Charles. In hopes of trying to get her to stop, Catherine yells at Clarissa to stop, calling her a monster. Clarissa now recognizes that her mother truly doesn't care about her and threatens to kill Charles.

"You want us to be together? We'll be together when we're all dead!"

Mary manages to walk around behind Clarissa and hit her on the head with a rock. She falls to the ground while Charles runs into his mother's arms. Mary crouches down to hold Clarissa's hand as she takes her last breath.

Royal Blood - 45 - Catherine

Goodbye, my children

Queen Catherine hugs and says goodbye to her two sons. She reassures them that Mary will take good care of them. As Bash takes them away, Catherine demands he make sure they have a warm bath at the castle. Mary and Catherine then talk to each other. They have reached an understanding and respect for each other.

"I owe all my sons' lives to you."
Queen Catherine


Consummation 1 Queen Catherine

Arranging her own funeral

Catherine was preparing herself for her own execution. Including; having her dress tied, new shoes, hair braided with it done up, tied up, and pinned up. Accompanied by golden jewelry, with rubies, as Catherine instructed the executioner to make the blow quick. Reminding him she had paid him extra to do so. She also informed him to be careful with her expensive necklace, she had promised to one of her ladies, as she placed her head on the chopping block. A maid brought a list of what would be served at the dinner. Catherine was annoyed, as it had prunes on it. She had strictly instructed them, no prunes because her youngest daughter was allergic.

When Catherine got up she requested to know with the flowers were, demanding they be in place before her execution. Another servant informed her that King Henry thought it too costly, however, Catherine did not care and demanded to see their placement. Catherine was quite annoyed with the flower preparations.

"Shall I catch my own head in my hands too?!"
Queen Catherine
Consummation 4 Queen Catherine n King Henry

Catherine demanded to know when she could talk to Henry about her tombstone. She had wanted a Florentine sculpture and 20 tons of marble. Henry insisted he could not afford that considering she already had 100 musicians and ships made of silver and gold. Catherine assured him it was symbolic of her journey to heaven. Henry thought she was only dragging out her funeral preparations, Catherine scoffed at him. They both knew she couldn't be beheaded until they heard news from The Vatican. Henry didn't care, angrily telling her what they wrote about her would not ultimately matter. She passionately told him it would to her children. Henry walked off before she could continue to make negotiations about her funeral. Mary was only a couple of feet from Catherine when she heard the royal trumpets. Sebastian told her it but it meant a Royal visitor had arrived.

Much to Catherine's annoyance it is the allusive Marie de Guise, Mary Stuart's own mother. She was a snotty, and cold woman in her opinion.

Consummation 11 Marie de Guise n Queen Catherine

Hello old friend

Marie de Guise and Catherine were both in the throne room, talking about Catherine's pending death. Marie tried to place the blame on Catherine. Reminding her she had placed her upbringing with ‘’her’’. Informing her, she had apparently even threatened her daughter's life. Snidely telling Catherine, she gave up being a mother to Mary so that Catherine herself would raise her to be Francis’ wife. Catherine immediately knew what Marie de Guise was doing. She reminded her she traded in her daughter, for the protection of France against the English. Marie de Guise tried to use the pity card, saying she had been overwhelmed when her husband died. She had been left with Mary, who at the time was only a week old. Marie changed the subject to Nostradamus. Calling him a charlatan, and they got scared off with his make-believe words. Catherine also defended Nostradamus, claiming his words were no arguable debate.

"I have sold my soul and my child. To protect myself and my nation. Mary may be Scotland's Queen.
But I admit King.
Marie de Guise

The conversation had changed, and Marie de Guise told Catherine how she too wanted Francis on the throne. Not without mocking Catherine, for her losing her husband to a mistress. But she made it clear she wanted Mary to wed Francis. Catherine told her that she was all but dead. If she wanted to fix things, she would have to do it herself.

Catherine decided to give Nostradamus the mast Clarissa has worn before her death. She figured it would mean more to him, as he had been more of a parent to her than she had. She wanted to know if her daughter had ever known happiness. Nostradamus told her she had for a short while. When she was younger she had lived in a village, and he would often hear her singing a song the villagers had sung to her.

Consummation 16 Queen Catherine

I might die for this!

Nostradamus told Catherine of his new visions. And how they now regarded Mary and Francis. He had always predicted Mary was tied to her firstborn's death. However since Clarissa was dead, and how she had actually been Catherine’s firstborn's, the visions changed. He now saw Francis and Mary together, living happily after their wedding. She was of course, furious at her friend. Her head was literally on the chopping block, because of his visions, and her son had disappeared. He then told her Francis had returned to Court just that day. She furiously informed him that if she died, it wouldn't be before she saw him burn.

Catherine ran to greet her son. France's promises his mother he would get her away from French Court. And that they could leave, exiled together hopefully. The Queen demand he stopped to listen to her. She told her son Nostradamus's visions had changed. Even though he did not believe in them, Mary did. He could now change Mary's mind. Marie de Guise interrupted them both, informing Francis that she also thought Nostradamus’s predictions were silly. However, she wanted the young man with her daughter over the bastard Sebastian.

Mary walked into Catherine's room, furious. She demanded to know what she was doing, was it all just a game to her. Mary wanted to know if she was just doing this since she has so much to lose. Catherine insisted she was not, she would never put the lives of her children ahead of hers. She then walked over to her dresser and cut her wrist with a piece of broken glass. She told Mary she could either do nothing and let her die, a call for help. The choice was hers. She could believe her, or she could not. She would be the dead soon anyways if she did not choose Francis. Deciding Catherine was indeed telling the truth she went over to help stop the bleeding. A servant then entered Cathryn's chambers, not realizing the situation informed both Queens that King Henry had called for everyone to come to the throne room.

There her soon-to-be ex-husband told everyone the English Queen was dead. He now demanded Mary pick one of his sons to wed.

Consummation 29 Queen Catherine

Ol' trick I learned

Queen Catherine entered Mary's chambers, informing her that The Vatican had made a decision on who would be France's next king. She said the decision was in the letter, and that though she knew Mary loved both men, she argued that she loved one more than the other. She handed Mary the letter and told her to open. When Mary did she breathed out a sigh of relief. It was an empty piece of paper, but they both knew who Mary had been thinking about.

Not long later Mary stood beside the Scottish Queen's mother waiting for their children to marry. She noted that the servant who brought news of the English Queen was now missing. They both knew Marie had tricked everyone. However neither seemed to care as now their children were getting married.

