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Princess Claude
Princess Claude
Biographical Information
In History: Claude of Valois
Family Name: Claude de Valois
Title: Princess of France
Born: November 12, 1547
Age: 18
Height: 5'5
Gender: Female Female
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Alive
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Viennese, France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

House of Valois
House of Medici
House of Narcisse
Claude and Luc
Claude and Leith
Claude and Narcisse
Claude and Catherine

Relationship Information
Parents: King Henry(Father)

Queen Catherine (Mother)

Husband: Luc Narcisse

Duke Boinel (Annulled)

Family: Clarissa(Half-sister)

Sebastian (Half-brother)
King Francis(Brother)
Queen Leeza (Sister)
Prince Louis(Brother)
King Charles (Brother)
Prince Henri
Princess Henriette(Sister)
Princess Emone(Sister)
Princess Margot (Sister)

Interests: Lord Narcisse (Fling)

Louis of Condé (Ex-fiancé)
Lyon (Fling)
Sebastian (Fling)
Leith Bayard (Ex-fiancé)

Character Information
First Appearance: The Prince of the Blood
Last Appearance: All It Cost Her
Portrayed By: Rose Williams

"I don't need a husband. I already have a mother to make me miserable."
Princess Claude to Queen Mary

Princess Claude is the younger sister of King Francis and only recently returned from overseas. She is a very sexually advanced young lady and had an unhealthy attraction to her half-brother, Sebastian, and Stéphane Narcisse. She was in a relationship with Leith Bayard, but believing him dead agreed to an arranged marriage to Luc Narcisse.

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Upon arriving to court, Claude was quite the troublemaker who stirred the pot a lot. Claude preferred trysts and didn't react well to being told that she would be married off, although she eventually budged on the engagement to Louis of Condé. She was initially quite cold to Kenna, which stemmed from her envy of Kenna's relationship with Sebastian, but she came to acknowledge that Kenna was "rather kind to me after all".

Even after getting in a relationship with Leith, Claude maintained her streak of independence, but was now comfortable with allowing someone in and admitted that she liked having someone take care of her. She is fearless, as well as loyal and affectionate to the few dearest to her.


Early Life

Princess Claude of Valois was the third child born to her mother, Queen Catherine, and her father, the late King Henry.

When Catherine gave birth to twins, Henriette and Emone, Claude was jealous of them, as she had to share her mother's attention with them. She especially hated that they always pulled flowers off of her dress. One night, Catherine found the twins dead. The doctor determined that they were suffocated when he found a flower in each of their throats, the same flowers that the twins had been pulling off of Claude's dress. And so, Catherine believed that it was her daughter, Claude, who suffocated them. However, she lied about their cause of death to protect her daughter.

By covering up what she thought was a murder committed by her daughter, Catherine claimed that she always mothered Claude the most. But the two never got along, with Catherine shipping Claude away for most of her life. There, Claude was supposed to become an educated, well-cultured woman, but she threw that away in favour of patrying. She ended up growing into quite the troublemaker.

Season 1

Royal Blood - (Referenced)
A lock of hair labeled with her name is shown in her mother's shadow box, along with neatly tied hair from her other brothers and sisters.

Season 2

The Prince of the Blood
Princess Claude arrives at the castle from Prague, leaving a whole string of slack-jawed guards in her wake. Inside, she is greeted by her mother, Queen Catherine who notes that her daughter smells of whiskey, her brother, King Francis, his wife, Queen Mary, whom she reminisces with, her half-brother, Sebastian, and his wife, Lady Kenna, whose beadwork she compliments.

Later, Claude is caught having sex with Father Benoit, the priest who brought her back to the castle, by Catherine. He is then sent away, defrocked and in shame, while Claude bemoans the fact that she will soon be sent away too. However, she manages to convince her mother to let her stay, with the warning that she will be sent away at the first hint of misbehaviour.

That night, Claude attends her Welcome Home Party. She strolls with Francis, asking him about Bash and Kenna's relationship. She makes a few thinly-veiled comments about Kenna, but is warned by Francis that she will have to answer to him if she messes with their relationship.

The Prince of the Blood - Promotional Images 1

Don't touch me

The following day, Claude pinches Bash's butt to detain him. As it turns out, Claude had an attraction to Bash that she manipulated him into acting upon when they were younger by convincing him that Henry wasn't his real father. But now that he knows the truth, he admonishes her that what happened between them mustn't happen again.

In the middle of the night, Claude wakes up to Catherine standing over her. In a terrified manner, Catherine tells her daughter that she cannot stay at court, and leaves with no explanation.

