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Prince Louis
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Biographical Information
IRL: History's Prince Louis
Real Name: Prince Louis
Title: Prince Louis

Louis de France
Louis III, Duke of Orléans

Born: 3 February 1549
Dies: 24 October 1550
Age: 1
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Paris, France
Parents: King Henry(Father)

Queen Catherine (Mother)

Family: Sebastian (Half-Brother)

King Francis(Brother)
Queen Elisabeth (Sister)
Princess Claude (Sister)
Prince Charles (Brother)
Princess Margaret (Sister)

Affiliations: Kingdom of France

House of Valois

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 1'
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Terror of the Faithful
Portrayed by: Mentioned

Prince Louis was the fourth child born to King Henry and Queen Catherine. He died at the young age of 1.

Season 2

While talking to Sebastian, Queen Catherine mentioned how she prays and looks out for all her children. She even brought up his younger half brother, Louis who, died at the tender age of 1.

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