Dirty Laundry
The Darkness
At the First Light Banquette, Kenna approaches Catherine with word about Henry's sexual exploits. She takes the queen to the scene of the crime, where the two look upon a body of a prostitute that has been choked to death. Catherine advises Kenna to say that she saw Anna leave the chamber and brag about getting very well paid, sharing her new wealth with a relative far away.

Catherine walks in on Henry muttering to himself and looking at a map of Europe in his office. He appears drunk and angry as he curses Mary Tudor out for not dying yet. Catherine brings his attention to the dead girl in his chambers, as well as to the fact that his water has run black, and asks him to see Nostradamus. Henry dismisses the idea completely and argues that kings do not get ill, as the country would descend into madness if the people believed they did. As such, he makes Catherine swear to keep his condition a secret.

Two days later, Catherine catches Henry flirting with an obviously petrified Kenna. She shoos her away to talk to her husband in private and learns that having taken a tonic for his headaches, Henry is feeling better and more enlightened. He is done kowtowing to women after receiving a sign from God and warns Catherine that there will be others like Anna and Cecilia in the near future.

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers 7 - Mary Stuart n Francis n King Henry

Mary and Francis appeal to Queen Catherine for military aid, but Catherine tells them they have worse problems do deal with. The ailing Mary Tudor named her Protestant half-sister Elizabeth England's next ruler, a move that infuriates Henry. He berates Mary for not being pregnant yet and for draining their resources while failing to provide him with England. The Protestants demand Marie's head on a pike and Henry warns Mary to be careful, or hers might follow.

When Penelope goes to Henry and claims to be pregnant with his child, Catherine calls her out for lying and warns her not to push her luck, otherwise she may end up like the two dead girls before her.

Toy Soldiers 21 - Queen Catherine n Penelope

In the tower you go

Catherine walks in on Penelope hooking up with a stable boy in the kitchen and after kicking him out, she locks Penelope in the tower to "protect" her and her baby - but Catherine believes there isn't a baby at all and lets Penelope know she will visit every month or so to watch her belly grow.

"Don't make friends with rats. They bite."
Queen Catherine

Francis goes to Catherine in horror at Henry sending troops into England, but Catherine reassures her son that she's been in contact with the generals and that they're under strict orders not to make any moves unless she approves of them.

Toy Soldiers 36 - Queen Catherine n Penelope

You will serve me now

Penelope confesses to Catherine that she was never pregnant, but Catherine already knew that and forgives her for her deception, as she has another use for her. She wants Penelope to join her Flying Squad. Penelope would first be sent to Italy to learn the art of deception, making her well-equipped to serve Catherine as one of her ladies once she returns to court.

Henry summons Francis and Catherine to his office and tells them that he knows of their thwarting his military plans. However, no more, as he ordered his troops to march to Calais that morning with a general that doesn't report to Catherine. When Francis realizes that their troops are too weak to reclaim England alone, he offers up the Duke of Guise's army to help them. He argues that if France falls, so will Scotland, so he will have to protect France first.

Slaughter of Innocence
King Henry calls everyone into the courtyard in the middle of the night to make an announcement: he reports on the assassination attempt made on him and introduces everyone to his new guards who answer only to him. He then draws his sword and kills the secretary to Lord Belamy, as he believes him guilty for ordering his assassination and as he has taken his penance. Francis then realizes that his father is beyond help.

In the morning, Mary, Francis and Catherine gather to discuss their options. They mean to remove Henry from power by force, and agree that the best way to do that is by staging a coup. They decide on finding generals discarded by Henry and using them against him, and once Henry is dethroned, Francis will become king.

At the spectacle for the heroes of Calais, Mary sits next to King Henry. Henry keeps coming onto Mary and admits to using the spectacle as a means to impress her, which does not escape Catherine. The naval spectacle goes horribly wrong as one of the ships explodes, leaving everyone in the crowd petrified.

After retreating to a private room, Catherine informs Mary that Henry has yet again asked for an annulment, which implies that Henry means to wed Mary once he rids himself of Catherine. When Mary points out how she is happily married to Francis and how they would never agree to annul their marriage, Catherine and Mary realize that Henry is going to kill his own son.

When Mary arrives at the joust donning the English coat of arms, the crowd starts to cheer and chant her name. However, members of the English contingent are not so pleased and leave the joust to warn Elizabeth. Henry becomes jealous as the spotlight is not on him, so he decides to go against Lord Montgomery.

Season 2

The Plague
At court, Queen Mary announces the return of the plague to France. Queen Catherine urges anyone who feels ill to seek their expert care, while Nostradamus describes the symptoms of the plague. Mary concludes by reassuring the court that they're well-prepared for containing the illness.

The Plague 11 - Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine

Stop being annoying!

After the gathering, Mary and Catherine isolate themselves in The Throne Room for their safety. When a melody starts playing, Mary and Catherine are alerted that someone has fallen ill. Nostradamus comes in to speak with them, volunteering to look for Francis. Catherine is against it, but Mary doesn't want to hear it and sends Nostradamus to try to find them. That evening, Eduard Narcisse comes and requests that they kill his foe by putting him in a mass holding cell so that he would become infected of the Plague and die. Should Mary not give in to his demand, he will cut off the grain that enters court, leaving French Court to starve. This angers Mary and she feels inclined to refuse his proposal.

Catherine turns to Mary and tries to school her on the way that the court works: Mary's position as a royal comes from birth, but her power comes from nobles. In exchange for that power, royals grant the nobles special privileges.

"A favour for a favour, and it keeps you on the throne."
Queen Catherine

However, Mary argues that bowing to the nobles isn't the way to rule, suggesting that they punish Éduard by claiming his grain for themselves. However, Catherine argues that claiming a noble's grain will only end in a revolt. Mary asserts that she wants to be a different queen than her and orders a guard to tell Eduard that she denies his request.

The Plague 24 - Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine


Eduard returns to the two queens to tell them that they have made it more complicated for themselves, since Pierre and his family have isolated themselves in their quarters. He instructs Mary to look outside, where she sees the villagers burning the houses of the infected, destroying the holdings of grain that she was counting on. This will cause a famine to occur in the land, unless they are provided grain by Eduard. Before leaving, Eduard gives Mary a chance to reconsider her decision.