Terror of the Faithful
Queen Catherine wakes her daughter up early and orders her to ready herself to meet her future husband - the son of a Bavarian count. But as expected, Claude is resistant to the idea of marriage.

"I have no interest in being married. Now, or ever. My brother is the king! I don't see why I have to become the property of any man."
Princess Claude

However, Catherine argues that the alliance with Bavaria could help France's trade routes and that every member of the family has to contribute in continuing the family line, so Claude will get married whether she wants it or not.

Terror of the Faithful 22 - Princesa Claude

As if!

That afternoon, Catherine tells her daughter that she is to undergo a virginity test, one that will be assured with a sizeable donation to assure the outcome, because Claude "couldn't possibly pass." The test will be done because the count wants to make sure that Claude's virtue is still in tact before going through with his son's union with her. Claude protests, but Catherine ignores her.

Claude complains about the test and arranged marriage to Sebastian, who encourages her to view it as a chance to find someone who loves her and grant herself a happy life with him. During the test, a few members of The Vatican are inspecting Claude, who looks very uncomfortable. Her preoccupied mother gets up and holds her hand for support.

Afterwards, Catherine apologizes for making her daughter go through the test while looking absentmindedly into the backround. Catherine then launches into an effusion of how much she loves her daughter.

"Oh, the things I have done for you, how I have protected you. You think that I don't love you? You don't see? In my way, I have mothered you more than any of my children."
Queen Catherine

Yet when Claude tells her that she doesn't want to get married, Catherine concludes that the deed has been decided.

Terror of the Faithful 50 - Princesa Claude

Checkmate, mother

That night, Claude is to be introduced to her future husband. She walks into the hall and holds their gazes. However, instead of walking up to them, she walks up to Lord Narcisse. She sits on his lap and begins flirting with him, still looking at her the shocked groom, his father, and her mother. When she sees that the count throws the marriage contract on the floor and walks away, she smirks at her mother and struts away.

Acts of War
Claude walks up to Greer, Kenna, and Lola, asking for details about Lord Narcisse. After hearing what a notorious playboy he is, she is even more eager to be with him, as she is seeking a public affair to obliterate her any of her mother's chances to marry her off.

Acts of War9 - Mary, Catherine n Claude

I will not marry!

Queen Mary informs Claude that she is to marry the Prince of Condé to ease tensions between the Protestants and the Catholics. Claude flatly refuses to go through with it, with Queen Catherine in agreement with her daughter for once. However, Claude warns her mother that she will not be married off by her, either.

However, she does meet Condé. They introduce themselves, and Claude engages him in a talk full of innuendos, though he seems to be amused by it. Not long after, Narcisse pays a visit to Claude in her chamber and warns her that she's merely a test subject to see if an interfaith marriage would succeed. He offers to marry her in order to protect her, as she would have a huge target on her back if she wed Condé, and even tries seducing her into accepting his proposal.

"If you want something to die for, I can give it to you."
Lord Narcisse
Acts of War18 - Narcisse n Claude

I'm not sure...

However, Claude merely says that she'll think about it. Yet Narcisse's proposal does impact her, as she goes to Francis straight after, questioning whether she should go through with the marriage after all, given the precarious position it places her in. He tells her that everyone in their family is in danger and to treat the marriage as an opportunity to prove herself to her family and feel like one of them after being isolated for so long.

Following her brother's advice, Claude rejects Narcisse's proposal and tells him that she's marrying Condé after all, regardless of the danger it puts her in. At The Feast of St. Nicolas that night, Mary announces Condé and Claude's engagement to the court, with the King's blessing. However, Condé then secretly decides not to go through with it and is planning on leaving court.

Claude is playing the piano in the music room when her mother comes in. Catherine sends her out and when Claude refuses, she is slapped, so she leaves in a huff.

Claude is talking with her ladies when Catherine comes up. Catherine warns Claude that it's not safe for her in the castle. She gives her enough gold to take her anywhere she wants to go. However, Claude refuses it, pointing out that there is something wrong with Catherine. She pours out the money, calling Catherine a relic who has outlived her usefulness. When Claude threatens Catherine and Catherine talks away, Kenna steps in. She tries to help Claude, but Claude only derides her.

Catherine and Claude chat. Catherine apologizes and tells Claude that she has always loved her and wants to start acting more like her mother. As she starts to feed her daughter soup, the ghosts smile. Catherine asks Claude to forgive her.

