Princess Claude's Welcome Home Party
Princess Claude's Welcome Home Party
Location: Viennese, France
Date: Summer of 1559
In Honour of: Princess Claude
In Attendance: King Francis

Queen Mary
Queen Catherine
Lady Kenna
Lord Sebastian
Louis Condé

Episode: The Prince of the Blood
Description: Celebrating Princess Claude's return

Princess Claude's Welcome Home Party takes place in France at the end of the summer.


Princess Claude's Welcome Home Party was a last minute, party. The night was originally reserved for the anual Boating Party, but was changed once the princess arrived.

Claude made sure to wear a very eye-catching hot pink dress to make sure everyone noticed her.

Two of Claude's brothers where at the party, but Francis left early, while Sebastian spent most of his time with his wife, Lady kenna.


  • Princess Claude's Welcome Home Party replaced the Boating Party of the previous year.
  • However, the two red boats were still on the water to see the fireworks from.

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