Catherine tries to convince Mary into killing Pierre's family via poison, as it would be kinder than letting thousands starve to death. Soon after, Nostradamus returns from the village and reports that the house that Francis and Lola were staying in had been marked with a cross, symbolizing the Plague, and burned to the ground. Later that night, Mary visits Catherine in her chambers, who believes she is ill with the Plague. She advises Mary not to let Lola get between her and Francis, because she's nothing but a guest on this court without the support of her King.

Drawn and Quartered
Catherine is pleased to see her son Francis return to the castle safe and sound.

Drawn and Quartered - 7 Queen Catherine

Sorry but your son was a monster

Later, Catherine welcomes Lord Narcisse and offers him her condolences for the loss of his son. She bids for whiskey to be brought. Narcisse doesn't understand why his son wasn't safe in the castle. He decides to go see him.

A festivity is taking place to celebrate Francis' return. When Lord Narcisse enters the celebration, Catherine's face drops. Why is he back with so many nobles?

Lord Narcisse alleges that Nostradamus falsely diagnosed Eduard and condemned him to death. Nostradamus denies it and even Francis has trouble believing it to be true. Narcisse continues his rant about the noblemen providing everything for the kingdom and Francis orders Nostradamus to be taken away for questioning.

Drawn and Quartered - 12 Queen Catherine

Look at what you did!

When in private, Mary divulges what she did to Francis and then Catherine storms in, wise to Mary poisoning her with Nostradamus' help. She believes Mary has cost them all dearly. Narcisse wants everyone complit to be executed. If they don't accede to Narcisse's demands, they will enrage the nobles, and a full scale rebellion may follow. It could mean the end of the their reign. Mary pledges to fix it.

She spends the next few hours negotiating with Narcisse to spare Nostradamus, but it's no use. He is too consumed by his desire for vengeance and he has the nobles on his side.

Later, Catherine wonders if Francis will claim the bastard. She warns him that if he does not claim him, there will be a distance between father and son for all their lives.

Drawn and Quartered - 35

You made your bed, now sleep in it

Catherine goes to see Nostradamus in the dungeon. He's getting his last rites soon. She has no plan for him, but she'll make sure he is remembered. Nostradamus lashes out at her, but Catherine reminds him that if he had stayed loyal to her, all would be fine. Nostradamus hints at Clarissa possibly being alive, but refuses to elaborate on it, which deeply unnerves Catherine.

Terror of the Faithful
Early in the morning, Catherine bursts into Claude's bedroom with news of her engagement to the son of a Bavarian count. She fusses over her girl's hair and smell, suggesting that she take a bath while Catherine meets her new fiancée and his father alone.

The Bavarian Count and his son William are welcomed by Catherine. Since arriving at court, the count has heard of Claude's improper liaison with a priest. He would like assurance of Claude's virtue before proceeding with their union.

And so, Catherine takes advantage of The Vatican's presence in France and arranges for them to verify Claude's virtue. Claude has no desire to be prodded by a bunch of men to prove her virtue to a "Bavarian nobody". She proclaims that if they want to do it, they'll have to put her on a rack and pry her legs apart. Works for Catherine!

Later, Sebastian comes to Catherine and questions her decision to marry Claude off to the Bavarian count's son. Bavarian trade routes are used sparsely, so Bash doesn't understand why Catherine would push for such an alliance. Catherine defends herself - she loves her children, even the ones who didn't survive.

She shows Bash her bible, where she has the names of all her children. Catherine points to the names of her deceased twins. The oldest she could ever imagine them was at eight or nine. She sees them on the bed, causing Bash to turn his head, but there is no one there. Before he leaves, Bash witnesses Catherine covering up an unseen someone on the bed.

While Claude is undergoing the examination by the Vatican, Catherine goes to her and holds her hand for comfort. After that "wretched procedure", Catherine tells Claude how beautiful she is and how sorry she is for sending her away, but it is for her own good. When asked why, Catherine flashes back. When Claude was little, she injured and pinched the twins because they ruined her things, such as ripping flowers from her dress.

The Bavarian Count is pleased to announce Claude will make a great addition to his family just as Claude comes in and sits on Lord Narcisse's lap. He flirts with her, asking for his cape before she goes. The Count and his son leave in fury at once.

Catherine looks on at the exchange, seeing her twins walking after Claude, shooting Catherine a menacing glare as they leave. She flashes back...she was crying as a man discovers they were suffocated. Inside each of their windpipes was a red flower. Catherine cries out in pain and crumbles.

Acts of War
Mary is in the courtyard looking for her rapist in a string of chained prisoners. Catherine is worried for her.

Sebastian and Catherine inform Francis of the prisoners starting a riot because they foresee death by his command. He orders Bash to hang them all. Catherine tries to reason with Francis, but he's falling back on the idea that terror is the way to rule. When he rides away, Catherine looks down on her hands and sees them covered in blood. When she looks up, she sees the twin girl ghosts.

Catherine follows them into the music room, where Claude is playing an instrument. Catherine sends her out and when Claude refuses, she is slapped. Once Claude storms away, Catherine begs the girls to leave Claude alone. But the girls tell her that Claude suffocated them and if Catherine doesn't make her pay for it, they will.

Claude is talking with her ladies when Catherine comes up. Catherine warns Claude that it's not safe for her in the castle. She gives her enough gold to take her anywhere she wants to go. However, Claude refuses it, pointing out that there is something wrong with Catherine. She pours out the money, calling Catherine a relic who has outlived her usefulness.

Catherine and Claude chat. Catherine apologizes and tells Claude that she has always loved her and wants to start acting more like her mother. As she starts to feed her daughter soup, the ghosts smile. Catherine asks Claude to forgive her.

As Catherine is sleeping, a silhouette of a person crawls up from under the covers. It is Henry. His hand grasps her throat and wakes her up. She doesn't believe he is real and doesn't understand why he is in her bed. Henry explains that the twins found him. She mustn't feel guilty about Claude, because she did right by them. They start making out. Henry begs Catherine to say that she wants him back and she does.

Catherine is mixing garlic with arsenic as Henry snuggles up to her. Catherine is making a poisonous soup that she plans to feed Claude and slowly kill her in doing so. Catherine starts to second-guess herself, but Henry convinces her that killing Claude is the only way to spare her the wrath of the twins.

While walking in the hall and carrying the soup to Claude, Catherine and Henry talk about Kenna's ass, which Kenna overhears. Catherine denies talking about her ass and tells her to move aside.