Claude walks up to Bash. She appears to be drunk. Just as she recounts the suitors she had, she collapses into Bash's arms.

Claude is glued to her bed while her mother is slowly poisoning her, unbeknown to Claude. Kenna becomes suspicious of Catherine and decides to pay Claude a visit, bringing her own food with.

After taking away several of Catherine's meals, Kenna helps Claude get back to her old self, but when Kenna tells accuses her mother of being the one who put her in that state, Claude gets angry. So angry, lashes out and confesses to being lovers with Bash, completely taking Kenna off-guard.

Catherine walks in on Claude searching for the poison she's been using on her. Claude knew her mother hated her, but not to the point of killing her. Catherine tells her that she murdered her twin sisters out of jealousy from the attention they received from Catherine. Claude denies it, but Catherine doesn't believe her.

Claude almost drinks the entire glass of poison, but Catherine knocks it out of her hand and holds her as she breaks down in tears.

Claude asks Bash to look into the murder of the twins and determine who the real killer is. Bash agrees and begins looking for the nannies who were with the twins at the time of their death. One died of old age while the others are proving harder to find. When he does, Claude wants to question them with him.

One of the nannies, Yvonne, is found. Since the twins' death, she has been relieved from the castle and has gone on to marry a noble. Claude is suspicious of how she managed that.

During an interrogation, Yvonne reveals that on the night that the twins died, Henry coerced her into sleeping with him after forcing her to try Turkish smoke. When she woke up hours later, she returned to the twins and found them frozen to death after someone opened the windows. In order to save herself, she shoved flowers down their throats so Queen Catherine wouldn't blame her, but Claude. The nanny is then taken to the dungeon.

Sins of the Past
When Claude hears the rumour of her mother being terribly ill, she goes to see her in her chamber, where she finds her surrounded by a doctor, Francis, and his wife, Mary. The doctor diagnoses Catherine with having syphilis. Claude revels in her mother's illness to add to her torment, and sees to it that her mother undergoes painful treatments, which Claude claims is to cure her of the illness, but Catherine points out that she is clearly enjoying it. Claude then reminds her of her attempts to poison her and how it hurts her still.

The End of Mourning
Claude is at a family gathering, where her mother, Queen Catherine, tells everyone how she discovered she was being poisoned with the help of Stepháne Narcisse.

Tasting Revenge
Tempting Fate
Reversal of Fortune
The Siege

Season 3

King Francis tells Sebastian, Prince Charles, and Princess Claude that he is dying. Later, Leith comes in to Claude's room as she is searching for her zibellino. She remembers that she must have left it in one of her carriages, and when she learns that the carriage is away at the moment, she orders Leith to get it for her. However, he refuses.

Betrothed - Princess Claude 14

Charles and Claude talk; she asks that he keep Francis' promise not to force her to marry, but he does not agree to her request. Leith overhears their entire exchange, including the fact that Francis is dying. At night, Claude has trouble sleeping, and Leith comes in with the news that he tried to find her sable, but to no avail. She then asks him to tell her about his life, adding that it might help her drift off.

Extreme Measures
When Lady Constance falls unconscious after mixing opium with alcohol, Prince Charles runs to his sister for help. She doesn't know how to help, but knows someone who can: Lord Narcisse.

At first, he wants nothing to do with the situation, but when he inspects her and notices that she is still breathing, he changes his mind. Using a stomach pump, he safely brings her back to consciousness. Constance being well does not let Charles off the hook, however. Narcisse explains to Charles that his actions reflect not only on his future reign as King, but on Francis as well.

Claude goes to Leith to boast about her role in saving Constance's life, only to find him in bed with her lady-in-waiting. She walks away in confusion, and when Leith runs after, he explains that instead of falling for someone higher in station, such as Claude, he went for someone he is up to par with. In a way, Leith alludes to having feelings for Claude, a sentiment that Claude appreciates.

The Price
Queen Catherine requests Claude's presence at a dinner where she hopes to secure enough votes to become regent once Francis dies. The Lord is unwilling to lend her his support because of an exchange which took place between his daughter and the Queen several years prior.

Fight or Flight
Claude calls for Leith to arrange a carriage to take her into the village, but her real reason for having him there is so she can suggest a relationship between him and a girl just above his station. She has feelings for him but wants to see him married better than he was born.

Claude tries to teach Leith the ways of the highborn, which includes dancing and dining. Instead, he ends up teaching her dances from the village.

Claude tries to continue her plan to teach Leith the ways of the nobles but he knows there is no Juliet. She just wanted to spend time with him because she wishes they could be together.

