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Protestantism is a branch of form of Christianity that originated along with the Reformation, which was a movement against The Catholic Church for what Protestants considered to be the errors in their faith.

In the Series[]

In the Kingdom of France, Protestantism and The French Wars of Religion begin resurfacing in Season Two, and the conflict between Protestants and Catholics continues well into the third and fourth seasons.

In the Kingdom of England, Protestantism is its core religion, with Queen Elizabeth believeing in the faith as well, much to the resentment of English Catholics.

In the Kingdom of Scotland, for seasons one, two, and halfway into the third, Scotland is Catholic as its regent Marie de Guise upholds the faith. However, after her death, the Protestant James Stuart came to power, along with the Lords of Congregation, including the preacher John Knox.

In Season Four, the Catholic Queen Mary returns to Scotland, but she never imposes her religion onto anyone else and attempts to keep the peace between Catholics and Protestants.


Kingdom of Scotland[]

Kingdom of England[]

Kingdom of France[]

Their Stories[]

  • Henry VIII of England changed the face of England's religion in order to marry Anne Boleyn.
    • Anne was raised Catholic but agreed to become a Protestant in order to marry Henry.
  • Mary Tudor was Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's only surviving heir. She was raised to be staunchly Catholic and clung to her faith even closer when her mother was executed. When she became Queen, she went on a massive rampage against Protestants and became known as "Bloody Mary".
  • Elizabeth Tudor was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was raised Protestant and kept her faith in her reign.
  • James Stuart was raised Protestant, despite his own father, King James V, being a Catholic.
  • Charles Schuler is a German Duke who agreed to supply the Kingdom of France with grain in return for the freedom of his Protestant friends who were jailed for their faith by the late King Henry.
  • Aloysius Castleroy is a French nobleman. After his eldest daughter died, he coverted to Protestantism as it brought him peace and understanding.
    • He asked his wife Greer Castleroy to convert with him so that they could stand united, and, after much reflection on his offer, she agreed.
  • Emile de Bourbon was the nephew of Louis of Condé who was sent to live with his uncle in Viennese, believing that part of France to be more tolerant.
  • Louis of Condé was raised Catholic, but converted due to a growing discontent with the ways of The Catholic Church.
  • The Minister was a preacher who held church services in a barn, but was later killed and the King and Queen were framed for his murder in order to become a martyr for the Protestants.
  • Severin was raised catholic, but after the murder of his son the Minister, became a Protestant rebel and stormed the castle in a violent uprising.
  • Jacob Rivell was secretly a Protestant who hoped to live in peace with the Catholics. However, after he inadvertently helped fund an attack on the castle, he had to flee France.
  • King Charles was raised Catholic, but after enduring a traumatic experience, he found an inexplicable comfort in Protestantism. He announced that he was Protestant but was forced to recant, as France still depended on The Vatican's support. Recently, he has been gaining victories with the Catholics and taking drastic measures against the Protestants.

Historical Notes[]