Catherine walks in on Claude searching for the poison she's been using on her. Claude knew her mother hated her, but not to the point of killing her. Catherine tells her that she murdered her twin sisters out of jealousy from the attention they received from Catherine. Claude denies it, but Catherine doesn't believe her.

Claude almost drinks the entire glass of poison, but Catherine knocks it out of her hand and holds her as she breaks down in tears. Henry whispers in her ear not to betray her other children and walks away with the twins in disapproval.

Catherine is with Henry and her twins, wondering how he managed to keep them from hating her even after she decided not to kill Claude. He listened to them and gave them time, respect, and love. Henry wants her to be more of a part of their world, but she wonders if she's going mad.

After Diane rips into Catherine about her family situation, Henry again appears and strokes Catherine's ego. He then tries to convince her to leave her family in favour of one that loves her and wants to spend time with her, which are Henry and the twins. And so, Catherine later plays with them in the snow.

When the twins run away, Henry seduces Catherine and the two start making out. Catherine is shivering, but Henry pays her no mind. Bash later finds her nearly frozen to death. When they return to the castle, Bash tells her about his interrogation of the nanny.

Catherine wants the woman punished, but believes that she should be punished as well. She realizes that she chose ignorance to avoid asking herself questions she didn't want answers to. She tells Bash that Henry hurt his mother, too. Something Catherine says as she's making Bash aware she knew of the promises Henry made to Diane makes him realise something and rush off.

Henry creeps up on Catherine again, but this time, she isn't having it. She chastises him for letting his indulgences get in the way of his family and lead to the deaths of their twins, before she banishes him from her life completely. She also sends the twins away, albeit gently.

While Diane is packing, Catherine sneaks up on her and hits her in the head with a fire poker. She figured out that Diane killed her twins upon hearing that Bash took her lands away and told her to leave. Diane is indignant, provoking Catherine, whose hands are soon tightening around Diane's neck. Diane did it all for Henry? He is all hers now.

The Duke of Guise's high treason against the crown is covered up in light of his murder. King Antoine, King Francis, Queen Mary, Queen Catherine, Marie de Guise, and Lord Condé all attend his funeral.

Francis seeks advice from his mother on how we should proceed with Mary, who wants to concieve an heir with him. Catherine thinks he should follow Mary's lead and do what she asks. However, the visit to Mary's chamber must be witnessed so that if Mary finds herself with child, there is no doubt about whose the child is.

The next day, Catherine and Francis talk about Mary again. He tells her Mary has released him to be free with whomever he wishes. Catherine promises to support him in whatever he decides.

Season 3

Three Queens, Two Tigers
In England, Catherine has been brought in to Queen Elizabeth's to help her take down Queen Mary. While her plan to call on James Stuart to push for her abdication has failed, she has found another way to usurp Mary. Catherine has called in nobles from French court and plans to use them to help Elizabeth reveal Mary's affair with Louis of Condé to the Pope to disempower her.

Catherine knows of Elizabeth's fondness for Robert Dudley, but Elizabeth asserts her virginity. Catherine believes it's time for Elizabeth to get married, and offers up Prince Charles as a candidate. First, Elizabeth will have to reach out to King Francis for his blessing.

However, Francis doesn't grant it. He and Mary are quick to track down Catherine's location with the aid of their spies and while they lure Elizabeth out of the castle, they have Martin de Lambert and his men kidnap Catherine and drag her to a French coast.

Once there, Mary confronts Catherine about her consorting with the enemy. While Catherine claims to have turned to Elizabeth for the good of France, but Mary and Francis view it as an act of treason. Francis orders her put into a cage with Martin's tiger, which follows Mary and Francis back to French court.

Catherine has been locked in the dungeon, where thr servants strip her of all but her undergarments. She demands to see King Francis but is rebuffed.

Francis pays her a visit later anyway. He reveals to Catherine that he's dying and she tries to convince him that she loves him. When he reveals his plan to marry Charles and Mary after he dies, she asks that Charles be sent to her for love and comfort.

Charles meets with Catherine to discuss the threats against him when he becomes king. Charles doesn't want to protect Mary or Scotland, but he does want to protect himself. Catherine advises him to install her as Regent once Francis dies and then makes her his errand boy so she can gather information about the kingdom. Charles doesn't know he's sending a coded message to one of Catherine's allies. Charles does as he's told.

Once he learns that he inadvertently ordered an assassination attempt on the Bourbons, he and Mary visit Catherine to confront her about it. What comes out of it is that Charles no longer trusts Catherine and agrees to wed Mary after Francis' death, a victory for Mary which she flaunts in Catherine's face.

Catherine ends up in the infirmary after biting part of her cheek and leaving it on the dungeon ground. Mary visits her and informs her that Francis never wants to see her again, but Catherine responds by telling Mary that she led to all the tragedies that have happened. After hearing about the English offer to King Antoine about English support if he doesn't renounce the Bourbon claim to the French throne, Mary has Catherine released from the dungeon. Catherine threatens Nicholas - if he doesn't retract his offer to King Antoine, she would reveal her and Elizabeth's plan to ruin Mary and Elizabeth's relationship with Dudley. She visits Francis in his bedchamber and apologizes for not being the mother he wanted and promises to protect everyone, including Mary. It's revealed that she was the one who sent the information to Mary about the Spanish king looking for a wife. She encounters Lola and Narcisse after their wedding and wishes them "long and happy lives." She enters the throne room and seats herself on one of the thrones. [1]

After Francis' miraculous recovery, she's rearranging the furniture in his chambers and urges Francis to make heirs with Mary. Later Nostradamus tells her of a new prophecy he had regarding Francis' fate - a white flowering tree with petals all around and blood falling. She is alarmed and asks him to warn Francis but he reminds her that she is Francis' mother and that he'll probably listen to her. When she tries to warn Francis, he decides to brush it aside. Later Sebastian brings news of Francis' death and Catherine finds Mary beside Francis' body. She urges Mary away from his body and they hold each other. During the funeral, Nostradamus refuses to return to Court but tells her that she needs Mary in order to rule as France's regent. When Mary returns the crown of the Queen of France to her, she tells Mary she doesn't blame her for Francis' death because Francis made his own choices and his love for Mary made him happy. She tells Mary that she is strong and that she will have to remain strong.

After Don Carlos falls and cracks his head, Catherine and Mary Stuart are paniking on what to do. Catherine tells Mary she better pray he dies, as his father is the most powerful, most pious monarch in the world. The prince could convince him the machine was something that she and Francis used to use, and Mary introduced it to the prince and invited her in as a participant. And nothing would save them from Spain's wrath.

