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Penelope and King Henry
Penelope and King Henry.png
Real Names: Penelope
King Henry
Ages: 16 & 38
Status: Broken up


Length of Relationship:

Two Months


Kingdom of France

First appearance: Monsters

Season 1.png Mistress.png Broken Up.png
"I said no talking!"

Early life[]

Penelope was a kitchen staff member in King Henry's castle.

Season 1[]

It was Queen of the Bean day at the castle and all the female servants were hoping to get a piece of cake that had the bean in it. Penelope won, and Queen Catherine immediately came over to congratulate her she was carried away to get dressed up for the day. [1]

Queen Catherine warned Penelope about sex with the king, and gave her a blue vile to make the process go easier on her. Later in King Henry's chambers Penelope was asked by her King to have sexual relations with Queen Mary of Scotland. Mary declined and left, and she stayed behind. Once alone Penelope understood he liked things more aggressive, and bound his hands together, taking charge of things.

That night Penelope told Henry about the blue vile and the decided to drug his Queen instead. Catherine realized what happened when she passed out in the hallway, and Queen Mary came to her aid.

Hours later Penelope was sitting in the Queen's throne as she recovered from her ordeal. She then witness the wedding of Sebastian and his former mistress, Lady Kenna, both were very upset about the matter and the King threatened to kill them if they did not agree. [1]

Penelope makes an appearance during the party for the Scots., she is waiting for King Henry, and make sure to take a jab in a Queen Catherine in the meantime. [2]

The next day and much to her dismay, Penelope watches King Henry blatantly hit on Kenna in The Throne Room. Her new husband Sebastian comes to her aid and takes her away. He reminds his father, that his mistresses is watching and waiting for him. [2]

Kenna comes to give Penelope some advice on Henry, secretly on Queen Catherine's behalf. The two girls make snide remarks at each other, before Kenna gives the younger woman sexual advice o keep Henry interested in her, and away from Kenna. [3]

The next day while Penelope is playing with Henry for more of their sexual adventure, Queen Catherine walked in with Cardinal Morosini. Henry is horrified to be seen by a man of God in such a position. Catherine orders Penelope to be taken away, on Henry's behalf. [3]

Weeks later, Penelope tried to convince Henry she is pregnant with his child, but he simply does not care, and tells her to go stay in a town with some of his other mistresses, and bastard children. Catherine sends her to The Tower until she can prove she's pregnant.[4]



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