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Season Four Episode
Playing With Fire
Season 4, Episode 4
Playing With Fire
Air date March 3, 2017
Written by John J. Sakmar
Kenny Lenhart
Directed by Fred Gerber
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Leaps of Faith


Highland Games
"I may not be able to get you back from a nunnery, but when the time is right, I can make you a widow."
Queen Catherine


Mary Must Decide if She Can Trust Lord Darnley
When Lord Darnley surprises Mary with a visit in Scotland, Mary sees a glimmer of a union that could be more than just political. Elizabeth fights to gain allies in her favor and Catherine must work to get Claude back on track by finding her a new husband.


Queen Catherine: The only monster in this castle is gossip. And we must not feed it, or it will bring us to our knees.

Queen Mary: Are you saying that we should marry?
Lord Darnley: Would it be the worst thing?

James Stuart: From the day we met, we have both burned for this.
Emily Knox: I will burn for this.

Queen Leeza: What about the shame you've brought to this family? Not to mention this country and to God himself?!
Queen Catherine: Enough! God himself has seen much worse and survived.

Queen Mary: Although I am curious. Have you already named our children? Or did you leave at least that part for me?
James Stuart: Well, I hope one of them will be called James. After our father.

Queen Mary: Where Knox has sown hatred, we will scatter seeds of hope.

Queen Elizabeth: I am nothing less than a Tudor queen.

Lord Narcisse: I must admit, since first hearing of it, I have given a great deal of thought to Claude in a nunnery.
Queen Catherine: Why is that?
Lord Narcisse: Because it arouses me.

Queen Catherine: Luc may appear to be a decent man, but I've learned to never trust the beginning of a book.

Queen Catherine: I may not be able to get you back from a nunnery, but when the time is right, I can make you a widow.

Lord Darnley: I am an ambitious man. And if this is my one chance at king, I will take it. And if I am king for only as long as you live, then I say, "Long live the queen."

Queen Leeza: May matrimony set you on a more honorable path. God will be watching should you stray from it. As he watches all of his creatures.
Luc Narcisse: Thank you, Your Majesty. God should be pleased to know that I have every intention of providing a happy life for Claude.

Greer Castleroy: What is survival without even the hope of love?


Death Toll [5] [6]
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Historical Notes[]

  • Princess Claude married Charles III, Duke of Lorraine, when she was only 13, on 19 January 1559.
  • Princess Claude actually had 9 children, with two already born by the time she was 18 in 1565.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots does name her first and only child James after her father, James V.
  • It is unknown where Mary Fleming was brought up. However, when she was 5, she accompanied the same-aged Mary, Queen of Scots to the Royal Court of Henry II of France.
  • The Crown Matrimonial is law that it is a person's right to co-reign equally with his or her spouse.
    • Mary's 2nd husband, Lord Darnley, demanded the Crown Matrimonial. The Protestant peers promised to make him sovereign by the consent of Parliament. They agreed that Henry, as the new sovereign, would pardon all exiled Protestants and allow them to return to Scotland. However, the plan was never realized.



  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Rachel Skarsten Queen Elizabeth
Celina Sinden Greer Castleroy
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Ben Geurens Gideon Blackburn
Jonathan Keltz Leith Bayard
Dan Jeannotte James Stuart
Jonathan Goad John Knox
Spencer MacPherson King Charles
Will Kemp Lord Darnley
Guest Staring
Anastasia Phillips Queen Leeza
Steve Lund Luc Narcisse
Ted Dykstra Lord Maxford
Claire Hunter Emily Knox
Sofia Banzhaf Bianca Simon
Amanda Lisman Lady Patrice
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut

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