Mary found out Duke of Alba knows about Don Carlos' bedroom hobbies. Catherine tells them, they too helped hide the prince's predilections from his father, fearing he would disown his son, the countries only heir to the throne. Mary Stuart promised to do nothing with the information. Saying she's in the market for a husband and wanted to remain removed from scandal. In return, Duke of Alba will say while on a stroll, the prince wanted to pick wildflowers for Mary. He climbed a wall, slipped, and cracked his skull, all for the love of Queen Mary.

Later, Catherine banished Don Carlos from France. Adding if he tries to turn King Philip against France, if he attacks France or Mary in any way, she will not hesitate to share with his father the ghastly details of his visit.

No Way Out
Catherine welcomes Mary back to the castle after she left to see The Vatican. Mary confesses that the trip was a success: the Vatican was steadfastly behind her and agreed to help her gather any forces she may need. But she lied and told Gideon Blackburn that the mission failed, so that Elizabeth is none the wiser to her plan. Catherine notes how Gideon and Mary have become close, and advises Mary to take him as her lover if she so pleases, but to never trust him.

Later, Catherine is seeing the privy council off after their meeting when Lord Narcisse comes in, showing her a signed confession from the royal embalmer in order to prove that he didn't frame her for King Francis' poisoning. The royal embalmer was bribed to not remove Francis' organs by Cardinal Morel. Catherine wants Narcisse to find Cardinal Morel and bring him to her.

Strange Bedfellows
King Charles has been apprised of Catherine and Henry's treacherous decision to kill thirteen men simply because they could not repay them. He fears their sins will come back and ruin his reign. Catherine promises to handle it.

Later, Mary inquires Catherine about a man named Joseph Tudor. She learns that Joseph appealed to her and Henry for asylum and they granted it to him. She also asks about Archbishop Ridolfi. She refuses to divulge the reason for asking to Catherine, though.

Sebastian, Catherine, and Charles discuss whether it may be possible that the current Red Knights threatening her are descendants of the original Red Knights whom Henry had killed. Bash is sent to a brothel to examine the theory.

When Mary learns that Gideon Blackburn has been arrested, she shares her entire plan with Catherine in hopes that Catherine can help her. Catherine points her in Robert Dudley's direction.

Bash, meanwhile, tracks down a recruiter for the Red Knights and shoots him down so that he can bring him to the castle. Catherine then takes over and questions the man with Christophe's help. Christophe tortures the man while Catherine asks the questions. The man refuses to speak except to say that the Red Knights aren't just coming for Catherine but for the entire House of Valois. Christophe runs his sword through him.

Mary meets with Catherine and asks for help saving Gideon from the Vatican. Catherine comes up with a plan to send Gideon to England in exchange for a general of her choice being released from English prison and sent back to her. Mary agrees to the trade.

Catherine stand up to the Archbishop and when he gives her pushback about whether or not she asked the men of court for permission to make the trade. Then she makes an appeal to Lord Narcisse to have him on her side knowing he loves his country more than he hates her.

Later that evening, Catherine receives a visit from Christophe who has disposed of the body of the man they killed. For him, their encounter with the man in the cellar was foreplay, and Catherine has little choice but to allow him to sleep at her bedside.

To The Death
Catherine has summoned General Gaghan to apprise him of a threat to the realm called the Red Knights. Gaghan tells her that although he would lay his life on the line for free to protect her, his soldiers will not until they are paid in full. When she and Charles learn that a Greek prince is coming to France in two weeks to raise an army with gold in hand, they know their soldiers will desert them, so they agree to pay the soldiers at a feast in their honour.

The Vatican and Rome refuse to help Catherine raise the money she needs to fight the Red Knights, but they offer money to Mary to raise an army so that she can take back Scotland. Catherine sends her to Bash for help raising her army, while she turns to Lord Narcisse for help raising the money.

However, Catherine and Charles later find out that Narcisse failed at raising all the money they need, even through an emergency tax. Catherine storms out to think while Charles and Narcisse set out to raise the money on their own.

The next day, Catherine finds out that Charles and Narcisse went to the casino, and when Charles lost, they turned to underground fighting. Narcisse won and earned the money back, but not without suffering injuries. Catherine pays Narcisse a visit while he is resting in bed and thanks him for his sacrifice, as well as asks him to be her lord chancellor.

That evening, at a feast held in the generals' honour, Catherine and Charles thank them for their loyalty to the crown. They sit down and begin eating when Catherine is informed that a tribute has been delivered to her chambers. She goes to her room and finds a note and a box containing the Red Knight's mask.

She immediately realises what that means and runs back to the dinnerhall, where she finds all the generals dead and Charles standing over them. They have been poisoned and now all of France will believe they poisoned them because they couldn't pay.

Safe Passage

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Mary and Sebastian return to the castle to find the French generals dead. Catherine and Charles know that they will be blamed for their deaths so Narcisse proposes they bury their bodies to hide the evidence. Mary helps concoct the lie they will tell to cover up the murders: the generals never arrived.

The next day, Bash updates Catherine on the search for the Red Knights. So far they have not found the poison. Christophe enters Catherine's chambers and lets her know that he knows about the feast. He also points out how odd it is she didn't call for her servants to clean up afterward. She offers herself up in order to get him to back off of his questioning about the feast.

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Mary informs Catherine that she will leave for Scotland sooner than expected but worries that Catherine won't be protected if she leaves. They hear screams from outside and find the heads of their generals on pikes outside the castle with soldiers arriving to witness the atrocity.

Narcisse and Catherine discuss their options. Now that the French military believes Catherine murdered their own, they are bound to turn on her. She will need reinforcements to defend the castle. Narcisse advises Catherine to buy Mary's mercenaries out from under her in order to protect their own rule.

Mary tells Catherine of her decision to stay in France and protect her until the threat of a revolt has passed, but Catherine turns her away and exhorts her to take back her country instead.

"It is time that we move forth on our own, as queens of separate nations."
Queen Catherine to Queen Mary

Soon after being hired to serve as a royal seer, Delphine is found dead in the hallway. When Catherine hears that Christophe found Delphine's body, she knows he's guilty. Bash finds Catherine in her chambers and sees the bruises on her neck, which feeds into his suspicion.

One of the general's lieutenants asks for a meeting with Catherine and Charles. She offers the payment owed to the soldiers and he tells her that they've moved beyond payment. They want justice. Catherine must stand before a military tribunal.