Queen Catherine warns Claude that if she doesn't return with her brother, King Charles, she wants her to see that her brothers and sisters are safely transported to Spain and seek refuge with their older sister, Queen Leeza. Catherine makes Claude promise to take care of her siblings.

Spiders in a Jar

Season 4

With Friends Like These
Spain's Queen, Elisabeth, has come to visit French court. She claims it was to get away from the rumour that she drove Don Carlos mad with desire, but soon reveals her plan to stem the France's rising tide of Protestantism. She believes a match between Claude and Martel de Guise to be just the thing.

Claude is upset that her mother is marrying her off just because Leeza said so, but Catherine reminds her that Spain can crush their nation if she doesn't. Martel comes in and hands Claude a letter she wrote to Leith that was found on one of the burned bodies as a means of getting her to accept that Leith is gone. He also urges her to marry him.

At a dinner party that night, Claude, clearly delirious from grief, takes a knife and slowly walks over to Martel. Catherine stops her before she can do something she will regret later and Claude breaks into tears, telling her that Martel had Leith killed. The letter she wrote to Leith led her to witnesses, but she doesn't know if they would testity against a powerful family that are the Guise, especially now that they have aligned themselves with Spain. Catherine and Claude plot to kill Martel together.

A Grain of Deception
Catherine, Claude, and Queen Leeza come out of the chapel after attending yet another mass. Catherine maintains the cover story of King Charles being in Paris, because she knows that once Leeza senses a power vaccuum, she will most likely try to fill it with a Spaniard, making France a colony of Spain. So Catherine sets out to get Lord Narcisse back from England.

Catherine, Claude, and Leeza wait for Charles to show up to dine with them, but he doesn't. Leeza sinks her teeth into Claude and her grief over Leith, driving her away from the table.

Upon the request of her sister and Stéphane Narcisse, the dashing Luc Narcisse arrived at French Court to woo and immediately marry Claude. The two both understood it was an arranged marriage due to her indiscretions, but Luc promised to be faithful and wanted a happy marriage with her. Not long after his arrival did the two marry in a small Royal ceremony. [1]

A Bride. A Box. A Body.
Claude is summoned to the throne room to find her mother and Luc there. Luc has apprised Catherine of the affair between Henri and Nicole, and since Claude knows her brothers better than anyone and Luc is a good man who speaks from the heart, Catherine believes the couple can talk Henri into ending his tryst with the king's favourite.

They agree and meet with Henri, but it seems like he has already made up his mind about ending it with Nicole as she's getting "too attached". The intervention ends there and Henri leaves. As Luc is about to leave as well, Claude blurts out that she has missed him and wants him to stay for the party.

The next day, a reception is being hosted where Charles is to announce his new fiancée once he makes a choice. Catherine reassures the Spanish ambassador that Charles will make his choice soon and volunteers Claude to talk to the ambassador about his study of astronomy. Claude excuses herself to go dance with her husband, but as they begin dance intimately, Claude freezes up, apologises and runs away.

Blood in the Water
Claude and Luc are cross with Charles for continuing to delay their request to annul their marriage. When he simply tells them to "have faith", Luc takes matters into his own hands and decides to leave Claude and court forever.

All It Cost Her
Claude is mourning the loss of both Leith and Luc when Henri runs past her, carrying Nicole. Claude, Catherine, and Narcisse all follow him to the throne room, where he lays her on the ground for Charles to see.

Thinking Henri killed Nicole, Charles threatens Henri and draws his sword, Henri doing the same in retaliation. Catherine jumps in between them and talks them out of blaming each other and into blaming Spain, having betrayed both Charles and Henri. Claude walks away before the end of Catherine's speech.

Family Tree

King Francis I
Claude of France
Duke Francis
King Henry
Queen Catherine
Madeleine of Valois
Charles of Valois
Margaret of Valois
King Francis
Mary Stuart
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip
Princess Claude
Luc Narcisse
King Charles
Prince Henri
Princess Margot
John Philip
Prince Don Carlos


In History

  • Princess Claude is named after her paternal grandmother, Claude, Duchess of Brittany.
  • Historically she is only 12 years old at the start of Season Two, but in the show was aged to be 15 for the second season.
  • She was her mother, Catherine de' Medici's favorite daughter.
  • Princess Claude was married to Charles III, Duke of Lorraine, when she was 11, on 19 January 1559.
  • Princess Claude actually had 9 children, with two already born by 1565 when she was only 16.


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