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Location: Paris, France
Royals: Henry, King of France

Catherine, Queen of France

Affiliations: The Burgundy House
First Appearance: Royal Blood

Paris is the capital of France and is a very wealthy, up and coming place to be, as well as a must-see for visitors of France.

In Reign[]

Season 1[]

A Chill in the Air
Olivia D'Amencourt returns from Paris after her engagement with a rich noble man falls through after it is discovered she has lost her virginity.

Hearts and Minds
Diane de Poitiers leaves French Court to spend a couple weeks in her beloved city of Paris for time with friends and shopping.

Diane de Poitiers leaves Paris with King Henry and they go back to French Court together.

Royal Blood
Fredrick Fleming, the older brother of Lady Lola, has been caught cheating at cards and now has a large sum to pay off at The Burgundy House. When his sister arrives the debt has been increased, but a wealthy friend of Lola's wages a deal and eventually pays off the other man's debt. They all leave the next day.

Marie de Guise tells her daughter Mary Stuart how they will have a smaller wedding celebration for her and Prince Francis inside the castle, and will have a much larger one for the French people at Notre Dame.

Season 2[]

The End of Mourning
Diane de Poitiers is presumed to be back in Paris by her son Sebastian.

In History[]

  • 31 March 1519

The future Henry II of France, the second son of King Francis I, is born in Paris.

  • 28 April 1558

The Queen of Scotland and the Dauphin celebrate their marriage in the church of Notre Dame.


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