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The French army waits at the gate of the castle and Catherine agrees to go outside and meet them. Just as they begin opening the gate, Mary and her army arrive and Mary pleads with them to trust Catherine and France. They put away their swords and leave the castle. Narcisse tells Catherine that he is leaving France in order to free Lola from England because he knows if he stays he and Catherine will ruin his chance at happiness with Lola.

Bash accuses Catherine of murdering his mother and when she admits to doing so, he attacks her and nearly chokes her to death out of fury. When he finally lets go, he resigns as her deputy. However, he doesn't head out without leaving a parting gift to Claude and Charles. It is Christophe's letter, which states all of his and Catherine's crimes.

Catherine has been trying to bribe her way back into Claude's good graces, but to no avail, as Claude brings the dresses Catherine sent her and throws them on the ground in front of her. Claude has another go at her, but Catherine reminds her to keep her disdain a secret from the public, as The Red Knights would like nothing more than to see their family fractured. Catherine orders her children to stay within the castle walls until the Red Knights are brought to justice.

As she walks by the hall later, she sees Charles and his friends playing tennis, and breaking a vase in the process. Catherine is furious - the vase was a gift for her 18th birthday from Pope Paul III! But she quickly simmers down and plays it off like it's nothing, telling the boys to just have fun.

Catherine goes to the privy council and other members of the nobility to ask for their help in finding and rescuing Charles. Martel de Guise, a newcomer to court, alludes that she cannot count on the others to help and that her trust should be placed in him alone.

Claude and Leith stand before Catherine as Catherine chastises Leith for going along with Charles' plan to take down The Red Knights and losing him in the process. Instead of killing him on the spot, however, she lets him live and commends him for his loyalty.

After dismissing him, she turns to Claude and warns her not to trust anyone, especially not Martel de Guise. But of course, Claude doesn't listen and goes straight to Martel. When Catherine hears of it, she isn't pleased. But Claude is sure Martel would never hurt her and Catherine guesses the reason why: they have history.

A guard comes up to Catherine and Claude and passes them an urgent letter from the Red Knights. It reads that they have Charles and are willing to trade his life for Catherine's. She is to travel alone to a clearing north of the castle at dawn, where the "transaction" is to take place.

Catherine has a plan, and she enlists the help of three of her most trusted guards and Leith to execute it. She rides out into the clearing like she was instructed, but refuses to move forward until the Red Knights produce Charles. A horn sounds and her soldiers, dressed as the Red Knights, begin a fight with the real Red Knights. The Red Knights are defeated and killed, except for one, whom Catherine presses to tell her where Charles is, as he has not been brought out.

Spiders in a Jar
Catherine has invited the people from the town of Vouvant to court in the guise of thanking them for growing delicious onions, when what she really intends to do is use them to wring a confession from the captured Red Knight. The Knight knows these people, and if he does not divulge Charles' location, he can watch while the torturer chops off their fingers.

Later, Martel de Guise reports on how Catherine's children are doing abroad, when Leith Bayard comes in and shoots two guards down. He explains that Catherine's interrogation method paid off - the prisoner gave up the names of the last Red Knights to infiltrate the kingsguard, and here they were.

Following Leith's heroic act, Catherine gives him and Claude her blessing to wed.

"Leith, protect my daughter. Cling to each other. May you have a long and happy life. I give you my blessing to wed."
Queen Catherine

Soon enough, Charles is found. Catherine runs up to him as the guards shout, "long live the king." However, Charles says he can't do it. He doesn't want to be king.

The king is brought home and a few hours later, Catherine pays him a visit in his chamber. She told the privy council that he outmaneuvered the Red Knights and they loved every word of it. She is ecstatic at how adored he is, but Charles grouches at her.

They sit down and Charles opens up to her about the horrors he endured after escaping captivity: he watched as his friend, Thierry Huguenot, was strung up and burned alive by the Red Knights. Charles repeats that he doesn't want to be king and is about to tell the council his decision, but Catherine slaps him and reminds him that he has a responsibility to his nation and to his family.

The next day, Catherine comes into the meeting chamber and to her surprise, there was a meeting that no one told her about. Now that it is over, Charles boasts about how he had the privy council declare him of age and thus stripped Catherine of the regency, all of which he achieved thanks to her verbal embellishments. Catherine tries to protest, but Charles has none of it and tells her to leave.

Catherine, however, doesn't take it lying down. She has invited Charles' younger brother Henri to court and when his and Charles' paths cross, Catherine pulls Charles aside and tells him that she brought Henri here to remind Charles and everyone else just how many sons she has and how replaceable he is.

"My dearest son, you can't hug your big brother whenever you like. He's King. At the moment."
Queen Catherine

Season 4

With Friends Like These
A Grain of Deception
In France, Catherine, Claude, and Queen Leeza come out of the chapel after attending yet another mass. Catherine maintains the cover story of King Charles being in Paris, because she knows that once Leeza senses a power vaccuum, she will most likely try to fill it with a Spaniard, making France a colony of Spain. So Catherine sets out to get Lord Narcisse back from England.

Catherine uses the rare sight of Charles to her benefit and asks him to sign a document that would secure Narcisse's release. When he tries to walk away, Catherine points out that there is blood on his shirt, but Charles brushes it off as a minor injury. Catherine then pleads with Charles to at least dine with his family to dispel the rising suspicion regarding his welfare.

Catherine, Claude, and Leeza wait for Charles to show up to dine with them, but he doesn't. After driving Claude away from the table as well, Leeza turns to her mother and makes a proposal: Spain will pay for Lord Narcisse's release, but only if he steps down as Lord Chancellor permanently. Catherine refuses and sets off to get Narcisse back without Spain's help.

Catherine plans to remind the nobles of the power of the Valois and what they stand to lose if Spain takes over at a banquet hosted by her. Shockingly enough, though, out of all ten nobles in invitation, only one shows up, and he just came for the food.

So the next day, Catherine goes to Charles and yet again beseeches him to sign a document to bring Narcisse home. He takes it and dismisses her.

Leaps of Faith
Narcisse and Catherine are reunited at French Court, along with John Philip. Catherine thanked Narcisse for returning John, and promises to protect him, to honour Francis and Lola, and as his stepfather, he would always be in his life. But Narcisse doesn’t want that, John has Lola's eyes and he can't look at him.

Playing With Fire
Highland Games
Catherine told her son King Charles how she overheard two dukes that were educated, reasonable men discussing whether the King's ailment could be cured, or if a better solution was a silver bullet. But it was his sister, the queen of Spain, they needed to worry about. If she believes that Charles was possessed, the very inquisitors that rained blood down on Spain would march into French court, and not even a king would be safe. Charles agreed to do whatever was needed, and Catherine was able to buy them time. She convinced Leeza to take a tour of France's great cathedrals a "welcoming home" gift from the clergy.

Love & Death
Hanging Swords
Uncharted Waters
Catherine informed Lord Narcisse Queen Leeza was back in Spain, but she's not happy. Catherine informed her Prince Henry's return to France had been delayed, 'cause he is fighting Turks on behalf of the Catholic faith. Something that would please her, she liked the slaughter of infidels, but still, she wants Henri on the throne, not his older brother. Leeza would allow King Charles to remain king while Henry's was delayed. In the meantime, she's requesting that she attend Mary and Darnley's Wedding. insisted that she represent both France and Spain's support of a Catholic union.

Pulling Strings
Catherine informs Lady Lennox she daughter, Leeza, is the queen of Spain, she hopes she wouldn't take her lack of attendance as a slight, she sent a full dining set of pure gold with her personal apologies.

A Better Man
Lord Narcisse tells Catherine that Nicole Touchet is turning into a proper lady, and she wants to be a courtesan. In return, she is guiding Charles for them, keeping him in line. However Leeza still wants Charles off the throne, and believes Henri is the man to keep France Catholic. And after agreeing to let her handle matters, Leeza went behind her back and she wrote to Henri directly, he is on his way to France now now, fresh from his latest defeat of the Turks, aware that Spain wants him on the throne.

Later, Henri arrives, sitting Leeza's letters that Charles is unwell and he was needed immediately. His mother assured him, his brother is quite recovered and will not be abdicating.

Narcisse and Catherine met up and Lord Narcisse told her how he played Nicole Touchet masterfully. All it cost him was the desecration of Lola's memory.

Dead of Night
Prince Henri is hosting a party at French court, claiming it to be in honour of King Charles, but purposefully failing to invite him. But he and Nicole do come across it by accident.

They walk over to Henri recounting his battles against the Turks to Claude and Luc. Henri begins showing everyone his keepsakes, one of them being The Goetia, the book of black magic. As soon as Catherine sees it, she confiscates it, claiming that it is dangerous.

While, Luc, Claude, Charles, and Nicole all head to the dancefloor, Catherine pulls Henri aside for a chat. She warns him not to try to challenge his brother, because when one Valois is weakened, the entire line is threatened.

The next day, while playing tennis, Henri throws a ball full of rocks at Charles, breaking his nose. He claims it was an accident, but Narcisse saw him do it on purpose. Catherine chides him for purposefully udermining the King and eyeing his young love, Nicole. She threatens to tell Spain and the Vatican all about the heretical Goetia that is in Henri's possession if he does not apologise to Charles at dinner.

During the family dinner, instead of apologising, Henri derides Charles, prompting Charles to attack Henri. The whole family has to separate them.

Narcisse approaches Henri outside and alarms him that he and Catherine will carry out their threat for how Henri behaved at the dinner table. Henri instead attempts to blackmail Narcisse into keeping quiet with knowledge on his and Nicole's illicit affair. It doesn't work.

While Catherine is outraged and ready to draft a letter to the Vatican, Narcisse is impressed with Henri. So much so that he believes Henri would make a better king than Charles. He is done fighting for Charles and warns Catherine that she doesn't have the power to save him either.

Catherine finds Charles brooding in his bed. He has heard that Spain wants Henri on the throne, but he will not go down without a fight. Catherine tries to comfort him but soon realises that there is no use in doing that right now. Before she heads out of his chamber, she subtly reaches for a strand of his hair.

Down in the basement, she uses the Goetia and the strand of Charles' hair to cast a spell on Charles. That is, she asks the Darkness to make Charles strong.

The Shakedown
Catherine tells her son King Charles she wanted to protect him by making him strong, but he insists he is weak, and everyone can see it but her. First Leeza, then Henri. He couldn't let England see that, or his own people, that's why he ordered those heads cut off, to hide the truth that he's afraid.

Coup de Grace
Narcisse and Catherine are in bed together. Catherine mentioned how after all they've been through, all they've lost, the two of them were still here, keeping the kingdom from falling apart. Together they really are a force to be reckoned with. But adds when she told him to get over the loss of Lola, she didn't mean for him to sleep with every woman in the castle.

There are on-going negotiations between England and France. Catherine says not to give England the cargo from the ships. The cargo is saltpeter. The English transport it from North Africa to make gunpowder. Queen Leeza requested the English ship captured in France divert the saltpeter to Spain. Lord Narcisse is working with Spain to clean up the mess King Charles created with England. All they ask in return is the saltpeter to make ammunition.

A Bride. A Box. A Body.
Two months later, Lord Narcisse is planning a diplomatic mission to Scotland with the aim of putting an end to Knox once and for all, though Catherine worries that Nicole will be less manageable with him away.

Later, Catherine is by Charles' is being presented with potraits of marriage candidates as part of his agreement with Spain that as soon as he chooses a bride approved by King Philip, Spain will finally support his reign. However, Charles finds fault in every one of them and the Spanish ambassador is growing irritated.

Later, Luc informs Catherine of a "most unfortunate" situation - an illicit meeting between Nicole and Henri. Catherine enlists her daughter Claude and Luc's help in convincing Henri to end his tryst with the king's favourite before Charles finds out about it.

At French court, a reception is being hosted where Charles is to announce his new fiancée once he makes a choice. Catherine reassures the Spanish ambassador that Charles will make his choice soon and volunteers Claude to talk to the ambassador about his study of astronomy, but Claude excuses herself to go dance with her husband. Later, Charles finally announces his bride-to-be the the court. Except instead of it being a bride approved by Spain, it is Nicole. The ambassador is livid and quite finished with Catherine and her "hopeless brood".

Blood in the Water
Queen Leeza has arrived at French court, supposedly to stay for Charles and Nicole's wedding. As a "token of goodwill", she has rounded up heretics on her way there, including a witch with a particularly nasty gleam in her eye. Catherine pulls Leeza aside and asks her what she's really up to, but Leeza maintains her innocence.

After summoning Catherine and Leeza to the throne room in the middle of the night, Charles soon comes in with an entourage of guards and accuses Leeza of plotting against him with Henri. Based on the fact that castle guards saw Henri ride off with Nicole in the night, headed for a Spanish ship on the harbor, Charles deduced that Henri kidnapped Nicole with the backing of Spain. He has Leeza taken to the dungeon.

The next day, Catherine pays a visit to Leeza, who has been put in the dungeon along with the heretics she gathered. Since King Philip has shifted his attention to England, their coup on France is done for and Charles is more than eager to take Leeza's head. After much desparate pleading, Catherine agrees to sneak Leeza out of France - but it will cost her and Spain a very long list of favours.

Charles is later upset at Catherine for releasing Leeza, but she believes he should thank her for preventing a war with Spain. Charles is even angrier at Henri, partly for attempting to usurp him, but mostly for "tarnishing" Nicole's honour - he would murder him for that alone.

When Catherine realises that her sons are each other's throats because of the "foolish peasant girl", she seeks out the witch, Emanuelle, and hands her the book of black magic, hoping she could use it to kill Nicole.

All It Cost Her

All It Cost Her - Promotional Images 6

Lord Narcisse has returned to France and is now with Queen Catherine. She apprises him of the hell French court has turned into and the two plot to do away with Nicole. They turn to Emanuelle, one of the heretics rounded up by Queen Leeza, for help.

Claude is mourning the loss of both Leith and Luc when Henri runs past her, carrying Nicole. Claude, Catherine, and Narcisse all follow him to the throne room, where he lays her on the ground for Charles to see.

Thinking Henri killed Nicole, Charles threatens Henri and draws his sword, Henri doing the same in retaliation. Catherine jumps in between them and talks them out of blaming each other and into blaming Spain, having betrayed both Charles and Henri.

After chatting and drinking wine with Emanuelle, Narcisse and Catherine start losing themselves in the contents of the wine and act deliriously. Emanuelle pulls them into a makeout session that eventually leads them to bed. When Catherine realizes that Emanuelle is trying to get pregnant with Narcisse via a latin spell, she shoots Narcisse away and stabs Emanuelle several times. Emanuelle only laughs hysterically.

A mazed Catherine wanders into a party going on in the castle, where Narcisse is standing in a corner while Charles, Henri, and their advisors are planning how to destroy Spain and avenge Nicole. Catherine warns them that their plan will only invite complications. Charles and Henri, noticing that Catherine is under the influence, disregard her completely.

All It Cost Her - Promotional Images 5

Catherine sees Emanuelle in the crowd and slinks away to talk to her. Emanuelle, apparently now pregnant with Narcisse's baby, is alive and well. She predicts the fates of Catherine's children and Catherine herself, giving her the choice of whether to stay on her sons' side and die, or change course with Princess Margaret by her side, and stay alive. Catherine chooses the latter.

Family Tree

King Francis I
Claude of France
Duke Francis
King Henry
Queen Catherine
Madeleine of Valois
Charles of Valois
Margaret of Valois
King Francis
Mary Stuart
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip
Princess Claude
Luc Narcisse
King Charles
Prince Henri
Princess Margot
John Philip
Prince Don Carlos


  • Catherine ordered the rape of an unconscious Queen Mary through Colin MacPhail. [2]
  • Catherine orchestrated the deaths of 11 Italians, [3] 12 Scotsmen, [4] Colin MacPhail, [2] and Lady Aylee. [5] She also attempted to murder Lady Kenna, [5] and personally killed Diane de Poitiers. [6]
  • When Catherine said secrets were best kept between one person it is possible she was talking about her experience while she was held captive in Italy. She didn't tell the girls but she was raped while a prisoner at 8 years old. It's unknown if she told Henry. [3]
  • Catherine and Henry had sexual relations while they were estranged. [7]
  • Revealed she gave birth to a daughter with Richard Delacroix, but left it to die in the woods. [7]
  • Catherine convinced Henry to give her Château de Chenonceau in exchange for her help. [8]
  • There is a picture of Pope Clement VII hanging in Catherine's chambers.
  • Catherine has a great deal of information on the human anatomy, including multiple different ways on how to kill a person, with both weapons and poisons, which was most likely taught to her by Nostradamus. [3] [5] [9] [10]
  • Has her own Personal Bible with the names of all her children written in it. [11]
  • Discovered her husband was poisoned by his personal Bible. [12]
  • Strangled Diane de Poitiers for killing her twin daughters. [6]
  • Revealed she knew her son, Francis, killed her husband after he went mad. [13]
  • Harvested Lord Narcisse's horse, Arion, for steak. [14]
  • Tried to wipeout King Antoine's entire family line to ensure the reign of her sons. [1]
  • Lost her oldest son, King Francis, to a fight against Scottish assasins. [15]
  • Took a new lover in the castle's servant named Christophe. [16]
  • Sebastian attempted to kill her after finding out she'd killed his mother. [6][17]
  • Stripped of the regency when King Charles was declared of age by the privy council and given right to rule on his own. [18]

In History

  • Catherine's full name was Caterina Maria Romula di Lorenzo de' Medici.
  • In the show, Catherine reveals that her parents were killed when she was a baby. In history, her parents did when she was a baby, but it was from separate sicknesses.
  • Pope Clement VII not only saved Catherine from being held hostage and raped when she was a child, but prior to that, he had raised and housed her after the death of her parents and grandparent's when she was 4. He was also in attendance for her wedding.
  • There is no evidence that the real Catherine committed adultery or had an illegitimate child.
  • In the show, Catherine and Henry hadn't produced an heir in the first ten years of their marriage. This was true to history, but it was not one of the bizarre concoctions or folk rituals she engaged with that led to conception but rather a visit by a physician who observed abnormalities in the couple's sexual organs. His advice clearly worked as Catherine soon fell pregnant and went on to have eight children by her husband.
  • Catherine and Henry had 10 children together, 7 of whom made it to adulthood.
  • In history, Henry allowed Catherine almost no political influence as Queen, but in the show,
  • Catherine does receive Château de Chenonceau but not until after King Henry II's death in 1559.
  • Throughout her time as Queen and Queen Mother, Catherine enjoyed throwing banquettes so much, and creating such extravagant parties the Kingdom of France annually held Catherine de' Medici's court festivals. In the show, Catherine's love for parties is continually emphasized.
  • She was alleged to have poisoned Jeanne d'Albret, the wife of King Antoine of Navarre. No such event took place in the show.


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